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tAPI [WIP][Released]Terramineral - All about world generation

Discussion in 'Released' started by Boffin, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Current version: 0.2
    What to work on next?

    This mod feeds off of your ideas! Help make this mod better by posting your ideas in this thread! Here's the best way to do it:
    - An image of your idea (if it's world generation related, building it in game and taking a screenshot of it would be great!)
    - A description

    Terramineral is a mod I've wanted to make for a while. I've always loved exploring the world of Terraria and seeing new things. I've always wanted mining to be an interesting thing, so I decided to start making a mod called "Gretarria". Didn't go so well. Then I began production on another mod called "Miner's Delight". After about 18 ores were made, I got bored and realised that it was not interesting, just mining ores. So, I made terramineral. I decided to just make 5 ores, and maybe more in the future. Then, I made my first structure. The Mineshaft. It worked surpisingly well, so I decided to make the World Hole. It went really well. Then, I made the idea for the Dweller Citadel. It worked really well, and the beginnings of my mod were ready for release. That is the origin of a mod I hope to become very large and expansive!

    Now to the features:

    - 5 different ores (Eosphorite, Goethite, Jouravskite, Erythrite and Rhodium)
    - For all excluding rhodium, there are respective pickaxes, swords and hamaxes for each ore.
    - Ore establisher, crafted with dirt and wood, spawns these ores in your world (will lag a bit)
    - Peace moon, a chance to have no monsters in the night. Other than bunnies.
    - Two staffs:
    +- Rhodium Staff: Projectiles split into four directions once destroyed.
    +- Anti-gravity Staff: Makes enemies fly off into space for about 3 seconds.
    - Maze statue
    - Added lots of mod options, so you can choose what you want to generate in your world (helpful if something keeps crashing)
    - Maze stone, doesn't do anything yet, but keep these if you find them! :p
    - 4 new aspects of world gen:

    God this took a while. Hope you like this one!

    Re-logic - Making Terraria
    tAPI Team - Making tAPI
    @Sin Costan - Making the awesome projectile for the rhodium staff (and for just being awesome)
    @gmod - The awesome sprite for the maze crawler (and for just being awesome)
    Everyone who's given me ideas - Self explanatory

    Sorry if I missed you off of the credits, just message me if I did. I hate people not giving proper credit :p

    Copy this into your signature / elsewhere! :D
    Here's what it looks like:

    Version 0.2!
    Last edited: May 22, 2015
  2. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    CHANGELOG 0.2:

    - Added lots of mod options, so you can choose which things you want to generate. You can also pick the colour of the maze you want to generate here. If you don't know how to access mod options, enable Terramineral, reload your mods, then click Terramineral and a yellow text on the left should say "Mod Options". Click that to change the settings.
    - Added THE MAZE
    Maze has lots of interesting features, is completely random, has sort of random loot (each chest of 5 has a specific purpose, one for maze stone, one for statue, etc.) and has random books and cobwebs and the occasional skeleton. It will spawn as the last thing in the world and takes about a second. The logic behind it is mad. Read the code if you want :)
    - Added the new NPC for the maze, the "Maze Crawler". Thank you GMod for the awesome sprite, though I did make it darker for contrast reasons! Don't hurt me!!! :p
    Last edited: May 12, 2015
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  3. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    <reserved> Okay, seems cool!
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  4. Lizardead

    Lizardead Skeletron

    Matheradicool. Can't wait to see the citadels.
  5. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Thanks! They're not done yet, I do plan to add a dweller NPC (maybe make it be a friendly?). Also to make it more random. Thanks :)
  6. Judtera

    Judtera Plantera

    Wow That was some awesome world stuff and ore , nice mod
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  7. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Thank you! :D
    Hope you'll enjoy the newer features!
  8. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    I will definitely check this mod out. :p
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  9. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Thanks! :D
  10. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Just wanted to ask your opinions on the new stuff for the dweller citadel. I decided to create a storage building, with lots of loot! It's not necessarily good loot, and not all of the chests contain stuff, but about 6 to 7 do (as stated in preview below). There are also platforms, which extend across until they hit a block.

    I'm trying to make some more unique types of buildings, with the hope of extending it over across a hundred+ blocks. I aim to make at least 3 unique ones, and have a random amount of buildings between 5 and 8!

    Here is the new stuff I've made:
  11. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    This mod looks really amazing with the generation code! One question... can you teach me how to generate ore/buildings?
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  12. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    It's all in my Tutorial here: Tutorial

    If there's anything extra not in the tutorial you want to ask me, just ask me in a fresh conversation :)

    Oh, and thanks :D
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  13. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    How do I make it spawn after a certain boss has been defeated?
  14. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Create a public static void for the generation of the building (good habit to do that anyway), and when the boss is killed (PostNPCLoot I think), call the building or ore etc. function. :)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2015
  15. _Mish

    _Mish Skeletron Prime

    Holy cow dude. Really really nice!
    Just will take the time to ask this here... does anyone know how to code a dirt tile?

    I really like this! Hope it grows big some day!
  16. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    coding a dirt tile is like almost any other tile. If you're asking about making grass spreadable onto it, I don't think I can help you. Unless you made a texture for each type, and then checked if any of these grass blocks are in the vacinity, and if a rng decides to, replace the block with grass. Pain, but maybe doable! :D
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  17. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Alright, who voted on the poll but never gave me their new idea? Hmm? Was it you?! HMMMMMMM!?!

    Anyway, The new version for terramineral may be out soon! I have now got 3 unique buildings in the dweller citadel, which now, for you, may look like this:

    There are two new potions: The Anti-Gravity potion (different to the gravitation potion, as it inflicts the AntiGrav buff on your enemies when you hit them, and has a 1/10 chance to do so when you hit them) and the Friendly potion (1/30 chance to, make the enemy not able to damage you when you hit them). Are there any more last minute features you'd like to see? PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW!

    - ZeGamingBoffin
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  18. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    New version's out, but it's not worthy of a 0.2. The problem with mods like this is that you have to constantly generate worlds, so I wanted to ask you guys. SHOULD I MAKE AN ITEM THAT SPAWNS ALL OF THE TERRAMINERAL WORLD GEN ASPECTS? This would allow you to generate them in your current world. I would have to stress that these things COULD destroy your buildings! Thanks again guys, enjoy the new version!

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  19. I think that would be useful, as for them possibly destroying buildings, people don't HAVE to use the item.
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  20. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    This mod is amazing !
    I have a few questions about the Dweller Citadel. Do you need to write code for each block to generate in such pattern, or do you make a template of the building and then write the code for it to generate ?