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Worfers Wording: The Story Of A Playthrough With A New Look

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Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing a hardcore crimson playthrough from the perspective of a narrator and not our "hero" from before the arrival of the beast and after the moon lord. This is not done yet, so enjoy what I have for now.

In a beautiful land known as Terraria, a land with luscious forests, jungles, and peaceful deserts and tundras, but most importantly, no crimson or dungeoun, our journey begins.

A man of 23 wanders around with a copper shortsword, pickaxe, and axe. Not the terrarian but someone ready to go stronger, he set out through the world. And much like our terrarian, his first stop was undergroud.
Underground was some classic mining. Copper was prominent and the rest each got rarer. Breaking every ore he found, the man quickly made platinum tools. He was searching for the last bit of platinum for his helmet when he found crimtane ore. He quickly pocketed it and excitedly searched for more.

It never left his inventory, because he never found enough. Frustrated, he went off to the ocean to mine below there instead. His frustration felt more prominent in him then when he was searching for that last peice for his helmet (which he did eventually get), almost as if it was kindled by something.

Arriving at the ocean, he swore he saw Cthullu, a legendary beast who never was verified to exist. Digging town, he found a bit more crimtane, still not enough to make something. The lack of loot felt unnaturally infuriating.

Writhing in rage, he tore down palm trees from the desert with no remorse, not even planting new acorns, leaving the desert devoid of trees, as it stayed. He built a boat from this, and rowed away to the island he thought he saw Cthullu on.

That's all I have for now, I hope you enjoyed what you've seen so far.
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