Will you be there to face what comes next?

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The DD2 devs seem very shifty and the recent scores for the game are only Mixed, why's Redigit teaming with them now?

DD2 is Free to Play "early access" with over $200 of DLC already
Because we find the game fun - and the paid-only content is pretty much just vanity stuff. Everything else is unlockable in game.

We are generally motivated by making cool things - not by money alone. Same thing here. :)
A portal to another world, entering it starts the creation of a new alternate world, you can switch world whenever you enter the portal. The new alternate world contains new enemies and more bosses.

Lol thats just my silly idea:naughty:, but it'd be real cool to add such a mechanic between two worlds.

Edit: i noticed im not the only one who thought about a new location to explore/more items to discover, sadly it would likely be minor addition to the game, and very unlikely a big change to the game like a post moon lord event/boss/biome.:(

The thing is: items are way too op after moon lord. That proves nothing has been planned for post moon lord.

I would hope it is a portal to a brand-new world with higher tear of enemies, weapons, bosses, armor, and ores.
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