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Greetings Terrarians!

Welcome to the the latest Terraria community update on development progress across all active platforms! A ton of progress is being made, and things are really starting to come together - we are hopeful that we will be able to have some of this in your hands soon. That said, on with the latest news....

Hello everyone! Here with an update on 1.3.1 for Consoles... which has taken a bit longer than we had figured, but will be worth the wait!

  • QA will be reviewing a stage build later this week for the 1.3.1 update on consoles. For those unaware, stage builds are generated late in the QA phase to ensure that the game can be tested in a situation as close to a live game environment as possible.
  • Once QA has tested the stage build and the development team has resolved any outstanding issues that may appear as a result, we will be submitting the update into submission. Exciting!
Outside of the features that will be arriving in the new update which we covered here, the community can also expect some bug fixes. We’ll make sure to cover all the details in our patch notes as the update goes live.

As usual, we will let the community know once everything has been prepped and submitted, and of course when it goes live. Hopefully not long now!



Another month is in the books, and there’s been a lot of progress going on for the Nintendo Switch version behind-the-scenes.

As we stated in a previous update, the team is working directly with Redigit and the rest of the Re-Logic team on a feedback list...
Good afternoon Terrarians!

After a lot of discussion internally, we have finally figured out what everyone enjoys most about Terraria: Inventory Management! You know, especially having your bags full of stuff and having to head to the surface to unload, followed by the long walk back. I mean, who doesn't appreciate the awesomeness of that right?

Well, for those of you oddballs out there that don't get a kick out of all of that downtime, the Re-Logic team would like to introduce you to our latest and greatest creation: The Void Vault and its companion item, the Void Bag!

Void Vault in the Comfort of Home

Void Bag in Use​

Now, we know what you are thinking? "How can these items get my clothes cleaner or julienne this pile of carrots I have sitting here?" Well . . . they can't. But all your inventory management issues? They can make them disappear! How can this be possible?! This is madness, you say!? Not so, dear friends, feast your eyes on this!

(Wait, your inventory is full? Where is all that pricey furniture going exactly?!?)

(Oh - into the Void I see! How convenient! The purple text means it's working!)

That's right - what on the surface appears to simply be the fourth available character storage item - the Void Vault - transforms into an automagical inventory overflow vacuum when combined with the Void Bag held by the player. This combination of items will immediately whisk away any items the player picks up once their inventory is full - and deposit them safely at home in the Void Vault for safekeeping. This won't totally eliminate all of your inventory woes, but it will certainly cut down on those trips to and from home base!

We are so confident that you will love the Void Vault and Void Bag that we are selling them for the...
Terraria 1.3 for Mobile has officially reached the Alpha milestone as of today! In celebration, we wanted to share some of the content that will be heading your way – the Celestial Pillars!

ALPHA SCREENSHOT - NOT FINAL (so you may see some visual bugs)
(Again a reminder that this is 4 screens shown together - Mobile does not have Splitscreen :p )

For those unfamiliar with that terminology, that means that DR Studios have added in all of the features that we want/plan for the launch actually in the game, live and working.

Now the team at DR Studios will shift their full focus towards polishing/refining each of these features as well as squashing any bugs that have cropped up along the way. Some of that has been going on already, of course, but now as we head towards the next milestone (Beta), these two areas will become the team’s core focus.

**We are planning to do a very selective beta for this release – if you are interested in being considered for this selective beta - and for further details - then join our Discord server at http://Discord.gg/Terraria and fill out the registration form in the selective-beta channel.**

No release date to give you just yet, but we thought the community would appreciate knowing that we have crossed the threshold of this critical stage.

We will have more to share along our journey to Mobile 1.3 soon – stay tuned!
Greetings Terrarians!

Welcome to the the latest Terraria community update on development progress across all active platforms! A ton of progress is being made, and things are really starting to come together - we are hopeful that we will be able to have some of this in your hands soon. That said, on with the latest news....


We are getting ever-closer to have Terraria 1.3.1 in the hands of our XB1 and PS4 Terrarians! We are currently working through some bugs that emerged during final testing of the update. Once we have those taken care of and can give everything another close look-over, we should be good to push this out to everyone!

While not an exhaustive changelog, we thought it might be a good time to remind everyone about some of the cool stuff that is coming your way when this drops:

  • Dart Traps & all Temple Traps can now be hammered to rotate 90 degrees at a time, revolutionizing arena building
  • Cannons (normal, bunny, confetti, Snowball Launcher) can now be controlled by wire and shoot fake projectiles!

  • Tons of new Wiring/Mechanical items - from Logic Gates to Logic Sensors to Junction Boxes, Conveyor Belts, and more!
  • Yellow Wrench adds a fourth wire color
  • The Grand Design, once crafted, will place all of your cool wiring tools in one place for easy use
  • Team Blocks and Platforms make for cool new aspects to your PVP games
  • Static Hook will allow you full control over your grappling
  • New Pressure Plates, including the Teal Pressure Plate (which can be triggered by pets and projectiles)
  • Trapped Chests can now be crafted to keep others from poking around in your stuff
  • Angler Tackle Bag will make fishing more efficient than ever!
  • Brand new Critter & Monster Statues
  • And of course, who could forget that you will now be able to pick up your...

April is here, and we have a double month CC for you! As such, you may see two entries from a single person, and that's A-OK ^.^
Welcome to Creation Compendium #69!

To enter your Terraria fanart into the next compendium, send your entries to @darthmorf this month!
Unsure how to enter? Check out this fancy guide!
Be sure to brush up on the rules first ^.^
1) All entries must be submitted to the hosting member's profile NOT via PM (See the previous CC to determine who is next on the rotation).

2) All entries must be Terraria related in some way or another, whether that is in-game, art, music literature or any other form of creativity. Fanart of modded content will be accepted at the discretion of the CC team after review of the entry.

3) Each user may only submit one entry per month. Group entries are allowed, but all members who worked on the project must be credited and proof of consent from each member must be given. Group entries do count as a user's single entry.

4) Plagiarism is strictly not tolerated. Any evidence of such matters should be sent to a member of staff privately as soon as possible. The CC operates on a 'two strikes and you're out' system; after two offenses a user will be permanently banned from entering into all future Creation Compendiums.

5) Content such as memes, image macros, and other such content that does not contribute to the Compendium's message of expressing your creativity will be rejected. These "low-effort entries" will be taken out at the CC team's discretion.

6) Entries must be of decent quality. Blurry images, distorted sound files, and entries of obvious minimal effort will not be accepted. Entries will be reviewed by the CC team, and may be removed at their discretion.

7) The CC is a showcase, not a contest. All entries submitted (that are within the rules) will make it into the post.

Update: The patch is now available to download on Xbox One & PS4.

Greetings Terrarians! We’re happy to announce that a new patch will be releasing Tuesday, December 11th at 10:00AM (Pacific Time) on PS4 & Xbox One. Please keep in mind that it may take some time for the update to propagate to your console.

As we explained in our previous “State of the Game” posts, the team was focused primarily on a Unity Game Engine update. This was done to remove some tech debt that accumulated during development.

Think of it as game development housekeeping.

We were also able to address several noteworthy bugs that were reported by the community which you can check out below.

Multiplayer & Split-Screen Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where multiplayer players would be stuck in an infinite load after the host force quit Terraria.
  • Fixed several bugs that would occur from exiting and re-entering both split-screen and online multiplayer in different ways.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to add the maximum number of split-screen players into a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a bug where accessories equipped or unequipped would not be reflected for either the host or other players in the session.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes freeze for the host when multiple players joined the game simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would fail to navigate to a multiplayer session after accepting the invitation while they hosted a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a few other crashes that occurred from different actions surrounding console invitations.

Functionality Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the crafting menu to not update when the player ran out of material while in auto-pause.
  • Fixed a couple of different bugs related to sign-in changes on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a...
Happy Thanksgiving again, Terrarians!

Continuing in the spirit of being thankful for your support, we would like to share that Terraria is currently 50% off during the Steam Autumn Sale! That's right, you can pick up a copy of Terraria for only $4.99 - or a 4-Pack for $14.99. The Official Soundtrack is also on sale for 50% off. The Autumn Sale runs through November 27 at 10am Pacific Time.

Thanksgiving RC01.png

Click HERE or click the image above to head to our Steam page to pick up your copy today - or grab one for a friend!


While you are there, consider nominating Terraria for one of the annual Steam Awards - nominations are live now and can be done via the Terraria Store Page. More information is available here: STEAM AWARDS NOMINATIONS INFO

Thanks in advance for your support - maybe we will bring one home this year!
Happy Thanksgiving, Terrarians!

We hope everyone finds time for friends and family this week – know that we are certainly thankful for each and every one of you! Of course, Thanksgiving also kicks off the holiday shopping season, and with that in mind, we wanted to share some new developments on the Terraria merchandise front!

Starting today, we have launched our very own Amazon storefront! This "one stop shop" on Amazon has links to every piece of Official Terraria Merchandise available on Amazon. From Terraria T-Shirts, Terraria Hoodies, Terraria Sweatshirts, and other Terraria clothing to Terraria home décor, Terraria books and more – this is something we are excited to offer and we look forward to expanding on both our product offerings and designs in the future. So keep a close eye on both our Amazon and Teespring stores throughout the Holiday season!

You can reach brand new Terraria Amazon store by clicking HERE or by clicking the image below.
launch banner 2.png



We also wanted to share that at least some of our Terraria Amazon.com offerings are now available on Amazon.uk and Amazon.de for all of our British and German fans! We cannot quite offer everything just yet – but we are excited to be able to share these with you. You should be able to find all that we have available via Amazon search (TIP: Search under "Clothing" category).

Of course, to serve your Terraria clothing needs, our Teespring store is here as well - and they can ship globally. Simply click HERE...
Greetings, Terrarians!

We hope that you’re enjoying the latest patch for Xbox One & PlayStation 4. As promised, we want to provide you with a quick monthly status update on all platforms.

PS4 & Xbox One

As alluded to in the previous state of the game post there’s some technical housekeeping that Pipeworks are in the process of completing. This includes a Unity Engine update and some platform-specific PlayStation/Xbox Development Kit software updates. These perhaps aren’t as interesting as prior updates, but they do provide much-needed under-the-hood work that will remove development bottlenecks to keep things running smoothly moving forward.

Along with that, we’ve been monitoring bugs and issues coming in from the wild. Those have been collected and we’re in the process of prioritizing them with our partners at 505 Games. Once we have additional information on which issues will be addressed we’ll let you know. Just know that your reports and feedback is being reviewed. We want you to know that loud and clear! Keep it coming.


As you saw from @Cenx's twitter picture just a week or so ago (https://twitter.com/Cennxx/status/1054807176869527554), Switch is real and Redigit has had it in his hands! It’s been a really great month production wise – and we’ve had great fun reviewing the milestone with touch functionality integrated.

The next production milestone is going to be focused on Re-Logic feedback on the UI and the implementation of features we have requested.

We think the build looks and feels great. Terraria really feels at home on Switch and we are starting to see the benefits emerge from having a unified codebase. There’s still a lot of work left to do, but the team is happy where things are at right now – still looking good for that 2019 launch....
Hello Terrarians :zombie:


:hoppinjack: The Halloween Sale is live on Steam and Terraria is 50% off! Through November 1st, you can get a single copy for $4.99 or grab a 4-Pack for only $14.99! The Official Terraria Soundtrack is on sale too, so if you have been waiting on a deal, now is your chance! Happy Halloween! :pumpking: