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What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

Pmuuhzedci Sycdan

Official Terrarian
"milk being 4.50$ is a goverment rule" i remember as i look at a bag of milk that is nearly 6 dollars

there's :red:loads more, but that stands out the most


it's the only stuff he ever buys lmao

the hilarious thing is that he started buying chocolate milk, which is 6.79$. he's said it twice, but hasn't said it since
You’re drinking milk out of these

Pmuuhzedci Sycdan

Official Terrarian
Just use one of these. Unscrew the cap and pour.
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i've never seen these at the store i go to, it's either those bags i was talking about, or cardboard cartons that are absolute hell for me to open.

also, not sure if this is dumbest thing done or dumbest thing said, but when my original ps4 started to get a bit of a cramped hard drive, i wanted to get a new 2 tb hard drive. this idiots genius idea was to buy a completely new ps4, with a 1 tb hard drive, for the same price. i thought it was kinda stupid to completely buy a new ps4 considering the hard drive was the only problem, but went for the ps4 because i figured the pro would be an acceptable alternative.

well, as it turns out, it's not the ps4 pro, it's the ps4 slim, he was talking about. the new machine lasted about 6 months before dying (still have it as a testament not to listen to this man even if he says the earth is round). his response?

"i knew that would happen"

as an interesting side note, if i kept all my original ps4 games, even the 1 tb wouldn't be big enough. so he was never right.

Sandbox & RPG

Game: Among Us
Context: in a lobby with 1.25x speed, Reactor went up and after a few seconds, I found the body.
"I went from reactor then I go to cafeteria and back to security again"
-The Imposter of that round.


Eater of Worlds
"No, that's not diamond, the server glitched. Come here!" My friend above me
Me looking at the diamond while swarmed by 2 witchs in minecraft "No"
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