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Whats your most embarrassing game moment


Skeletron Prime
welcome gamer, like the title says, What's your most embarrassing game moment.

mine is when I was playing Minecraft lucky block island minigame, there was this one drop from the lucky block that summons a pig that when punched turns into the pigman king. so heres the story: I just found myself this so I had the idea to make it follow me and use it as a trap but I did not have a saddle so I used carrots and I was ignoring all the other lucky blocks to make this pig follow me, so then after a few minutes I gave up because if you played Minecraft than you know what im talking about how annoying it is to get the pig to follow. so after I gave up I realized.... I had no weapons or armor only a hoe.... yea.... oof


Got first place against thousands of players in a game and accidentally double tapped exit game not seeing it


Official Terrarian
On Animal Crossing New Leaf, a hacker online took control of my mayor and made me get stuck in the air xD
I'm not sure if this is bad to say or not

Digitus of Aegis

Skeletron Prime
Monster hunter, i sold all my armors, so my defense was 0, i had to survive the hard way, and i only had a weak weapon, with only 100 of damage.
(100 damage in monster hunter is like a scratch)

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
I have two. In Skyrim, my horrible aim with Dragonrend. In Pixel Gun 3D, the many, many, times I fell into the gap between the two tables in the ant’s life map.

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
I was playing Among Us, and because of lag (like the ping was at 2000, which is normal for me) I vented in front of someone, but I couldn’t see them on screen. That same person was being an absolute jerk about it, too.


Stardust Pillar
I've forgotten to re-equip my wings multiple times after boss fights in master mode multiplayer because I switched them out with the Mana Cloak and just used a flying mount, and then I would dismount... and die immediately because of fall damage.


Eater of Worlds
Playing Eternity mode, uses fishron mount on ML... I switched out all of the mobility accessories for forces, for more damage and survivability...
And then remember that this debuff exists: Purified, it wipes all of your positive buffs out of your buff bar... and then I forgot that duke fishron mount is also a buff...

You know what happened next...
I dropped down and couldn't even die, because eternity mode moon lord have a moon seal which is a arena and moon lord was always at the center, and I just stuck at the seal, unable to move up or down quickly, taking damage...
I swear that is the most embrassing moment ever

for the secondly embrassing moment, is because when I first started playing terraria I saw a marble biome, remembered that someone told me there's medusa down there (even though pHM) and then I abondoned that cave, wasting hours of my life searching for another cave.


Any time I try to block clutch a jump I would have made anyway in minecraft, and then fall because I placed the block where my feet should go.


Skeletron Prime
Saying that a race is easy in Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 Black Edition and failing it several times, with a goddang Carerra GT...
Any time I realise something obvious is there after only after the hundredth time of wondering around the place.
This happened an awful lot when playing amnesia, legit thought I had amnesia.
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