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Casual What would your custom title be?

Hootle The Owlet

Official Terrarian
"Lover Of Lamias" Original Username
"Night Furious" Ruthless Toothless
"HAHAHAHAHA" Teedus Da Night Fury
"Champion Of Light" Finn Bushidizyn
"Best Actor Ever" Will Smith
"Ascended Being" The Great And Powerful Landry
"Little Green Thing"
"Final Final Form"
"You Gaze At God"
"Even More Ascended Being"
"Ultimate Jackass"


Pixel Privateer
So this is where you could comment on if you got a custom title, what it would be.
To start off, mine would be "Experiment #210".

EDIT- Or "Zeeba"
I know i'm too late for this, but I would like to say that I want my title to be:

"Representative Bishop of England"
"The One And Only"
"Shomai Master"
"The Royal Welch Fusilier's Field Logisics Specialist"
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