Will you be there to face what comes next?

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It's clearly Pumpkin Moon 2: Chunkmo. It's the same as the regular Pumpkin Moon, except the music is a noticeably lower pitch and all the Pumpkings have been replaced with birds.

What we have been shown is a bird below 1/4 HP, entering its eldritch horror mode.
Very likely something to do with a face.

Since FACE

And yes, I'm being serious. I think the title is a hint.
I think its an evil mirror, when you activate it you have to fight a dark version of yourself wielding your weapons, armor, and accessories. It can also use health and buff potions.
I don't know what it is but I do feel that it should be killed with fire, or in the case it's already naturally on fire, drowned in gallons of liquid nitrogen.

I did have a toilet adventure once after eating chili. What was in my toilet bowl looked surprisingly similar. "Gotcha!, ffs. NOOOOO! TOO MUCH INFO!"
Yeah... Sorry about that. Maybe.
i think that when you defeat moonlord the solar cultists that have been in the game code for a while will make their first appearence and that thing will replace the emblem from before, and then the actual cthulu will spawn.
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