What are some bad weapons you like?

Bee keeper, it inflicts confusion which makes enemies look like they're running away from your bees, OH NO NOT THE BEES!

Lmao I never even made that connection, I just thought the confusion was trying (and failing) to make the weapon more helpful. That’s a lot funnier.
Drippler Crippler’s really good in my opinion. The long ranged projectile is a joke, but the flail itself has really good damage output for a pre-mech weapon and can two shot a lot of pre-plantera enemies.
I like it because the first time I played terraria and my brother gave it to me because he just started hard mode. I remember having 100hp and “helping” him kill the Destroyer.
Toxikarp is probably the closest. Not actually a "bad" weapon considering it can have decent damage and has infinite ammo, but you really need to line up enemies and bosses perfectly to get utility out of it considering how fast the bubbles ascend, so it's more of a "tricky" weapon. But the concept, aesthetics, name and not consuming ammo means I like it anyway.
Don’t know if this counts, but I really like using the Sky Dragons Fury. It’s really tough to hit stuff with, and it’s not the best Betsy drop, but it’s quite fun to use and makes you feel powerful (emphasis on feel) Again, it’s not a terrible weapon, but you really should use the Flying Dragon, Terra Blade, or Influx waver at that point.
The Deadly sphere staff and Shadowbeam staff. The most visually cool, but really disappoint in battle.
Tempest staff... Nothing to add here
wand of sparking. Although it’s decent when you first get it (unless you already got really far In the game) you only use it for about 5 minutes until finding better items
I also like the Star Wrath, now that I think about it.

The thing is probably the worst Moon Lord drop other than the sentries. It has worse single target DPS at roughly the same range limit than the Terrarian and vastly inferior in crowd control to the Meowmere. It only has about the same DPS as the Daybreak due to iframes, which also has more range and accuracy, and its area of effect niche it has is easily replaced by the Solar Eruption.

But come on man, you’re creating a massive tidal wave of stars that smother half your screen. If that’s not badass, nothing is.
Wand of Sparking, it's actually very helpful for exploring caves and I find it amusing that it inflicts Frostburn if you're using Frost Armor.

Is the Pulse Bow bad? (Actually wondering about this tbh)
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