Will you be there to face what comes next?

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Oooh ooh, could it be some kind of magical supernuke that completely eliminates your choice of either corruption, hallow, Crimson, or etc from your world?


Please :_:?
Ocram vaping confirmed for 1.3.4

Someone please make this a thing


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must be something to do with space is it a new final boss (please drop true meowmere) hmmm meteor shower
[doublepost=1476926980,1476926893][/doublepost]wait everyone look through the suggestions and find a flaming elipse
Could it be something that flies around like the saucer drone that flies and if you go in the beam it summons the Martian madness, maybe it's something that flies around like a fiery soul, and you have to kill to summon moon lords brother, the true cthulu
If you look closely, it seems to have a similar "flame" effect to the Mysterious Tablet that the Cultists are with at the Dungeon.
Maybe they're possibly linked or something? Or maybe they're just similar objects? Who knows?

Oh, right, the devs do.
I wonder if this flaming thing could be a reward for defeating a boss that's around Lunatic Cultist level or related to it? Possibly a mount? Summon? Sentry Summon? Another guess is that it's the result of a new set bonus. Something that benefits the player is my guess based on how the Forbidden Armor was teased for 1.3.3 though there's a good chance I'm wrong.
From what i saw on twitter, it could be related with Dungeon defenders 2? ic could be their 2nd boss remains or some sort, that's all i could say since haven't played that game in months :eek:
It's a giant easter egg that was set on fire. Or a pinecone that was set on fire. Or yo mama that was set on fire.
A new armor effect that surrounds you with crackling magic that hurts any mobs that walk into its effect. Armor so powerful that raw magic destroys all the surrounding.
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