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Good Day, Terrarians! We are excited to announce that the latest update to Mobile Terraria has been submitted to Google Play and iOS and should be coming soon to your Android and iOS devices! This update comes packed with fixes as well as expanded worlds! Read on for further details...


Dig! Fight! and Explore in a more expansive world over 2.5 times the size of what has been available thus far for Mobile Terrarians! The Easter Bunny has left everyone a basket brimming with goodies - from needed fixes to the long-standing player request for more room to explore, this update is literally bursting at the seams with the inclusion of Expanded Worlds!

That's right, you will now have the option of creating a more expansive world consisting of 4200 x 1200 tiles (equivalent to "Small" worlds on PC) OR a Normal World (1750 x 1000 tiles)! Expanded worlds will also sort out some of the "interesting" worldgen quirks that existed on mobile to-date due to "overcrowding" of biomes. Way cooler than a chocolate bunny or stale marshmallow chicks!

Its also the time of year when the Terraria Mobile Easter content is available to play!
  • Defeat corrupt bunnies to summon the Easter Bunny boss, Lepus!
  • Defeat the Easter Bunny boss to return the bunnies back to normal
  • Enjoy your reward: special weapon or item for your success!
Full details are available here: http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Easter


Unfortunately, one side effect of this update is that it will bring down the curtain on iOS 7 support. Older devices that are not capable of iOS 8+ are just not capable of running what we have planned in a way that is...​
Hello Terrarians!

As you know, our community is filled with incredibly talented and enthusiastic creators, including writers, artists, developers, designers, personalities on Twitch and YouTube, and programmers. Because of that, we are very fortunate to have a thriving mod community. Below you will find links to some popular mods that can add an array of items, experiences, and challenges to Terraria for anyone who would like to expand on their adventure!


tModLoader is a mod by @bluemagic123 and his team that helps you mod! The thread says everything you need to know about tModLoader (including installation.) It is important to note, tModLoader is necessary for Thorium, Tremor, and many other mods:)

Tremor Remastered
Tremor Remastered by @zadum4ivii and @Bogdan3456 adds a large variety of content including weapons and armor. The thread even includes a nifty video from @Pedguin on how to install both tModLoader and Tremor!
Thorium by @DivermanSam includes a plethora of items, weapons, armor, NPCs, and even more bosses! Check out the step by step installation video by @Pedguin below to get...

Hello, and welcome to the 34th Creation Compendium.
I hope you had a good February, and all that jazz.
Last issue we said we would post a poll deciding whether or not to spoiler the images. However, the staff have decided that it would be a good idea, and so, from now on all CCs will be spoiler ed to decrease the loading time of the front page.
Also, entries for next month on @QuackersDelta 's profile please.

Now, the reason you're here...

The Entries!




Put down your pick axes and pick up your paintbrushes! Terraria and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare are colliding worlds in a special cross-over fan art contest. We've noticed a lot of shared players between Chivalry and Terraria, as well as shared passion for creativity and the spirit of play in both communities. We are looking forward to seeing some amazing new creations and hope that the two communities will enjoy the collaboration! Check out the details below.

Haven't played Chivalry? It is a fast-paced medieval first person slasher with a focus on multiplayer battles. Learn more about an engaging game with a great community:



Deadline: March 31, 2016 (11:59 PM PT)

What to enter:
Your best original, visual art that combines the worlds of Chivalry’s medieval battlefields and Terraria’s epic fantasy sandbox. The overall theme is “Chivalry x Terraria”, so your art should, in some way, combine recognizable key elements from both games (gameplay features, art style, lore, etc).

General Rules
1. Every user is allowed to submit only one entry.
2. No stealing another person's work. If you are found guilty of this your entry will be removed.
3. You may edit your post to switch your current submission with another as much as you want, but the contest section will be locked on March 31, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST, and you will be stuck with the entry on your post.
4. Steam content and TCF rules still apply, and excessive profanity or inappropriate content will not be suitable for consideration.

What not to enter:
  • Screenshots, edited or otherwise. Exception: if it’s a screenshot of something you have created yourself in-game....
Good Morning Terrarians!

As you know, we have had a series of Terraria merchandise for some time now - which many of you have taken the opportunity to pick up. From calendars to stickers to posters, toys, and more: we are working with Jazwares as well as directly with a variety of merch providers (how about those sick OneDrop Terrarians?!?) to expand our offerings into areas that will satisfy our quite diverse fanbase.

We will have more to share around that as the year progresses....but we wanted to take some time today to share what we feel is one of the absolutely coolest things we have had the chance to work on: a Terraria Comic Book with DC Comics!!! Join Calista the Dryad and reluctant hero Alistair on a quest against a terrible evil....or maybe just for fortune and glory.....


Terraria Comic 1 Cover.PNG


This project was truly a collaboration between Re-Logic and the amazing people over at DC Comics. From the art style to the story, DC was a pleasure to work with and the end result is a fantastic collectors' item that is equal parts awesome and authentic to Terraria. We sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! We are quite hopeful that it does really well - as we would love the chance to do more of these. :cool:

The Comic comes packaged with two Terraria figures (Platinum Armor and Dryad) in the same style as the existing toy line. It is available at Toys R Us online now and should be in stores soon if not already!!! To pick yours up, simply click the comic cover above to head directly to the Toys R Us page!
Hello Mobile Terrarians!

Great news for iOS and Android (Google Play) users! We have good amount of fixes (below) going live today - these should make their way to your devices over the next 24h-48h! Thanks so much for your patience and help with identifying many of these bugs/issues!

Amazon users: We've been working with Amazon to fix a Heap memory issue that was in the game and causing it to crash frequently. Progress has been made here...and we are sending our latest ideas up to them for their reaction. Hang in there - we know it is frustrating, but we are going to get this fixed up...steady progress is happening, though we know you obviously cannot see that.

Windows Phone users: We have identified the reason for the crashes - or at least the general area. The game is being flagged with STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION because the RtlFreeHeap function has detected a problem. The bad news is that - in general - heap corruptions are not easy to debug because the actual cause of the corruption may be long gone by the time that the corruption is detected. We have been and are working directly with engineers at Microsoft to debug the heap corruption - but it is a difficult process.

This is compounded by some of the changes that take place between the version that goes into certification and the final Retail Release - which is likely why this occurs to you guys and not for anyone in QA or Certification.
All that said, the good news is that we have our latest attempt to sort these issues ready for Microsoft to check over again. No promises it will work, of course - this has been a really tricky one to solve - but here's hoping this one works!

Thanks again for your patience and support!

  • Fix for Discount card not working
  • Fix for Skins produce Iron Pickaxe when removed in the wall.
  • Fix for Beetle armor: Set bonus reads "Minion damage +"
  • Fix for Pre-Hardmode Crimson does not convert grass or trees to...
Good afternoon Terrarians!

With the launch of 1.3.1 just around the corner we are pleased to announce a new feature coming to Terraria on PC; Controller support!!!

Controller support will include Ps4/Xbox One presets as well as custom support!

Everyone spam your thanks to @Yoraiz0r for this painful addition to the game and @Lazure for providing the assets!
(Also thanks to all our testers behind the scene!)

Good day, everyone!

We know there is so much going on in the world of Terraria nowadays – and we hope you share our excitement around what is to come there in 2016. You will have to stay tuned on that front - we will have plenty to share in the weeks and months to come!

That said, Re-Logic has a handful of other non-Terraria projects that we have been and continue to work on. Most of those will have to remain shrouded in secrecy for now – but we wanted to share an exciting project that we have been helping to shape and design for the past several months:


The second game from our friends at Quadro Delta, Pixel Privateers builds on the hard lessons learned from Pixel Piracy along with a far closer partnership with us here at Re-Logic than with Pixel Piracy to yield a final product that is quite a bit different than its predecessor in regards to style, depth, gameplay, and fun factor – all while retaining the trademark charm of the series that everyone expects. So if you were a fan – or not – of Pixel Piracy, we would encourage you to give this one a follow and track it up to launch. ;)

For now, check out the trailer, screens, and details below – and keep a close eye on the locations below for further information and spoilers as the team presses towards a Q1/Q2 2016 launch! (We may even have some special deals in place for Pixel Piracy and/or Terraria owners when the time comes. :) )

Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/342640/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixelprivateers
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixelPrivateersGame/
Website: PixelPrivateers.com


Pixel Privateers is a Squad Based Tactical RPG “Loot ‘Em Up”...

Happy new year!
Welcome to 2016, and the 32nd Creation Compendium.
Remember, next month all entries to @QuackersDelta please!

Now, the entries!




Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update
TOW Transparent Logo Small.png

Good day, Terrarians!

First of all, we wanted to send along a sincere word of thanks for what was an amazing 2015 for Terraria and Re-Logic! From the excitement of 1.3 to fishing and minecarts reaching mobile/console to the launch of Terraria 3DS and more - what a year it was. Thank you!

Looking ahead into 2016, we have a number of projects on which we are working hard. A number of these are still not ready to be shared, others are ongoing (1.3.1, helping 505 get mobile/console fixed up right, Wii U launch, etc), and one for which we owe you an update - Terraria: Otherworld.

As you may recall, we kicked off last year with the announcement of the development of Terraria: Otherworld - a spin-off game in the Terraria franchise that would seek to incorporate strong elements from the RPG and Tower Defense genres into the open-world sandbox of Terraria in order to craft what we termed "a sandbox with a purpose." Throughout 2015, we shared bits of progress in the way of spoilers with an initial goal of launching by the end of the year. If you missed any of that information, check out the spoiler compendium link below:

As you likely have figured out, Terraria: Otherworld did not make its planned 2015 launch. Simply put, the game is not ready yet - as we laid out in the beginning, we will only launch a game when we feel it meets our standards as a finished product. Terraria: Otherworld hasn't reached that point yet, though very strong progress has been made. The team continues and will continue to work hard in the months ahead to get T: OW to a place where we will be proud to release it to you and it will be worthy of your support and expectations. All we will say at this point is that our goal is to...