tModLoader Unusacies' Battle Rods Mod - Use special fishing rods as weapons!

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  1. JPAN

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    This mod has been a while in the making, but we had to test it multiple times to get it about as balanced as we could. If you see some of the screenshots from my previous mods, you may notice one or more Battle Rods in the background. But now it's complete. Introducing:

    SolarBattlerod.png Unusacies's Battle Rods Mod FishingKnife.png
    (aka UnusBattleRods)

    This mod adds a new class, the Fishing Class, where you use special fishing rods (the Battle Rods) that can stick their bobber to the enemy and cause damage over time for as long as it is stuck. Besides the titular Battle Rods, this mod also add several new Accessories related to this class, as well as some new materials exclusive to this mod, potions and Fishing Crates. It even adds a pet Crate, that allows you to fish much more crates than usual while present.

    How the Battle Rods work, the (nearly) complete list of items present in the mod (separated into several category pages) and a guide giving you a way to complete a Battlerod-only run are present in the Github wiki for this mod.

    The source code is hosted at Github, so feel free to learn from it, or if you wish to make your own Battle Rods or similar accessories/potions. The Releases tag also contains the last version compiled to tModloader 0.9.x, which while not feature complete, is perfectly playable in single player (and mostly on multiplayer).

    The GitHub Link is here and, for ease of use the Wiki (with images) is here

    This mod original concept and sprites were made by Unusacies, while the coding was made by me. This mod was tested in both single and multiplayer, both vanilla and heavily modded with popular mods, in normal and Expert mode. Please report any bugs you find in this thread or in the github issue page.

    V 1.0.1
    - Fixing the Mana Escalation Reels recipes.
    V 1.0.2
    - Attempt at solving the MultiLures not working after using the OmniLure;
    - Fixed most multiplayer Reeling issues: NPCs and Players get properly updated now, and reeling onto an attached bobber will no longer leave a phantom bobber behind.
    - Most mutually exclusive accessories (such as the Lures) can now replace each other if you hold one accessory and click on the slot the other accessory is at.

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  2. Sir AFK

    Sir AFK Terrarian

    wow , It look really good and I like the wiki . I will try it after GOG Terraria tmodloader updated and I am really excited about this mod. :happy:
  3. ImmortalZypther

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    This is one of those mods that people might laugh at. Some people might pass it off as a joke, and I did the same, but I would be lying if I didn't say that my viewpoint shifted after looking through your wiki. Even with joke mods, if they list a wiki in their page, I'm going to look through it, and this... I don't know what to say about this. This is something I never would've recommended because I never would've thought of something as amazing as this. Just a read through the wiki made me want to start a playthrough, and that's not something I can say for any other mod. Calamity, Tremor, Thorium, Pumpking, Spirit, Tremor. Giant mods, but I never read through one and said "I want to play through Terraria to specifically do things in THIS mod"

    This is an incredible mod, and I hope you're proud of what you've done.
  4. Alistar

    Alistar Spazmatism

    I have got to say, this mod is absolutely amazing. The amount of depth and detail that went into every part of it is more than I could have ever asked for. I was thinking about doing a modded gunslinger playthrough, saw this mod, and instantly decided I'd rather do fishing. That all being said, I'm a bit disappointed that there's no armor sets for fishing damage. Do you have plans to add any? Would be a shame to have to go dual fishing/summoning.
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  5. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Neat. I'd imagined a weaponized fishing rod could work a bit like this (skip to 14m 30s):
  6. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Looks interesting!:)
    And a little bit funny!:p
    keep it up. Make those battle rods to not only damage, but also make them as fishing rods!:)
    And thanks for nice terraria styled sprites!
  7. Alistar

    Alistar Spazmatism

    They already work as fishing rods...
  8. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Hey JPAN! This mod is great!
    And I have question.
    Is there would be more battle rods,materials and accessories in future update?
  9. ShuVi

    ShuVi Steampunker

    i've looked on the github wiki and noticed there are Escalation wheels... but they arent on the game. have they been removed or will the be added in future? i only see escalation potions
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  10. JPAN

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    We have plans to at least add some armor and maybe a few capes. More Battle Rods don't seem necessary (we have one for pretty much every stage in the game), and accessories will be added in whenever we see something lacking.

    Sorry about that. Apparently, I used base.AddRecipe instead of recipe.AddRecipe, so the recipes weren't being added. Fixed in this new version. As for non-mana escalation reels, they may be added in the future, if we find a way to balance them.

    V 1.0.1 Changelog
    - Fixed Mana Escalation Reels from not showing the recipe.
  11. HallowKingJerrold

    HallowKingJerrold Terrarian


    May I suggest an few new gear?

    Rainbow Reel
    "An doozy to anything"
    Any debuffs dealt to you will spread to any and all hooked targets (If they aren't immune)

    Delirious Lure
    "Pure insanity to any misfortune"
    Each hook deals an random debuff on top with the rod's current debuff

    Fleshy Lure
    "It stares with furious revenge"
    Destroyed foes have an 5% chance to turn into friendly Feeders

    Add support with Joost Mod, Spirit Mod, and the Leveled Mod (Dex+Vit)

    Liquid Boneduster (Alongside Joost Mod)
    "Like an Birthday and Christmas to all shotguns"
    inflicts multiple debuffs, gives an 200% Fishing Power, Has 40 (10 per barrel) lures, and - best part - an 30% chance to not consume bait.
    Combine both the Rod Containment Unit and the Lunar Fishing Shotgun

    Note: I have already talked to the Joost Mod's dev (Amazing man), and discussed this with him.
  12. Howdy, been trying out the mod for a bit, and so far, it's really great. But it seems that some of the accessories in the mod aren't working. The accessories I've tried so far are the Hook-shot Reel, Extra Lure, Double Lure, and Wooden Fishing Knife. The Hook-shot Reel works fine, but the extra lures and fishing knife don't do anything.

    Edit: They're working now, just had to restart.
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  13. ShuVi

    ShuVi Steampunker

    i have noticed the extra lures sometimes bug out. reentering the world fixes that though.
    im not sure what caused it, but using omnilure sometimes didnt force the 1 lure either, or forced it, but it stayed no matter how often i have switched the accessories. not only the rods of this mod are affected, and it isnt an issue with only this mod i believe. at first i had also used multilure but even that didnt work when i noticed the extra lures not working so i had removed it since then.

    Edit: Btw, i have finished my run with this mod going for the rods only. also used thorium and calamity, aswell as some other mods like fargo's, enigma, reduced grinding, luiafk and antisocial (for testing and fun) aswell as quite a few others.

    result was me literally slaughtering the bosses one after another (might've been due to boosts of my soul of terraria from fargo's mod, even though i have deactivated all but the exploration effects) up to the endgame calamity bosses.
    i might try this again without the soul of terraria after a while.

    i have one question though.. are there any special modifiers for the rod damage? i have noticed changes in the damage and critrate even though i had no accessories which actually changed stuff there. it even reached the point at which i had over 100 damage and 116% crit with the bee battle rod (i might be mistaken about the damage and the rod, but i know i saw the 116% crit for sure)
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  14. Spoopyro

    Spoopyro Skeletron

    This mod looks amazing man, do you plan on adding any fishing armor? Maybe an upgrade to the angler set?
  15. DontEatSocks

    DontEatSocks Spazmatism

    The box of countless lures doesn't seem to be working :(
  16. JPAN

    JPAN Steampunker

    Okay, a release was made trying to fix the Lures problem, as well as fixing the multiplayer reeling problems.

    v 1.0.2 Changelog
    - Attempt at solving the MultiLures not working after using the OmniLure;
    - Fixed most multiplayer Reeling issues: NPCs and Players get properly updated now, and reeling onto an attached bobber will no longer leave a phantom bobber behind.
    - Most mutually exclusive accessories (such as the Lures) can now replace each other if you hold one accessory and click on the slot the other accessory is at.
  17. Guru-Jr

    Guru-Jr Terrarian

    Question: Are they new crates placeable? If so I love you so much, I'm having blast playing this with thorium but I'm thinking of starting over and playing it along with spirit instead. I haven gotten far, I only have a wooden battle rod, what mod do you suggest I should play along side with this? Also like other people were saying, fishing armour would be really nice. May I also suggest the weapons fished up in the main game like the Toxikarp and the Crystal Serpent damage types be changed too Fishing damage? May I also suggest giving new fishing rewards to the angler and new quest fish. Sorry for the wall of text but this an amazing mod and thank you for making it.
  18. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight Spazmatism

    Have you thought about making Fisherman armors?
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  19. HallowKingJerrold

    HallowKingJerrold Terrarian

    Choose the Fishing 2.0 mod, as that will give you some more crates, and the Joost Mod if you want more stuff
    And as for the new crates, yes, they are - even the Odd Crate
  20. Guru-Jr

    Guru-Jr Terrarian

    I see that you updated GitHub with some fishing armour and a new item called the worm cape. They look very neat, also how do you get the Crate Pet in this mod?