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PC Two small changes for the functionality of The Grand Design


First off, I love this thing. It's extremely useful, however It can be a little troublesome to use efficiently if you aren't thinking before you place wires.

So what does it do?
Currently, when you click and hold with it in either wrench or cutter mode, you get beautiful straight lines that extend from where you click and form perfect 90 degree corners to reach where you drag your mouse to, as shown in the picture below. This can be done with any combination of red, green, blue, and yellow wires along with actuators all at once.

That's outstanding!... but if it was perfect then I wouldn't be here making a suggestion.

So how does it currently work?
The way it forms the corners is that it makes 2 lines, one horizontal and one vertical, that come out of both your starting click position and where your mouse is as you're dragging. No matter what you do though, the line coming from your starting position is always vertical, and the line coming from your cursor's current position is always horizontal.
What's wrong with that?
Well, it's not necessarily wrong because if you want a corner connecting two points to go the other way, then you can simply start your click at the other point, so it's still fully capable of making any corner you want. The "problem" comes into play though when you aren't exactly sure what you're doing and you're just making mechanisms step by step going through the logic. If you're in the mindset of "ok, so i want A to lead into B..." then you're likely to always start your click at A and try to go to B, and if you want to go vertically from A then you're all set! If you want to go horizontally from A though, you're going to have to cancel by right clicking (or just place the wires and have to switch to the cutter and remove them before switching back to the wrench if you aren't aware you can do that) and then start over at B and go to A.
So how should it work?
My suggestion is to make it so that once you click to start the operation, if you move horizontally and then move vertically, then you should get a horizontal line coming out of your starting position with a vertical line coming off it extending to your cursor. If you move vertically and then horizontally after you click then you should get how it works now. If you change your mind mid-process of how you want the corner to be formed, then you can just move your cursor back to the starting position, so it's as if you hadn't even moved yet.

And with that I conclude my first idea.

What's your second idea?
Currently there's no easy way to remove a lot of wires/actuators with it. My second suggestion is that if you have it set to cutter mode, but have none of the options for wires or actuators selected, then it should act exactly like a standard pair of cutters.
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