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What was your most satisfying achievement in gaming?


Brain of Cthulhu
Learning dwarf fortress.(really guys it's like playing all dark souls games at once with guitar instead of controls and not dying)(don't listen to these guys saying it is easy)
Has anyone ever accused Dwarf Fortress of being easy?


Completing the purity forest of Pokemon Red Resque Team,
finishing a Metroid Zero mission 15% run.
And completing Metroid Prime 3 while my Wii was in it's dying state.

I'd probably a few more, but those are the ones I can remember now.


Empress of Light
Oh, now I will update it.

100% finished FF12. All hunts, including Yiazmat (it's 4 :red:ing hours), fishing (why idk) and all Rare Games (ugh).
Actually bothered to finish Undertale Genocide. (it's not like I'm sad cause the deaths, it's because the final boss is so difficult).
(GDash) Finishing Theory of Everything 2... in Practice.


Skeletron Prime
Minecraft achievement: I Am A Marine Biologist

it's satisfying to catch a fish in a bucket to me for some reason


Beating a hard geometry dash level
It's always satisfying to beat a level that you spend many time on
bruh i was going to do a geometry dash thing as well
whatever i will do it anyways

Screenshot (20).png


"A Monument to All Your Sins" in Halo Reach, which means you need to beat the game on legendary... by yourself.

Or all 6 of the vidmaster achievements in Halo 3 to earn that sweet, sweet recon armor.

Or getting golden nailguns in Quake Champions the second day they were available
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Official Terrarian
I managed to...
  • Make it to the top 25 over at Beat Hazard 2, and almost reach Wave 100
  • Make it through a whole bunch of 7+ minute song, including the infamous Albuquerque, also Beat Hazard 2
  • 100% Learn to Fly 3 and unlock everything (save for fully upgrading all the bonus shop stuff)
  • Earn the "Yes, I am the Real Garry" achievement (I was at a popular[?] DarkRP server when it happened)
  • Discover the stupid-hard Anti X Boson
...and I think that's it. I've yet to make it to Elite 200 (Beat Hazard 2 thing too), but with my 'ol trusty module-upgraded Magnetic Wall of Death, I'm sure I'll make it, even if it takes a few months.


Beating every shrine in BotW.

100%ing both SSBU World of Light (Was already close after I reached true ending) and Super Mario 3D Land (This took quite a while)


The Destroyer
Pretty close between beating Nightmare King Grimm and Pantheon of the knight (both from hollow knight)

The latter didn’t feel as satisfying due to my rage levels at that challenge.

Pmuuhzedci Sycdan

Official Terrarian
I Was Hilariously Underprepared For The Dragon King In Trinity: Souls Of Zill'Ol, And Still Beat It. I Was Around The Mid 50's, And When It Came To His Second Phase, Dagda Was The Only One Alive For More Then 10 Seconds At A Time. Still, Somehow, Beat Him First Try.

Changing Flask

Beating the final mission of OG Spellforce 2, beating an Undertale genocide run, being my first true bullet hell game, and probably having enough guts to even pull that out.

Also advancing a lot earlier than I thought I could in Age of Empires II. As for now, I can go to Castle Age in 18:30 (even if it was as Huns).

Beating Moon Lord the first time with a strategy that should be counter-intuitive (circling around ML like a madman).

And of course finishing games ranging from hack n' slashes like Diablo, by Action RPGs like Secret of Mana, by shooters, to RTSes and all routes of Undertale, to sandboxes (Starbound n' Terraria), and even Dead Cells I've done.

Being jack of all trades doesn't mean I can't be master of any ^^.


Skeletron Prime
Getting a life-fruit, seriously that one terraria achievement is so mean it just says get a life......
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