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Good evening everyone!

As a part of our ongoing Console 1.3 celebrations, we are pleased to share that Elite Gaming Gear has recently developed the first (with hopefully more designs to come) design of console and controller "skins" (Elite Skinz) for your PS4/XB1!



What are Elite Skinz?

For further details - or to order your own today - visit the Elite Gaming Gear Store at http://www.elitegaminggear.com/shop/terraria-products/?v=7516fd43adaa or click either of the images above.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the update (with more fixes on the way for those that are having issues) and that you will find this new way to show your Terrarian side as cool as we do.

Good day, everyone!

As you know, Console 1.3 recently launched - and yo-yos are certainly a big part of the new content, including the ultimate throw that drops from the Moonlord himself: the Terrarian!

As you may know, our friends at One Drop have brought the Terrarian into the real world over the past couple of years, and to celebrate the 1.3 Console launch, they are releasing a special Celestial Pillar series of Terrarian Yo-yos! Each of these are designed to match one of the four pillars in the final events leading up to the battle with the Moonlord. Check these out below - and click the One Drop logo at the bottom (or click here > http://onedropyoyos.com/store/) to find out where you can purchase your very own Celestial Pillar Terrarian!

Solar Pillar Terrarian small.png Vortex Pillar Terrarian Small.png Stardust Pillar Terrarian Small.png Nebula Pillar Terrarian Small.png

Final-RGB (Pixel Logo).png

Greetings, Terrarians!

The day that you have all been waiting for has finally arrived! That's right, Terraria 1.3 for Playstation 4 launches TODAY!!! Xbox One is a few days behind, as we mentioned the other day, but we did want to share that the 1.3 update for Xbox has officially been submitted to Microsoft for approval - so hopefully not too much longer now and we will let you know how that turns out when we can.

The update should roll out globally throughout the day - so be patient if it has not yet arrived on your console for download.

So, what exactly are you getting today? Well, the content changelog will be much the same as the one from when PC made the leap from 1.2.4 to 1.3. To give you just some of the highlights:
  • Brand new invasions and events - including Martian Madness and the penultimate challenge: the battle vs the Lunar Cultists, Celestial Pillars, and the Moonlord himself!
  • Over 800 new items - including weapons, armor, potions, building items and more - are available to find or craft!
  • Expert Mode - Fortune and Glory, Kid... are you willing to take on a much higher challenge with the promise of greater rewards?
  • New Biomes - the Underground Desert, Sky Lakes, and other mini biomes are out there for you to uncover
  • Loads of Quality of Life changes and new features/mechanics
  • Updated sprites and artwork aligned to the PC 1.3.4 update
Want more details? Check out the spoilers below - but, remember, even this is not an exhaustive list. Terraria is a game of exploration, so get out there and explore (or check the wiki, if you are so inclined) if you want to know everything.

  • Revamped Town NPCs. They now sit, avoid monsters, socialize, avoid sitting near chests, and fight back against threats!
  • Chest open/close is now animated.
  • Accomplishments - legacy PC Achievements - are now available to be earned.
  • Character Select Menu has been revamped to show additional character information.
  • You can now toggle Screen Capture mode by pressing F1. This allows for taking much larger screenshots in game.
  • Your abilities while mounting have been enhanced - fishing and attacking while mounted are now possible..
  • Added the option to disable Blood and Gore.
  • You can now find the Skeleton Merchant underground. He has some unique items to sell, if you catch him at the right time.
  • There are several new appearance options available during character creation.
  • Enemy Banners now empower players nearby when facing the same enemy displayed on the banner.
  • Worlds now keep track of how many enemies have been killed and reward banners for every 50 kills.
  • The server will announce which player got the 50th kill.
  • When chatting with other players using the Chat Bar, you can now link items by pressing Alt+Left Click on the item you wish to share.
  • The angler always rewards money.
  • You can now remove spawn points by right clicking your bed.
  • You now get fishing rewards for every 5 turn ins, versus the previous requirement of 10.
  • The game will now tell you how much money you dropped upon death.
  • The player’s last death location is now shown on the map, aiding the retrieval of lost money and/or items..
  • Strange Plants can now be located and given to the Dye Trader for new dye rewards.
  • Information Accessories now work from the player’s inventory (versus needing to be equipped), and stats can be shared with players around you.
  • Dressers can now be used as chests. Clicking the bottom of the dresser will still open the color changing menu.
  • You can now purchase items using all money in your character storage - including money in your inventory, Piggybank, and Safe.
  • You can now hammer traps to change their direction of fire.
  • Added Minecart, Mount, Pet and Grappling Hook slots.
  • Bosses now have minimap icons.
  • Bubbles and lava immunity bars now appear above your head.
  • Added ability to favorite items. Favorited items cannot be quick-trashed, quick-stacked, or deposited.
  • Added an inventory button to Quick Stack to All Nearby Chests, making inventory management much quicker.
  • Quick stack now creates new stacks in your chests for items you have in inventory if applicable.
  • The Dye System has been overhauled to improve the general appearance of all Dyes.
  • Crafting Grid button now has new graphics for toggling.
  • Smart Cursor now also works for Paintbrush, Paint Roller, Paint Scraper, Buckets, Alchemy, Acorns, and Actuators.
  • Platforms will now automatically place as stairs if placed appropriately using Smart Cursor.
  • You can now right click clickable tiles when the mouse is hovering on them in Smart Cursor.
  • Invasion Events now have a progress bar, showing how far along the player is towards completion.
  • The new randomly-triggered Slime Rain event is now included.
  • The Goblin Invasion event has been graphically updated and will have a new mini boss enemy in Hardmode.
  • The Pirate Invasion has a new mini boss.
  • The Blood Moon has a new graphical effect as well as several new enemies.
  • The Solar Eclipse can now be triggered with the Solar Tablet summoning item. This event also has several new enemies and rewards.
  • The new Martian Madness event can be triggered after the player defeats The Golem.
  • Cultists will now begin to spawn outside the Dungeon after the player defeats The Golem. Defeating them will start the beginning of the end.
  • Expert mode can now be toggled in the World Creation Menu. This will trigger a host of changes, all designed to provide a greater challenge with the promise of greater rewards. Some of those challenges are listed below:
  • You stay dead longer before being able to respawn during boss fights.
  • Boss health scales in multiplayer depending on the number of players.
  • Weaker enemies gain increased stats as the players progress, starting in hardmode.
  • You drop 75% of your gold upon death.
  • Enemies can pick up your gold when you die and attempt to run off with it. Kill them to retrieve your loot.
  • Monsters have a small chance to spawn in towns.
  • Some normal enemies have been given new AI.
  • Bosses have been given new AI.
  • Bosses will drop Treasure Bags containing powerful expert exclusive items to reward those up to the challenge.
  • Pots now drop more stuff when broken.
  • Ice Monsters gain an additional chance to freeze upon hitting the player.
  • Quest rewards give more money.
  • Bats have a chance to give the new Feral Bite debuff. This debuff will increase player damage but lower player health regen. This debuff will also cause other random debuffs to be applied to the player
  • Life Regen isn’t as effective unless the player has the Well Fed buff.
  • Vampire and Spectre healing is slightly less effective than in normal mode.
  • The Defense statistic is more effective than in normal mode.
  • You can now craft items from a chest while it is open without having to place its contents in the player inventory beforehand..
  • There is a new Alchemy Table that has a chance to reduce potion crafting cost.
  • Crafting Wooden Arrows now gives 10 per recipe instead of 5. Their cost has been reduced to 5 copper.
  • You can now craft Bone Platforms.
  • Greater Healing Potions now cost less to craft.
  • Holy Water is now slightly easier to craft.
  • You now craft Cursed, Demon, Frost, Ichor, and Ultrabright Living Fire Blocks.
  • You can now craft Gender Change potions.
  • You can now craft the Wormhole Potion. This potion allows you to teleport to any player on your team by clicking them on the map.
  • You can now craft Honeyfall Blocks and Walls.
  • You can now craft Chlorophyte Bricks and Walls.
  • You can now craft Crimtane Bricks and Walls.
  • You can now craft Shroomite Plating and Walls.
  • Beenades can now be crafted.
  • Water Candles can now be crafted.
  • You can now craft Crisp Honey Blocks.
  • You can now craft Sunplate Blocks and Disc Walls.
  • You can now craft Keys of Light and Keys of Night.
  • Pink Gel - and several items that are crafted from Pink Gel - have been added.
  • You can now craft Magic Water Droppers.
  • You can now craft Meteor Bricks and furniture.
  • You can now craft Granite and Marble furniture.
  • Martian Furniture can now be crafted.
  • You can now craft Enchanted Nightcrawlers.
  • Lowered the cost for Meteor Gear.
  • Space Gun now only requires Meteorite Bars.
  • Crimtane and Demonite bars now cost 3 ore.
  • You can now craft Target Dummies to test your damage per second.
  • Avenger Emblems are now crafted from any emblem and all 3 hardmode boss souls.
  • Neptune’s Shell is no longer craftable and is only dropped from the Creature from the Deep.
  • Reduced the crafting cost of Rainbow Rod, Fairy Bell, and Magical Harp.
  • Broken Hero Sword is no longer needed to craft the Terra Blade.
  • You can now craft Spectre Bars.
  • Fireplaces and Chimneys are now craftable.
  • Phasesabers are now crafted at a Mythril Anvil.
  • There are over 800 new items to discover.
  • There are new powerful items waiting to be fished up in the underground Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow.
  • All 2x2 items can now be placed on tables.
  • Item stack sizes are now universal.
  • Wooden Minecarts are now the default minecart.
  • Added several Yoyos, string accessories, and counterweights.
  • Several items have had graphical updates.
  • Lots of new banners have been added.
  • Signs and Tombstones can now be placed on tables.
  • Staff of Regrowth has been greatly improved.
  • The range of Wrenches and Wire Cutters has been boosted.
  • Slightly buffed the damage of the Musket.
  • The Titanium Armor invincibility armor set effect now only happens once every 30s.
  • Adamantite Armor now provides 4 more defense.
  • Honeyed Goggles drop chance has been increased significantly.
  • Whoopie Cushion drop chance has been increased.
  • Bug net is now only 50 silver.
  • Significantly boosted the speed bonus of the Magic Quiver.
  • Increased the length of time for Spider Turret, Crimson Rod, Nimbus Rod.
  • Chests are now more likely to contain Recall Potions.
  • You can now craft Sticky and Bouncy Dynamite.
  • You can now find the Sparky Painting in the Dungeon. R.I.P Sparky Doo.
  • Molotov Cocktails now do significantly less damage.
  • Bottled water now stacks to 999.
  • Improved Spider Minion AI. They now latch on to enemies and follow the player better.
  • Fountains now cost 4 gold each and are available as soon as you get the Witch Doctor.
  • The Recall Potion recipe now utilizes Daybloom instead of Deathweed.
  • Spectral fish are a bit easier to catch.
  • Bait now lasts a bit longer.
  • The Snowball Launcher and Snowball Cannon now have more damage and knockback.
  • Ice Blade does slightly more damage.
  • Increased critical hit bonus from Jungle Armor and Ancient Cobalt Armor
  • Shiverthorn grows a little faster.
  • Deathweed now also blooms on full moons.
  • Fireblossom now blooms during the evening.
  • Ice Rod is less expensive, and the blocks have a longer duration.
  • Mana potions are less expensive and stack higher.
  • Shadow Chests now contain a new item.
  • Several new fishing rewards have been added.
  • You can now catch Specular Fish in the Ice Biome.
  • You can now fish for biome-exclusive crates in their respective biomes.
  • Wooden Chests contain several new items.
  • You can now craft Web and Silk Rope.
  • Snow Balls now do more damage.
  • Boomerangs have a smaller collision box for tiles.
  • Dynamite’s value has been lowered.
  • Jungle Bats, Ice Bats, and Giant Bats now drop Depth Meter.
  • Mother Slime, Snow Flinx, Undead Viking, and Armored Viking now drop the Compass.
  • Beach Ball is now sold by the Party Girl.
  • Ice Boomerang and Ice Blade have been buffed.
  • Baby Jellyfish now have a sell price.
  • Rotten Eggs are now less common in Goodie Bags.
  • Pinky has an increased chance to drop the Slime Staff.
  • Lesser Restoration Potions are now just Restoration Potions.
  • The Solidifier now drops from King Slime.
  • Gold Ring now drops from the Pirate Invasion.
  • Uzi droprate has been increased.
  • Sniper Rifle now does more damage and has an increased fire rate.
  • Venus Magnum now fires faster.
  • Invisibility Potions now give full invisibility and reduce aggro when not attacking.
  • Adamantite and Titanium Forges are now animated.
  • Dye Vat is now animated.
  • You can now place fishing crates.
  • Jungle Grubs now fall out of Jungle Plants and can be used as bait.
  • Star in a Bottle now gives the Mana Regen buff.
  • Extractinators can now be found in Fishing Crates.
  • You can now place torches on platforms.
  • Increased Antlion Mandible drop rate significantly.
  • Increased Mining Potion duration.
  • Sickle is now sold year long.
  • Planter Boxes are now sold by the Dryad.
  • Cobalt, Obsidian, Mythril, Adamantite, Mythril Brick, and Adamantite Brick all have new textures.
  • Fire Gauntlet has been buffed.
  • Buffed Ice Sickle and its drop rate.
  • Increased the drop rates for most Hardmode Dungeon items.
  • There is a 1 in 7 chance that a Hardmode Dungeon monster will spawn on any Hardmode Dungeon backwall.
  • Dungeon Spirit spawns have been slightly increased.
  • Hydra and Spider Turret can now be placed on platforms.
  • Keys to Biome Chests are now dropped instead of molds. Biome Chests can only be opened after Plantera has been defeated.
  • Added Fallen Tuxedo. This is sold by the Clothier on a Bloodmoon.
  • Campfires can now be turned on/off.
  • Lihzahrd Furnace is now guaranteed loot in every Jungle Temple chest.
  • Steampunk Wings are now obtainable.
  • Staff of Earth has been buffed.
  • Golem Fist has been buffed.
  • Xmas Tree Sword has been buffed.
  • Flamelash has been buffed.
  • Spectre Staff has been buffed.
  • Flower Pow has been buffed.
  • Frost Staff has been buffed.
  • Trident has been buffed.
  • KO Cannon has been buffed.
  • Flower of Frost has been buffed.
  • Flower of Fire has been buffed.
  • Keybrand has been buffed.
  • Magnet Sphere has been buffed.
  • Possessed Hatched has been buffed.
  • Razorblade Typhoon now uses more mana.
  • Flamelash and Flower of Fire now use less mana.
  • Ice Rod blocks are now slippery.
  • Hardmode Ore crafted swords and Excalibur are now auto swing and do 15% more damage.
  • Chlorophyte Swords have been buffed.
  • Bait can be put in ammo slot.
  • Pirate Invasion now has a new track.
  • The Underworld now has a new track.
  • Goblin Invasion now has a new track.
  • Added Martian Madness track.
  • Added Lunar Event track.
  • Added Final Boss track.
  • Previous Console music has been retained, will rotate with PC tracks in respective biomes
  • Added several new mini biomes to world gen.
  • New Biome - The Underground Desert.
  • Liquid Visuals have been revamped.
  • Sky Lakes now spawn.
  • Added a light effect to the Glass Kiln.
  • Slimes can now have items visible inside them that will drop when they die.
  • Wall of Flesh will now spawn a cage of Crimtane Bricks when slain in a Crimson World.
  • Accessory dyes now apply to particle effects spawned from them.
  • Changed player animations to be less bouncy.
  • Trees now drop Acorns alongside actual tree items (rather than either/or).
  • Palm tree tops now drop Acorns.
  • The Crimson now has aligned fauna: Vicious Mushrooms, Vicious Powder, and Crimtane Thorns.
  • Game default cave parallax is now 60 , rather than 0.
  • NPCs will not climb stairs into another room anymore.
  • Goblins now have gore unique to each goblin.
  • Improved NPC graphics.
  • Pigrons now appear in greater varieties.
  • Sunflowers now glow at night and give a "Happy" buff that reduces monster spawns and increases movement speed.
  • Heads on the map stay the same size (regardless of map size).
  • Updated Fountain Graphics.
  • You can now find Marble and Granite biomes underground.
  • Dirt Rod can now move through tiles when held and is cheaper.
  • Pine Tree variations have been added to the Ice Biome.
  • Honey Patches will now spawn during world gen in the Jungle.
  • Ice Patches will now spawn during world gen in the Ice Biome.
  • Abandoned Mine Tracks have been added to world gen.
  • Added several new walls to world gen.
  • There are now water, honey, and lava drips found in the world. They can also be placed with Magic Droppers
  • Current Console Exclusive armors remain in game, but have been converted to vanity sets. These will be available via the Traveling Merchant's rotating inventory.
    • Currently-owned sets still exist, but will automatically be changed to Vanity.
  • Current Console Exclusive weapons removed from the game entirely.
    • Currently-owned weapons will be automatically replaced with similar gear at the Chlorophyte tier: (i.e. Tonbogiris will be replaced with Chlorophyte Partisans)
    • Sharanga replaced with Hellwing Bow and Spectral Arrows/Vulcan Bolts with Hellfire/Chlorophyte arrows, respectively
  • Console-Exclusive mobs removed in their entirety.
  • Console Vanity be removed from the game, with the exception of the Horned God set. This will be added to the Traveling Merchant's inventory.
  • Console Enemy Banners that players possess will remain in the game, but only as Vanity - they will not provide any bonuses vs. enemies nor will they be obtainable moving forward
  • Sparkly Wings be removed from the game
    • Currently-owned Sparkly Wings will be replaced by Cenx's Wings.
  • Console-exclusive Pets removed from the game
    • Currently-owned exclusive pets will be replaced with a gold bunny each. Feel free to sell him for 10g or put it in your very own bunny cage to replace that pet companionship.
  • Ocram
    • Ocram and his related mobs and summons will be removed from the game.
    • Ocram Mask and Trophy remain in the game as "legacy" items.
    • Souls of Blight removed from the game, Players will receive 5g for each Soul of Blight owned (the current sell price of Souls of Blight)
  • Platforms now stack to 999.
  • A new friendly NPC - The Tax Collector - will join you if rescued.
  • You can now revert Platforms back to their original materials via crafting.
  • Corrupt and Crimson Trees now drop Acorns.
  • Coins are now animated.
  • You can now automatically break stone piles when trying to place things over them.
  • There are now visible cracks shown on solid blocks and trees when they have been hit.
  • You can now mouse over signs to read them versus having to click on them.
  • Revamped liquid networking code to be much less laggy in multiplayer.
  • Pots now drop more money based on the type of pot.
  • Pots will now drop an additional 10% more money for every boss and invasion you defeat.
  • Living Wood chests will now always contain a Living Wood Wand and Leaf Wand.
  • You no longer take fall damage while on Bunny Mount.
  • Copper, Iron, Silver, and Gold have all been given new ore textures.
  • The Axe now has a 1 in 50 chance to drop from Plantera, down from 1 in 200.
  • Voodoo Demons now spawn more often
  • Golden Critters now have a chance to spawn.
    Event enemies now run away when the event is over.
  • NPCs now only load their textures when they get in screen range.
  • Rain has been optimized.
  • Bees can fall through platforms.
  • Smart Wall is now properly blocked by doors even if they're open.
  • Undead Miners now have a chance to drop Mining Helmets.
  • Tim is more likely to spawn if you need his hat.
  • Critters now have a sell price.
  • Well Fed buff times have been increased
  • Wyverns spawn more frequently if there is a Water Candle buff in effect.
  • Fixed health bar issues for Wyvern and Destroyer.
  • Players now spawn with half their life if the player’s max health is greater than 5 hearts.
  • The Painter NPC now shows up after 8 npcs are in town, instead of 4.
  • The Party Girl NPC now only shows up if there are 14 npcs, instead of 8.
  • The Dye Trader NPC now only shows up after defeating any of the easymode bosses.
  • Changed the spawn order for Town NPCs so that the more important ones spawn first.
  • Chlorophyte can grow in bigger chunks now.
  • Life fruit can spawn closer together now.
  • King slime can now move through platforms
  • Improved summoned minions attack AI.
  • Unicorns are more likely to spawn if a Water Candle buff is in effect.
  • Some Underworld drops are now a little more common.
  • Angry Nimbus more likely to spawn.
  • You can now find Crimson, Corruption, and Hallowed Large Mimics.
  • Spiders can now move through platforms.
  • You can no longer grapple while frozen.
  • Sky quest fish can no longer be found on the surface.
  • Reduced the number of water tiles needed to fish successfully in the sky.
  • Hornets and Walkers will no longer shoot at you while Stealthed.
  • Underground houses have been redesigned.
  • Coin Portals have a chance to spawn after breaking pots.
  • Blink Root growth has been slowed down.
  • Daybloom growth has been sped up.
  • It now takes longer for weeds to grow in clay pots.
  • Meteorites spawn in larger chunks.
  • Damage dealt by others in multiplayer now appears faded vs normal damage numbers.
  • Weapon Imbues now last 20 minutes and persist through death.
  • Increased some of the spawn rates for the rare hardmode dungeon monsters.
  • Dungeon Necromancers are less likely to teleport when hit.
  • Frost Armor is now crafted from Titanium and Adamantite bars rather than Hallowed.
  • Chlorophyte can now revert Corruption or Crimson spread. It also turns nearby dirt into mud.
  • Equipment slots now display a picture of the slots purpose.
  • Duke Fishron now enrages when you leave the ocean.
  • Pygmy’s now have a chance to inflict poison and venom.
  • Pygmy’s now have a larger range and the first projectile thrown will always pierce rather than getting stuck.
  • King Slime can now teleport when not in range of the player for over 5 seconds.

However, that is not all! Terraria 1.3 for Consoles is not a mere update to the existing version of the game. Instead, this represents a complete rewrite of the codebase from the ground up, utilizing the core PC codebase as its foundation. What does this mean? It means you will see a good number of additional changes:

  • Brand new Controller schemes - including Red's Pick and legacy console defaults - as well as full controller remapping so that you can customize your controls to your preferences.
  • New UI for Single Player and Splitscreen that more closely matches PC
  • More save slots for Players and Worlds
  • Larger worlds that now exactly match their intended sizes on PC
  • Other smaller visual and otherwise tweaks


Have an existing save from the legacy version of Terraria on console? Don't worry, the Pipeworks team have made sure that you will be able to continue your adventure with your old saves into the new and exciting world of 1.3! When you first launch the new update on your console, your legacy saves will be converted over to the new format as a part of startup. This is a one time process and it will take several minutes, depending on how many players/worlds you have and how large and complex they are. It is important that you let this process finish, so do not shut off your console, etc. until it does.



We would love to hear what you think once you have a chance to play around with everything for a few days - and to keep that organized, we would ask that you use the following areas below for that:

Bug Reporting
The Pipeworks team is on full standby and is prepared to roll out hotfixes. This will start with any minor bugs that we deferred in order to get this update out to you sooner vs later and will also include anything else you find - because, as always, millions of players will always find something that even the best internal QA team will not. Please get any early bugs you find in so that the team can address as many as possible before everyone shuts down for the Holidays (remember, even devs and Sony/MS deserve some time off :) ).

Primary place for Console Bug Reports - Please utilize this link, which we will also have in a banner on TCF for a bit: CLICK HERE TO REPORT CONSOLE BUGS
  • Reporting Bugs on the Forum - Please use the following section of the forums: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?forums/console-bug-reports.138/
    • Be sure to tag your thread with the appropriate information and designate which platform you are on (PS4 vs XB1)
    • Provide as much information about what happened and what might have triggered it as possible
    • Doing so will greatly speed the time to find, understand, and solve any issues you run into.
General/Overall Feedback
DO NOT POST BUGS HERE - Please use the following thread linked here: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/console-1-3-update-feedback-thread.64220/


In celebration of this huge launch, we have planned a few fun things for the Community. Expect to hear more about this once both XB1 and PS4 are launched - we want to make sure that everyone can share in the fun and festivities!


Once the team gets through the initial hotfixes needed on Console, they will shift their attention to bringing Mobile up to the 1.3 era as well as finally bringing Terraria to the Nintendo Switch. Some work has been done there, but with the foundational codebase now in place, that work can accelerate to full speed! We will hopefully have an update on that timing in the very near future, so stay tuned. Beyond that, the Re-Logic and Pipeworks teams will get together on laying out a cadence for bringing all of the 1.3.X content over to Console/Mobile/Switch moving forward.

So, it's a day to celebrate for Terrarians everywhere - an amazing new update in your hands and the promise of so much more to come! We cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding as our teams collaborated to make this latest version of Terraria as solid as we could.

Cheers and here's to the future... now what are you still here for? Get out there and enjoy 1.3!

~The Teams at Re-Logic, Pipeworks, and 505 Games

Good day, Terrarians!

We have some pretty big news to share today with all of you - especially our console players!

Final-RGB (Pixel Logo).png

Terraria 1.3 Console Launch Window

After a long development cycle in order to completely rewrite the entire Terraria codebase for Xbox One and Playstation 4, Re-Logic, Pipeworks, and 505 Games are very pleased to announce that the Terraria Console 1.3 update has been officially submitted to Sony for certification & approval to launch on the Playstation 4!!! This means that - depending on how that approval process proceeds - we are in the final milestone before having all of the amazing content that you have been waiting so patiently for in the hands of PS4 players. Xbox One is going to run a bit behind Playstation, we are afraid - read on below for the full details around what is happening, when, and why!

Submitted to Sony (12/6/17) - Estimated to launch prior to end of 2017

There is a chance that the date will slip a bit (this is out of our control, unfortunately), but we have spent a ton of time in QA across all three companies to try and make this update/rewrite as clean as we can. Hopefully, that will make for a fast and smooth certification! Of course, the team is already standing by for hotfixes for any bugs that are inevitably uncovered when you move from interior QA to a live build being played by millions of gamers. ;)



Working on Final Critical Path Bugs (see below) - Submission TBD, Planned Launch in 2017, pending resolution of final bug

So, what about Xbox One?

Over the weekend, we had a couple of issues pop up that are isolated to the...


After reviewing all of the fantastic entries that were submitted, it is with cubed delight (delight³) that we get to announce the Winners and Runner-Ups of The TCF Relation of Three Contest!

The ideas, thoughts, and concepts that went into all of the entries was incredible to see. There were so many additional ‘rules of three’ associations that were brought to the table than we expected, and it was terrific to realize all the efforts that went into each submission. Take a look back at the amazing entries here in The TCF Relation of Three Contest Submission Thread.



Grand Prize Winner (2 for each category) will receive:
  • For the winners inside the USA, a choice between either a $50 Steam Wallet Code/$50 Playstation Network gift code/$50 Xbox gift code/$50 Nintendo-E Shop Code! (Winners will receive PMs from the Staff asking which among the choices here they'd like)
  • NOTE: The prizes listed above are all in digital form. They will be sent digitally to the account that you choose that can hold the corresponding gift cards.
  • Members outside of the USA will receive the $50 Steam Card. This is because of the policies of Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo that do not allow us to distribute the gift cards to members outside of the USA.
  • A special Contest Winner's trophy and title
    • King Slime: Lord Of All Things Slimy - The master ninja inside of us all is gel-ated just thinking of your wondrous creation. It simply oozed with excellence. (Winner of TCF Relation of Three Contest)...
Greetings Terrarians!

It has been a little over one month since our latest statement on the status of the 1.3 console update. Much of what was echoed in that previous statement remains the same, however we want to provide a more transparent look into what exactly is being worked on so you have a better understanding of why things were extended past their original estimate.

The Final Push

The team at Pipeworks has made a lot of really great strides since our last formal update. A ton of optimization work has been put into the game, certification bugs have been squashed, and split-screen is shaping up nicely.

At this point we’re in the process of working on some particularly noteworthy bugs; one in particular that is affecting network multiplayer stability. Most of the issues we’re working on currently are what we consider must fixes before we can submit the update for certification. At this time there’s a little over 30 bugs we’re working through before we plan on submitting for certification. This could change, however everyone feels pretty optimistic.

So what other issues are we tackling?
  • Remaining pieces of optimization
  • Localization bugs
  • A few stability/functionality bugs
  • General feedback from Re-Logic & 505 Games

It’s incredibly important to us that out of the gate the community has a great experience. This isn’t just a simple port, but a complete re-write for the future of Terraria. The team at Pipeworks feels a responsibility for carrying that torch well into the future.

We’re nearly finished.

P.S: We're having discussions currently about a possible release date. We aren't avoiding the question; however we want to ensure we're giving out accurate information.

The Terraria Team at Pipeworks
Hello Terrarians!


We are happy to present another way to experience Terraria in your home! Peel and stick Terraria wall decals are now available. The decals are repositionable and removable, with no sticky residue left behind, making them great for a Terraria-themed room, office, or party! :)


They work on any smooth, interior surface and have different sets make it easy to customize your space. Multiple biomes, bosses, etc are available now from My Wonderful Walls. You can check them out here: mywonderfulwalls.com/terraria.
TCF Logo.png

The TCF Relation of Three Contest
Hello Terrarians!

The Developers of Re-Logic along with the Forum Staff of TCF are proud to present to you a new contest to celebrate the upcoming 1.3 update for Console versions, along with the 3rd year of TCF!

There are several events going on with Terraria and Re-Logic as a whole. There is 1.3.6 being developed for PC with Terraria continuing to evolve, Pipeworks Studio very hard at work on getting the 1.3 update out into the hands of Console and also Mobile players. And through this, the goal of making Terraria a more unified experience for all players regardless of the platform that players play on. This is One Terraria! The work that Pipeworks puts into resetting the codebase and getting the update out for the latest generation Consoles, will allow for far faster updates in the future.

To celebrate these recent developments, we feel another Contest is in order for this year for all Terrarians to express their creativity. Terrarians from any platform of the game are welcome to participate. We've taken into account how both the Contest & Shindig of previous years has been done and have tried to incorporate elements of both into the contest of this year.

TCF Tree Banner.png

The Theme

We felt that having something basic to represent Terraria, TCF, and the several versions of Terraria would be best. And as a result, the theme of this year is "3". Relating 3 aspects in the game to each other. It is the 3rd year of TCF this year, there are 3 General categories for the platforms Terraria can be played on (PC/Console/Mobile), the big 3 gaming consoles of this gaming generation (Xbox...
Greetings, Terrarians!

Understandably, we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the upcoming console release of 1.3 and wanted to provide an update.

Currently we are working through the final issues/bug list from Re-Logic and Pipeworks QA – as well as any final bits that we need to resolve for Sony and Microsoft certification submission. Parallel to that, we are putting the final touches on optimization and performance for split-screen multiplayer. It has been a challenge getting the authentic PC experience to feel just right in this important format, but we are nearly done there.

Keep in mind that for a game of this scale we need to ensure that the game is properly screened by QA prior to us submitting the update for certification, we don’t want to rush and sacrifice quality for the sake of getting it out sooner. We are hoping to be able to submit for certification in the next few weeks, though there is a good chance this will take a bit longer. That said, we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hopefully this should give you a better idea of where the team is currently at. We hope to have additional information with a more solidified date soon – we just need to see how things progress on the final list before we can do so. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to let us know.

The Terraria Team at Pipeworks

One Terraria

"One Terraria" - For too long, we have felt that the Terraria community was too "fragmented", driven by some pretty large content differences between the various versions. One of the key goals of the Console & Mobile rewrite is to bridge that gap and bring everyone together into a more unified experience. What does that mean, exactly?
  • Bringing the other versions more in-line with the expectations of the core PC version in regards to gameplay and visuals - only deviating where appropriate or needed.
  • Narrowing - or even potentially eliminating - the "update gap" between PC updates and when these are rolled out to Console (and Mobile).
  • Once that is in place, even exploring more "out there" ideas like crossplay or content sharing that such parity could potentially allow (no promises here - just sharing the thinking! ;) )

So, what does this mean in practical terms? That we have done all that we can to make what you will receive as close as possible to the PC Terraria 1.3 experience. It also means that the teams have a pretty aggressive update plan moving forward with the goal of fully catching Console (and eventually, Mobile) up to PC... and then closely coordinating update development once we are at parity to greatly shrink or even remove the "update gap" altogether. Once we get all of that together, gone should be the days of Console and Mobile players getting content up to a year later - if all goes to plan.

We suspect that will be music to your ears - and it certainly is to ours! We are looking forward to sharing the details of that plan once we get through the Console 1.3 launch window. That said, this plan has other implications, so we encourage you to read up on those below. Taken together, we are confident that this will put Terraria and the community in a much better place a year from now than today - and today...