What does your house look like?


Headless Horseman
My current house:
Awesome man, I love the attention to detail.


By all means, don't worry about credit due. I strongly believe as a community of builders we all need to learn from one another and implement ideas for all of our builds to be better.
Well said, thanks a lot, have a follow.

Maurizio Wieser

Looks pretty good.When I showed my house to anyone they would tell me one thing:
Try diffrent backgrounds.So I did and all of my builds got infinetly better.So try using backgrounds that work with your current ones.I can't really give any other advice because I am not that good at building :D
THAT is AMAZING ! Woah dude good job![DOUBLEPOST=1412606215][/DOUBLEPOST]Here's mine, its kinda indev atm... But i might post updates on it sooner or later...
What do you think? I would really like to know if iam the only one who thinks this looks kinda cool :p

Hayden Atchison

Official Terrarian
I had to cut and paste the different screenshots of it, could not get them all perfect. And it is on a server so there are some random names and such. I enjoy the wiring portion of the game :p. Also, the biome my house is in was supposed to be the jungle, but the servers owner allowed wall of flesh to be spawned.


Gosh, all these pictures are so great. Here's some stuff I made.

A compact Frost Moon farm

My Glowing Mushroom house (yes, I used an inventory editor) 1/2

Glowing Mushroom house 2/2

My Living Wood home

Some of these aren't so great, and I'd like tips on how to add pizazz to my homes.


I'd like tips on how to add pizazz to my homes.

Larger rooms and try making the structure of the house first and then build the interior. Doing that makes sure everything doesn't look like boxes stacked on top of one another. Looking forward to seeing more of your builds.
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