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    Hello everyone! Today I will be making every pre-hardmode player's life easier by explaining some of the best attack strategies and arena setups. So without any further to do, here are some tips - Arena setups.

    First off, you are going to want to acquire these items to make sure you have as much strategical advantage as possible.

    ~Full Molten Armor
    ~Phoenix Blaster / Minishark

    ~Star Cannon (Will require Shooting star farming)
    ~Molten Fury w/ Arrows
    ~30-50 Healing Potions

    Alright now that you have acquired all of these items, you are ready to fight the wall of flesh. But wait, before you fight him, you will need to setup a good arena to fight him on. Because the wall of flesh moves from Left to Right depending on where you are, it's a good idea to clear out a flat straight line through hell and build a long platform across hell to give you as much space as possible to attack him whilst staying on the move and dodging his attacks. A good example of a Wall of Flesh battle arena is shown:


    Once you have set up a long bridge across hell, you are ready to fight. Go ahead and grind for a Guide Voodoo Doll. Spawn rates can be increased by drinking a Battle Potion or holding a Water Candle. Once you acquire a Guide Voodoo Doll, you are ready to fight. Here are some attack strategies.

    ~When the battle starts, start shooting at his eyes with the Minishark or Phoenix blaster depending on which one you brought to deal maximum damage to him. If you cannot reach his eyes with the weapon, use the Molten fury or Star Cannon and shoot at his mouth.

    ~If you are low on health, kill some of the leeches that he spawns, they will drop HP that you may use to heal. If you are too low on HP, use a healing potion or kite him until you regenerate.

    ~Once the Wall Of Flesh is at low HP, Use the Star Cannon and shoot at his eyes or mouth to deal extremely high damage to finish him off. Keep your distance from the wall of flesh throughout the entire fight to give you as much space as possible to dodge his attacks and attack him yourself.

    Once you have defeated the Wall Of Flesh, congradulations! You are now in hard mode. Thank you for reading this guide and have a nice day! `:)

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  2. Nike Leon

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    And if you really just want to cheese the fight and get into hm you can always use:
  3. Oleg34518

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    you can use Sharanga and it's the second best pre-hm (being beaten by Star Cannon) weapon However it's not available on PC.
  4. mattstat716

    mattstat716 Terrarian

    I saw someone just use wings and meteorite armor with a space gun. That apparently works too. (Saves time and death from building a platform, I suppose)
  5. Buckybomb

    Buckybomb Terrarian

    I was able to win the fight using the molten fury along with Jesters arrows. Don't know how it is with console because I'm still getting there. But I'll get there and update this post.
  6. Nike Leon

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    Wings are a HM item so you'd have to have beaten the WoF already to obtain them :)
  7. =.= petethepug =.=

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    Its a good guide however the Arena is a recommended, but not needed. Instead while you are fighting the boss you are able to use a Obsidian Potion, and Water Walking Potion if you would like to bypass it. So setting a Water Leaf, and Fire Herb Farm is the best way to avoid the arena since you can craft tons of those. Its also recommended you use, and get Regeneration Potions, Swiftness, and Defense however they are not needed for the fight since the boss will only deal little damage to you in Molten Armor.

    But still crafting a quick Phinex Blaster, and getting a Dark Lance will help compared to some of these technics. To those whom want a higher chance to win make sure to use both of these strategy's :). Similar to Hardmode once you have a Daybloom, Deathwheat, Moon Glow, and Binkroot farm the Hardmode bosses are easy, and the Skeletron Prime becomes the easiest to kill. (Just make sure you have Adamantine Armor first :p.)
  8. mattstat716

    mattstat716 Terrarian

    Did not know that, but it IS still possible like that if a friend gives you those I guess.
  9. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    True ^. In speaking of which I may have some Wings, but they are bee/fairy wings if that's alright.
    Since your not in Hardmode yet I will give you a deal of 2 Platinum Coins, per wing. They should be easy to obtain if you save up loads of gold :).
  10. Nike Leon

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    This thread is a Guide for WoF, not a place for trading. Please stay on topic and PM or go to profiles to discuss off topic matters.
  11. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Okay, thank you for the reminder :).
  12. CrashNix

    CrashNix Terrarian

    You can also bulid a lot of houses with bed on a long platform. Or two long platforms: one high near the end of The Underworld and the second one under just to make sure The Tongue buff will not warp you over a lava pool.
  13. Oleg34518

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    if your skybridge is made of ash, the WoF's eyes will float about 4 blocks above it.
  14. Just buy wings from a player and wof is eezeih peeiizeihs
  15. ChrisCRS

    ChrisCRS Terrarian

    the first time I beat WoF I used a hell bridge + a lot spiked balls, it surprisingly worked eventually on the long distance of the map. After I had access to the Pwnhammer I was able to move on to Spears or most fun I found, is the Sunfury on The Hungry. :D
  16. MichaelGilBhole123

    MichaelGilBhole123 Terrarian

    My son was wondering if you can respawn the WoF after being killed once?
  17. Pikachumania

    Pikachumania Eater of Worlds

    Yes you can. You need to have the guide living in the world. (Every time you use the guide voodoo doll it kills the guide.)
  18. MichaelGilBhole123

    MichaelGilBhole123 Terrarian

    So how long do you have to wait before you can respawn the WoF? Is there a time period that has to pass before you throw the guide voodoo doll in lava again?
  19. Pikachumania

    Pikachumania Eater of Worlds

    Yes, you have to wait untill the guide moves in again, so i suggest fighting the WoF in the morning so that the guide can instantly respawn/move back in.
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  20. Mrhappydepressed

    Mrhappydepressed Terrarian

    that is only in hardmode after you kill it