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What are some bad weapons you like?


Eater of Worlds
We all know of those weapons that everyone loves because they’re strong and efficient, but what are some weapons that you like that aren’t strong and efficient? Perhaps they look cool or you like their gimmick, even if they aren’t the best to actually use.

For me, there are three that come to mind:

Horseman’s Blade.
It’s not practical to enter melee range to attack and the secondary hit is too far delayed from the primary, and even considerinf both of those its DPS is lower than things like the Terra Blade or North Pole. But by god if it isn’t satisfying to create a massive swarm of pumpkins by running through some weaker enemies in the Frost Moon or Martians.

Blood Thorn.
It’s pretty hard to use, can’t target airborne enemies, and has pretty subpar DPS, but it’s definitely one of the coolest weapons in the game, and one of the most satisfying to look at and use.

Cool Whip.
It’s probably the least practical whip in the game, with its only niche being The Destroyer for summoners, but it’s probably the most creative whip in the game, and it’s very fun to mow down - well, not mow down - but cut through crowds using the snowflake. Bonus points for the Frostburn effect making pretty colors.

So, what are your favorite useless or underpowered weapons?


Deadly sphere staff. By the time it becomes obtainable there are multiple better options available, but the way they zoop around and spew particle effects and then transform into different spheres with different particle effects is very unique and stylish.


The Destroyer
Starlight isn't exactly the most safe or easy weapon to use, but mowing down stuff that dares approach you is quite satisfying.

Slap Hand is a pain in the :red: to obtain, and it can't even do anything because enemies fly out of your range. It makes me laugh when stuff is launched to escape velocity, so that's something.

Then there's the Tragic Umbrella. It certainly feels like a tragedy trying to hit things with it.

Yeesh there's a lot of trash melee weapons... :red2:
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Eater of Worlds
Bouncy Dynamite. There’s almost no objective reason to craft them especially with how expensive and dangerous to yourself they are, but I love the pure, utter, chaos they bring on the rare occasion you actually decide to use them.

Oh yeah, that’s a good one. Even better in Multiplayer when your friends start screaming at you asking what the hell you’re doing.

Starlight isn't exactly the most safe or easy weapon to use, but mowing down stuff that dares approach you is quite satisfying.

Starlight is actually really good for the Solar Pillar, because there’s no projectiles (any indestructible ones, at least) and it’s the type of weapon that’s really good on the ground. You also don’t run the risk of getting barraged by your own projectiles and can usually kill Corites before they make contact.

I agree it’s kind of weak everywhere else though.


Any [bad] weapon that makes melee feel like actual melee and not an alternate ranger. One in particular: the Psycho Knife. All you have to do is enter stealth mode and then wait for the enemy to come to you. Nothing is more satisfying then sneak attacks in any game. “Sure, guns are cool, but knives are where it’s at. It’s not fun unless you’re up close and personal.”

Despite this already being said, I would like to mention the Starlight. To be honest, I don’t think this is a bad weapon. I just think there are - not necessarily superior - but safer options. You do have to get close to an enemy to get good use out of it; that alone is risky but if you can manage (I could) you can get a serious amount of DPS, a DPS higher than just about any other melee weapon at that point. I found use out of it from bosses in events minus the ones with a flying AI.
Edit: To clarify my stance, I don’t think it’s a bad weapon, more of a “meh” weapon.
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The Destroyer
the blow gun,it's great and I love it.
the beam sword.this is really unpopular,does meh dmg,but I like it for some reason,I defeated the destroyer with it.
he hates a lot of people, a few days ago he said he hated skeletons like me just because we wanted revenge on minecraft dogs who menacingly chew on our bones and marrow
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