Resolved [Xbox] LOST CHARACTERS AND WORLDS ON XBOX (all posts will be combined into this thread)

Hi, looks like all of my characters and worlds are all gone as well. The in game achievements are also reset.
I have the digital version of the game.
I played from 2015-2016 and recently went back to play again, but saw everything was gone. Thought I maybe deleted it somehow, but hopefully it's just this bug.
Hello, I see that this recent update resolved the issue for most people, but when I log onto terraria, I am still missing my worlds and characters. I play on the Xbox series x, and own the digital copy. My Xbox gt is Ads Burger. The world I am missing is called Coconut Grove, and the character I am missing is named Finnleburger. Thank you.
Hi there - just to confirm, are all of you guys’ player files missing now? Or are only a few absent?
All my characters and worlds on xbox are gone, pretty sure they were saved to cloud since I e played on many different consoles,

Gt is Soveit

Edit: been waiting months now, is there any way to submit a ticket?
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Hello, I'm having this issue as well now. I logged out earlier today and all my progress was reset. After restarting my Xbox I got one of my 2 characters back and all my worlds too. However my main save is home.

My gamertag is: DaDinobudder
I started playing about a year ago
Digital copy
Logging in partially fixed my problem as stated above.
Hi there - just to confirm, are all of you guys’ player files missing now? Or are only a few absent?
Sorry for the late response. Everything is gone. All characters, all worlds, all in game achievements reset. I have a new character, world and a couple achievements cause I started to play, but all of my old stuff is gone.
Game says I am on v1. Build 1081
Didn't see this post initially, so copying my issue here!

Hey y'all!

GT is RomanRioter.
Been playing the heck out of Terraria for a long time on Xbox then series X. Currently been trying to get every item researched on a Journey mode character. However, popped back into the game today and said character is decidedly absent although the world I was working in appears fine. Stress inducing, to say the least...additionally, only some of my characters are missing, not all of them.

Also on v build 1081 as others have MENTIONED, digital copy.

Things I've tried:
Restart the Xbox
Sign out/in on the main menu page to get the "synching" message.
Try a different Xbox with Terraria on it and my account
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Hi I'm still having the issue that a bunch of others were having with all my worlds and characters are gone on the 360. I started off playing terraria in 2015 and played on the 360 until around 2017-2018 (moonlord was beaten). I got my 360 out to try to move some worlds and characters as a bunch didn't come to Xbox One (which I play frequently). Long story short my 360 shows my achievements but no characters or worlds. Saved data files show there should be characters and worlds (based on size of files). Tried copying saves. Moving them. Deleted game and reinstalled. Switched to a different 360 entirely to see if problem followed. Everything including cloud saves is blank. My Xbox gamertag is GhOsT4800
Any help or advice would be great! Afraid to make new characters or worlds for fear of overwriting data

Ps several weeks later... Is this forum dead?
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i accidently deleted my character on terreria i am on xbox and my userLILDEMON#7822 if u could plz get it back i would be thankfull

i purchesed the digital one through game :red:.
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