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Wall of Flesh exclusive theme


Skeletron Prime
(I'm not sure whether to put this in the NPCs and Enemies subforum, or in Others subforum. So if you're a moderator/admin, please put it in the appropriate subforum if this wasn't it)
The Wall of Flesh is the living behemoth of flesh and meat that resides in the depths of hell, it is the guardian that keeps the ancient spirits of light and dark intact and stable from being unleashed causing terror upon our worlds, it is the master and core of the world. Yet, it doesn't have its own theme, I think we should do something about that...

Bear in mind, Boss 2 is such an enticing theme that gives you the sense and awareness of suspenseful action and the feeling that you are fighting a dangerous entity, but since the Wall of Flesh is considered as the final boss of pre-Hardmode, the only boss in the Underworld, and is the most unique out of all the bosses since it has a very unique way of battling the player, I think it should have its own music theme

I'm not an expert music compositioner, I can't even play the titanic theme with my plastic recorder flute, but regardless of that I think the theme should consider the following:

  • The theme should have parts from the theme of the Underworld, since the boss is fought on that location
  • The theme should also foreshadow what will happen in Hardmode, meaning there should be parts from the music themes of Hardmode (be it parts from the Hallowed theme, Solar Eclipse theme, Plantera theme, Celestial invasion theme, etc.)
  • The theme should give you the sense and feeling that you are fighting the Wall of Flesh, the very core of your Terraria world, the powerful entity that is summoned by sacrificing the soul of the one who knows all of your world (aka, the Guide), the very being that is the object which seperates pre-Hardmode and Hardmode, etc.
Those aside, this is just a minor suggestion that won't really effect the gameplay of Terraria, so whether this gets noticed or not, don't get excited on how this could completely change the entire game itself, it is just used to help indicate that the Wall of Flesh is a very important aspect to the game. So don't think too much of this suggestion as "must see for the devs!"

Thanks for reading! :)
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