Born at unix time stamp 1093077840 (0x41270B50)
Studying Software Engineering at a university 🎓💻
Pronouns: He / Him ♂️
Sexuality: Asexual and possibly also Aromantic too + =
Languages: German, Russian, English, French, Ukrainan, Spanish, Latin
Hobbies: Walking, Programming, Drawing, Writing
I am autist, so I cannot understand jokes and feelings as good as non-autists do and also in some highly social settings a part of the rules that are taken for granted I have to learn like learning a foreign culture and language.
I like demons, they look so cool! And also I like other fantasy beings such as angels, boulders, cyborgs, dwarves, elves, fairies, goblins, merefolk ogres, trolls, vampires, ...
Aug 21, 2004 (Age: 19)
Tree or Axe?
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: PS3/Vita
  3. Terraria: Mobile
Favorite Thread
🌳Demon of Wanderlust🌳


🌳Glasia - Demon of Wanderlust - Member of the Tree Cult🌳
My suggestions
My literature thread
My art thread
Hero Forge Creations Share Thread

May 2022 - Getting "DO YOU EVEN SKETCH" as a reply to an art I wanted constructive advice on
Dec 2022 - Getting harrased with Trigger warning! gore just because I kept reporting rule breaks
Dec 2022 - Getting called the N word for living a healthy life.
Jan 2023 - The fact that academic and social activities have more prority than gaming in my life got brushed off as excuse to being bad at Terraria PVP
Feb 2023 - The stop of playing Terraria PVP due to getting 120 bpm heart rate and 160:100 blood pressure being brushed off as excuse to being bad at Terraria PVP
May 2023 - Helped a Terraria server to implement an autoban on the N word
Jun 2023 - Despite making a twitter account for suggesting Terraria 1.4.5 features not getting addicted to it (luckily it was summer and transition break to uni so I could walk 3+ h a day)
Jul 2023 - Deleting the previously mentioned Twitter account just before the X B/S and successfully waiting till the final disable
Jul 2023 - Getting a straight positive reply on a suggestion by Redigit himself: Items - Glowing mushroom sapling
Sep 2023 - Getting said on the TCF that I would play Terraria in real life after showing images of my walk
Oct 2023 - Getting wished a good study by Redigit himself: Redigit🌳
Nov 2023 - Summoning a mod without ping or report on the TCF, just with math cf Menerick of The 🌈🪨 Faith
Dec 2023 - Blocking a student who harassed me in the lectures and in whatsapp with no regret
Jan 2024 - Getting called "skill issue" just because I did with my family things on New Year

INFO on quotes from TCF users:
If you don't like to see your username next to your quote(s), PM me a request to make the quote(s) anonymous.
"Walking for health and fitness, the easiest way to get in shape and stay in shape, and more healthy than supporting Unity."
Frank Ring ( = my addition)
"Everyone is like Jesus but some are only his last 3 letters."
Glasia van Duivels
"For humanity a man who wears a dress is more unexpected than for a Python compiler additional indents to the one mandatory indent on the first line after an if."

- Glasia van Duivels
"Implying that someone’s struggles are due to their religious beliefs or faith is kinda rude"
- Russ Guss Doodles
"Trying to convert someone to your religion while they are talking about their poor mental health is very insensitive"
Depressed Snow Grouse




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