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What was your most satisfying achievement in gaming?


Gave this a second thought, and I think High Octane (finish the Car Shop heist on Death Wish difficulty) from Payday 2 was the most difficult achievement I ever obtained. Not sure I'd call it the most satisfying, because back when I did this for the first time, there was no achievement for it (despite the fact that it was actually a lot harder than it is now and I did it solo, ain't that a :red:). I had to do it again to actually get the achievement, and when that happened I just called in 3 friends and rushed it.


Headless Horseman
Well, somewhat recently I beat the Pokemon Ruby elite four with only bug-type Pokemon. It was challenging and fun, and without the heartbreak of the nuzlocke challenge.


Completing the Travel Journal in One Way Heroics Plus was a pretty good one recently-ish. To elaborate, for that, you have to play as the Tourist class. The tourist starts with Level 0 in all stats, can't bring any items from past playthroughs, and completing the travel journal in any decent amount of time involves you getting up close to enemies and using a turn to write in your journal.
It's a pretty hard thing and requires some luck, but you get a special credits sequence giving some neat secrets for it!
...Too bad I have to do it again because I did it on the Playism version and now that it's on Steam, I want those achievements...

Another thing I'm kinda proud of was me playing Mega Man X5 for the first time recently and I wanted to make it a Zero only run (aside from using X to get secrets.) Unfortunately for me, I accidentally started the game on the highest difficulty, Xtreme mode! And then two friends egged me on to keep with it.
It was hard and I died a lot, especially since Zero doesn't get damage reducing armor until the final stages, but I managed to pull through to the end!


I'd have to say.... Beating Ikaruga with the default amount of lives. LEVEL 4 >:/

Also beating Vanitas' ghost without mines on KH:BBS. Longest BB I've ever beaten, having to keep waiting for that perfect moment and only doing a sliver of damage, while he can kill you in 2 hits. *shivers*


Official Terrarian
I unlocked the trophy "Murakumo...AWAKEN!" in BlazBlue Continuum shift. it seems very few players where able to unlock it.
Edit: my BlazBlue CS Extend level is now 22.
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Skeletron Prime
Binding of isaac rebirth as well, but when I beat satan with dark judas when I only had 2 hearts. I'm not gonna say that's an amazing achievment. but for a skrub like me I was amazed.

The Ice Cube

Eater of Worlds
Alright, I have a new-new most satisfying achievement.

I finished Broforce on Hard Mode.
Not Ironbro Hard Mode, but it was still pretty tough.

Forty-Seven Rōnin

Eater of Worlds
getting the crucible void kills for the thorn exotic handcannon and finding a team on DestinyLFG to do the strike
and soloing a strike in destiny


Doing terraria expert mode hardcore and not dying throughout the whole thing, and then beating moonlord.

It was hard.
Very hard.

Other than that, probably beating dark bowser in Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story. I remember leveling up one level each day. I was around level 60 when I decided to face him. And by that time, I was over prepared, as I could one shot all of his phases with basic attacks.

Ah, the joys of being an unskilled video game player. Those were the days.


Killing the wither on Minecraft and beating the world record on a map and Mario cart Wii (only to find that this Wii didn't have WiFi in, meaning that the other record stayed in place ;( )
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