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What is the craziest thing you've ever done in Terraria?


(mobile) try and challenge myself by using a fresh hardmode world (with 3 alters destroyed) with a fresh character (with the starting gear...yep)


Empress of Light
Ride on a fire unicorn wearing armour made of spider fangs, 3 shields, a fart in a jar and bone wings. All dyed with some random metal I got off a creature that has an uncanny resemblance to Cthulhu.


I'm the craziest thing in Terraria and I've never done myself... So... Perhaps selling a whole chest of cosmic car keys because they took up too much space would count?


The Destroyer
Stardust... the hardest... hilarious...

My thing was probably fighting my friend with boulders. There were lots of graves scattered around the house. Very few of them were mine.


The Destroyer
Well, some people just can't handle these multiple star cells. The thing is to let them get big, kill them, so they get smaller and grow again. I found myself stripping off the barrier from pillar really fast this way... Though it was hard to make them go away and I didn't have enough damage to take them all down, so I had to tp back... and this is their main problem.
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