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PC What do you think is the hardest non-boss mob in Terraria?


Official Terrarian
For me, it's the armored skeleton. It's not the damage it does, it's the amount that spawn and the fact the inflict Broken Armor. Me trying to avoid that debuff is what makes them hard to me. :p

What's your opinion on the matter, and what makes that mob hard/annoying to encounter?


Duke Fishron
for me, it's the diabloist post-plantera dungeon. they shoot exploding fireballs through walls and wreck your face. sometimes they even hide out of reach where they can not be killed and just make your life a living hell.


Any enemy alone is never a threat for me, but yeah, paladins often appear together with one of them 3 annoying lich mages. There're only so many projectiles that I can dodge, ye basterds. :mad:


Official Terrarian

No, seriously, bats.

When I first played an MMO it was Ragnarok Online and while they were easy to kill Bats kept attacking me and disrupting what I was doing. When I started playing Terraria a couple of months ago ... yeah you got it! Bats! They make you flinch! Sometimes I am laying down a hell bridge or a sky bridge and then *flinch.* Thank God for Cobalt Shields++.


Staff member
Red Devils.

Those spam forks of death just obliterate me all the time.

Here, I'll use this for reference for how it feels:


Hard? None really, because most of them are soft.

But, the ones listed have either outright killed me or cause my death more often than others simply because they grabbed the first initiative.

Paladin - Hammers swinging out of nowhere
Diaolist - Stupid bloody fireballs
Pirate Captain - Blasted from two screens away by a rapid gun
Red devils - Bleeding forks

If I see them before anything happens, they are usually dead after a certain amount of time without trouble, but when they fire the first shot... :dryadcry:


here's my top 3 so far

1. Paladins: They have a huge amount of health to chew through, and hammer spam (not that I think that's cool or anything <.<)
2. Headless Horseman: 100% knock back resist, highest health of any non-boss, and they spawn in large numbers along with mourning wood and the like.
3. Diabolists: nuf said

CraftedNightmare Here!

Official Terrarian
1. Lihzarhd (when you just want to find cover from Giant Turtoises, Lihzarhds tell you to :red: off
2. Necromancer, i wish that guy would stop teleporting before i could swing my sword sword
3. Ice Golem. I'm trying to kill you, so why try to kill me?!
4. Wolf, who was th... 'Then i get instant killed by it'
5. All Giant Turtoise AIs. Even when I'm in space, they still want to reck me apart!


Empress of Light
None of the enemies are really that hard except paladins and crossbowers, but i hate the friggin giant fungi bulb, it does so much damage by shooting out those homing mushroom bulbs at you, seriously, first time i saw a giant fungi bulb i thought it was a mini-boss.
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