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Happy Valentine's Weekend Terrarians!

Ah, Valentine's Day. A time for celebrating and recognizing those we love the most - maybe a significant other or just someone with whom you want to express how you feel - or perhaps to just make an annual donation to your card/candy/flower company of choice. ;)

Regardless of how each of us may feel about Valentine's Day, all of us at Re-Logic want each of you to know that we certainly appreciate your support! To help celebrate that, we are taking part in Steam's big Valentine's Day sale.



Terraria on Steam will be 70% off over Valentine's weekend ~ the next 48h) - that's $2.99 vs the normal price of $9.99. Simply click the logo above to head on over to the Terraria steam page to make your purchase.

This is yet another great opportunity to pick up a copy for yourself or anyone else with whom you want to "share the love" that only Terraria can provide! So much better than a box of chocolates or a bunch of roses, right?
Good day, Terrarians!

We are once again shining the spotlight on one of the things that truly sets Terraria apart: our amazing community! Last time, we highlighted Devalaous' Terrarian Sims creations. This time we are showcasing something quite different, but equally creative! With Valentines Day a mere two days off, we felt this particular feature fit perfectly in this time slot...


A relatively new Terrarian, @Gorgasm has been a member of our community since this past Christmas Day. Poetically enough, his initial activity centered around @Samrux ' Terraria Giveaway Thread where Gorgasm - along with several others - demonstrated true generosity by personally giving away 20 copies of Terraria to those unable to otherwise obtain one.

A special shout-out to fellow Terrarians @Samrux for the giveaway idea, @Side (16 copies) and everyone else that contributed to giving away more than 50 copies to needy community members!

Soon thereafter, Gorgasm demonstrated his creative talents by combining his love of Terraria with substantial baking skill to yield some really awesome Terraria cookies. He even took the time to lay them out in an authentic Terraria scene! (See above). From the cutters to the icing work, these are the perfect treat for any sweet-toothed Terrarian.

Below are a few images showing each stage of the cookie-making process along with the customary interview. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!


Cookie Cutters

Cookies baked, before icing

Cookies iced and laid out in the scene​


1. Anything you care...

Hello friends, and welcome to a fresh installment of the Terraria Times. So fresh it still has the price tag on it, with that new car smell. I'm still Tsuki, and I'll be taking the helm this time in a special issue. With our last issue having covered so many of the recent spoilers, we've come across a bit of a dry spell, haven't we? We still have Redigit's statuses to look forward to, for the occasional hidden spoilers. Around the time the last edition was posted, Red gave us this little gem to think about:


Just in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, they can check it out on his profile page, along with the discussion and speculation involved with it. Yo-yos in Terraria? Yes, please. Also, he posted this little weird blip in his status a couple of weeks ago too, prompting a makeshift game of 20 (give or take a couple hundred) questions where everyone tried to figure out what it does.

What's your take on this cool little thing? What does it do? How do you get it? Where do you find it? Can you eat it?

Disclaimer: Commenting on Redigit's statuses may potentially be one of the craziest decisions you've ever made in your life. For sake of your sanity and everyone else's, feel free to post your speculations in this thread if you haven't had the chance to give your thoughts on it.

Moving right along, however, I'd like to take advantage of the "downtime" we have to talk about one of the main things that makes Terraria a fun game to play, and the forums a good place to hang out: You guys!

That's right! I'm dubbing this issue of the Terrarian Times as the "Awesome Edition," in honor of the community that makes this game so awesome. Though understandably, if I were to talk about every single awesome member on these forums, this issue might go on for days. Rest assured...
Good day Terrarians!
In late 2014, we saw a number of updates for Terraria on Console and Mobile – including Mobile 1.2 and the addition of the expanded Holiday/Xmas content to our console versions. At the time, we also made the commitment to everyone that we would be looking to provide more frequent updates heading into 2015 – including one that we had planned to have live in “Early 2015”.

Well, we are quite pleased to announce to everyone that we intend to stick to that commitment, and that starts now: The Frost Moon is coming to Console Terraria (all platforms) over the next 2-3 weeks!

For those of you familiar with the PC version of Terraria, the Frost Moon is the second of the two “Moon Invasion” events in the game (and demonstrably harder than the Pumpkin Moon which we added to Console last year). This event will test the mettle and ingenuity of even the most hardy Terrarian warriors as they make their best attempts to hold off a terrifying horde of frozen monstrosities in search of challenge and loot.

New/changed mechanics/bugfixes:
- Any sand block can be used to create glass
- Changed any wood recipe tooltip ('Any wood' instead of enumerating all wood types)
- Fixed allow obtaining the disco ball from merchant and jungle wall from Dryad
- NPCs will now seek shelter during Solar Eclipse events
- Between 15 and 31 dec, xmas themed zombies, slimes and bunnies will spawn
- +1 Music track for the Frost Moon Event
- Items which regenerate health per hit now have a cap of 2 hearts per second.
- Properly convert mannequins with console exclusive armor and vanity items in games from pre-christmas saves
- Recover Dragon Mask, George’s tuxedo shirt and Fabulous slippers on mannequins in christmas saves
- Added new trophy decarations
- Added Frost moon event

New items:

- Christmas Tree Sword [weapon]
- Festive Wings [accessory]
- Razorpine [weapon]
- Christmas...

Ladies, Gentlemen, Ice cubes, Onis, Guinea Pigs, Dragons, Robots and any other mythical (or not) creatures or beings!
Welcome to CC #22!
Remember, all entries for next time should go to @QuackersDelta !

Now there's been a bit of confusion, So I'd just like to clear something up:
The Creation Compendium IS NOT a competition! All entries will make it into the thread!

Let the creations commence!









[close up images here]...​
Greetings! From Feb 1-28th, Terrarians can celebrate this romantic holiday in-game with fun features that include:
· Summon Cupid with a Broken Heart Crystal
· Stun your enemies with Heart Arrows
· Gift your sweetheart a Valentine Ring with special boost abilities

Veteran players will be very familiar with this content, but for those who’ve joined the world of Terraria in the past year, get on in there and make a valentine or two!

No need to update, but if you haven't already downloaded Terraria for mobile, do it today!
iOS: http://bit.ly/TerrariaAppStore
Android: http://bit.ly/TerrariaGooglePlayStore
Amazon: http://bit.ly/TerrariaAmazonAppstore
Windows: http://bit.ly/TerrariaWindowsPhoneStore
IMG_0381[1].PNG IMG_0405[1].PNG

Greetings, Terrarians!

Welcome to The Terrarian Times' first official post on the Terraria Community Forums. After opening up applications back in December, allowing members to get involved with the project, the TT is finally back and up and running with this first ever official post detailing what we can expect from the 1.3 update, what YOU, the community, thinks of the upcoming update, and an exclusive interview with developer and community icon Cenx!

Joining me in this endeavor is community member Tsuki who is taking part in the TT's team of writers. You can look forward to her writing for The Terrarian Times in the months to come!



As most of us know, progress on 1.3 has been plowing forward by the amazing Relogic team as is evident by the recent spoiler threads showcasing some of the amazing new features being added!

One of these threads, which was posted back November (for those of you who missed it), revealed a video which was chock-full of spoilers including multiple new mechanics, new weapons, and a special new type of furniture. Rewatch the video below!

One month ago, Cenx posted a thread which consisted of a .gif image showing off some very interesting mechanics being added in 1.3. Can you spot them all?

In addition to this image which reveals several new features, another spoiler was released in the form of a video by the...
Good Afternoon everyone!

As you may know, Terraria took part in the previous Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 (Details here). Our participation in that event was a smashing success (over 344,000 bundles purchased!), that we are partnering with Humble once again - this time with Terraria in the Humble Store!

Click the Image Above to go to the Terraria Humble Storefront

For those not familiar with the Humble Store, it provides single games (different than the bundle events) at great prices while also donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. We are honored to be added to the fantastic Humble Store roster. The Steam version of Terraria will be available at a price of $9.99 in the Humble Store with the possibility of occasional sales.

Click Image Above to Visit the Humble Store Homepage

So, if you need a copy of Terraria - or know someone that does - this is yet another great location to pick one up...all while helping those in need.

Thanks, as always for your support!

Good day everyone!

It has been a fantastic first several months here on TCF, and we want to thank everyone for their support and activity thus far. That said, even though we are off to a great start, there is always room for improvement. The Staff conducts regular reviews of TCF and our performance, and while we feel we have done a good job upholding the culture of TCF, we feel that moderator coverage may be limited at certain times and that additional moderators may be very beneficial to the community - particularly with the inevitable activity spike from 1.3 and beyond.

In order to help address those needs, we are absolutely pleased to announce that long-time Terrarian and experienced moderator, @Ghostar will be joining the TCF Moderator team effective immediately. If you don't know Ghostar, I think you will find her to be very community-centric, a fair/consistent moderator, quite a fun/cool person, and certainly someone interested in being a member of the community as well as staff. Please take a few moments to congratulate Ghostar on the appointment, wish her well, and maybe get to know her a bit better. :)


That still leaves us with some gaps to fill. This is where you come in. We will be looking to add a few new team members to help close those gaps. The areas that we feel need the most additional help are the mobile and console sections, as well as those who are available for "overnight" coverage (2AM - 6AM PST)

Below are a few qualifications that you should expect to uphold if applying, and especially if selected to be part of the TCF team. For more information about the moderator selection process, visit the User Guide's "Staffing Process" section.

  • It should...
Good evening, Terrarians!

We are looking to institute a regular series of Community Features! We are planning to use this time and space to point out anything we find particularly cool around the community. You can always feel free to bring anything that you feel is feature-worthy to our attention by shooting me a PM. That said, on with the show!

Long-time Terrarian @Devalaous has carved a rather unique niche for himself on TO – and here- with his rather accurate recreations of Terraria personalities within Sims 3. What started as a project to bring the Terraria NPCs to life in the Sims world expanded to include Community personalities such as @Mystery, @Cenx, @Blu, and yours truly.

Campfire Edit.jpg

Devalaous displays an acute attention to detail in this work, faithfully capturing both the appearance and personalities of the motley crew of characters that inhabit the game and community. He has also worked tirelessly to craft vibrant environments in which the characters interact – going as far as a recreation of the Terraria Dungeon Biome!

Here are a few screenshots, showcasing the lineup of Terrarians Devalaous has recreated within his broader Sims world, “Dragon Valley”:

Guide Edit.jpg Merchant Edit.jpg Nurse Edit.jpg Dryad Edit.jpg Steampunker Edit.jpg Party Girl Edit.jpg Old Man Edit.jpg Clothier Edit.jpg Goblin Tinkerer Edit.jpg

Though immense creativity is clearly on display with the characters and environments, it is the storytelling that really separates this body of work. Devalaous has a knack for weaving wonderful tales from sets of seemingly random screenshots. Most often, these are simply captions or series of captions, but he has also explored more expansive story arcs – like the Hunt for...