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What was your most satisfying achievement in gaming?

cairne bloodhoof

Pixel Pirate
Gave this a second thought, and I think High Octane (finish the Car Shop heist on Death Wish difficulty) from Payday 2 was the most difficult achievement I ever obtained. Not sure I'd call it the most satisfying, because back when I did this for the first time, there was no achievement for it (despite the fact that it was actually a lot harder than it is now and I did it solo, ain't that a :red:). I had to do it again to actually get the achievement, and when that happened I just called in 3 friends and rushed it.
I did four stores loud in a suit with no downs.
MLG I think not


I own saints row third and fourth's sity fully with no cheats
+I won some hundred games in battlefield three + Destiny (In one match I was the first, made our nooby team win and got 3 1-life, 5-kills sprees, +Once I joined match that was ending and got 10 kills 0 deaths)
+My hundreds of diamonds in MC, best weapons 'n' armor in mobile Terraria, Millions of money in Gmod, my best records in CODs (1death 18kills is really normal for me in COD black ops (first))

Violet heart

Beating ninja gaiden black on master ninja mode. That games difficulty was ridiculous. I will say the prinny series for psp were extremely hard as well especially the second one but once you knew how the mechanics flowed and figured out the boss patterns then you were pretty safe. But yes beating those extremely difficult games was the most satisfying achievement in gaming for me.

Forty-Seven Rōnin

Eater of Worlds
I wouldn't call genocide "satisfying" though. -_-

Beating the final boss of Undertale's Genocide run in just 10 tries. I wouldn't call genocide "satisfying" though. -_-
I think it's safe to say you had a bad time. ;)
Congratulations, though. You basically did the most terrible mode ever without resetting through basically the whole thing.
GG m8


ok, beating New vegas with a bb gun and no defense was easy compared to what i did recently. While difficult, playing through Fallout:New Vegas with those conditions is not nearly as hard as playing Half Life Opposing force on Hard difficulty (in my opinion.) Opposing force, if you don't know, was an expansion for Half-Life made by Gearbox where you took control of one of the HECU marines in Half Life who was left behind in black mesa when they extracted. Ramping up the difficulty to Hard makes the enemies do much more damage, and have much more health, while you get less health from anything that can give you health. Opposing Force introduced an entire new type of Alien species, Race X, which was much more lethal than the normal aliens from Half-Life. Shock Troopers were the most annoying out of all of Race X, as they shot fast moving electric projectiles, shredding armor and doing 10 damage per hit, with a high rate of fire. On death they drop a Shock Roach which is a monster that can be picked up as a weapon, but if you already have it, it acts like a normal headcrab.
In the game, there were also Human enemies, mostly Black Ops. Male Black ops threw grenades all over the place, rushed you, shot very accurately, and did a ton of damage, taking a ton of damage to kill them. Female Black ops had about the same amount of health, except they went invisible and shot you with a highly damaging silenced pistol, mostly focusing on taking you out from range.
Overall, Hard mode on Opposing force was hell. With Health and Armor being scarce throughout the game, and not very helpful (10 health per medkit) and tough enemies that would swarm you in large groups, I was constantly dying because my autosave had left in at a point where I had 5 health. If you play through opposing force, use the desert eagle, explosives, the sniper rifle, the displacement cannon, the grub gun, the shock roach, and most importantly the M249.
(i just wasted so much time writing this fml)


For me it was getting the achievement in Convoy where you win the jackpot at a casino event, the chances were about 1:3000, it took half an hour of clicking.


Empress of Light
Getting the Red Gem in Slippery Climb in Crash Bandicoot 1.. Do you know how hard that is? It appears easy on the Videos but it's hard af.


Official Terrarian
I earned the Fall camo for the Intervention in Modern Warfare 2 at level 18. When I was a quickscoper.

Not much of an achievement, but I've never heard of someone doing it faster.


I was never good at gaming and I probably never will be, so my biggest achievement is probably getting all the Sun Stones in Kirby Triple Deluxe.


Official Terrarian
Learning dwarf fortress.(really guys it's like playing all dark souls games at once with guitar instead of controls and not dying)(don't listen to these guys saying it is easy)
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