PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

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The Railroad Company: Place 10000 Rails
Rollercoaster MADNESS: Jump for 100 Meters in a Minecart
Shuttle Train: Drive 1000000 Meters in a Minecart
Doctor Bones, Nymph, The Groom, Tim, Pinky, Rune Wizard
I'll try

Medic! (Doctor Bones)
Tricked (Nymph)
Fancyyy! (Groom)
Wizard Battle! (Tim)
We've met again.. - Fight Tim while wearing a wizard hat
Fisticuffs! - Fight The Groom while wearing a top hat
Tiny Demon (Pinky)
Another wizard?! (Rune)
Orchestra - collect 1 of every music box (even the crafted one).
Slayer of kings! - Kill all bosses (even event ones).
Leader - have maximum amount of minions.
Event participant - Endure every event.
There was no reason for it! - Kill the guide with the guide voodoo doll equipped.
Hallowed Haven - Have the world 75% converted to the hallow.
Corrupting the soul - Have the world 75% converted to the Corruption.
Yo-yo - Go from the top of the map to the bottom and back without dying.
Explosives expert - Die to your own explosives.
Didn't see that coming! - Die to any trap.
Maxed out - Max out both Health and mana.
I didn't sign up for this! - Install any mod and die by one of its additions (If this one is possible).
Grim reaper - Kill the guide wearing the grim reaper outfit.
Welcome to hardmode - Kill the Wall of flesh.
I love farming! - obtain every banner dropped by monsters.
Betrayal - Kill the twins using the optic staff.
Demon slayer - kill 100 of every demon.
Cleanser - have the world at 0% corruption before hardmode.
Enjoy your stay - House every NPC.
Team Warfare - Kill someone on a team while you are on another.
Do not go to GDQ, do not collect 200 cool points: Die to the WoF during the first 5 days of the world
A meteorite has landed.: Fall from space and die from fall damage.
Sure, "Hero": Spread 500 Blocks of Crimson/Corruption/Hallow
Boss Related:
  • Dungeon Master: Defeat Skeletron on the first night
  • It's All Fun and Games...: Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu on the first night
  • Braindead: Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu on the first night
  • Pest Control: Defeat the Eater of Worlds on the first night
  • Waffles!: Defeat the Wall of Flesh
  • Roll Out!: Defeat all mechanical bosses
  • Plant Growth: Defeat Plantera above ground
  • My Precious!: Defeat Golem
  • LIKE A BOSS!: Defeat all bosses in a single in-game day
  • Mediocre: Defeat every boss in Medium Core Mode
  • #MLGPRO: Defeat every boss in Hard Core Mode
Event Related:
  • Unholy Night: Survive a Blood Moon without dying
  • The Goblins are Coming!: Survive a Goblin Army attack without dying
  • Let it Snow: Defeat the Snow Legion
  • Apocalypse Survivor: Survive a Solar Eclipse without letting a single NPC die
  • You are a Pirate!: Survive a Pirate Invasion without dying or letting a single NPC die
  • This is Halloween: Start and complete at least 10 waves of the Pumpkin Moon
  • Stay Frosty: Start and complete at least 15 waves of the Frost Moon
Biome Related:
  • To Hell and Back: Get to hell and return to the surface without dying, using Teleporters, a Magic Mirror, or a Teleportaion Potion
  • Politician: Walk through the Corruption without taking any damage or damaging any enemies
  • (not so) Bloody Victory: Walk through the Crimson without taking any damage or damaging any enemies
  • Explorer: Experience every biome in the game
  • Fallen Angel: Visit a Floating Island
  • Pacifist: Have 0% Corruption/Crimson at any given time
  • Destroyer of Worlds: Break every block in a large world
  • Edge of Space: Reach the top of the world without placing or landing on blocks in any way, shape, and/or form
NPC Related:
  • Who do the VooDoo?: Kill an NPC with a Voodoo Doll
  • Merchant: Buy everything available to buy
  • Dresser: Purchase an NPC's clothing
  • Pro Guns: Have an Arms Dealer move in
  • The Doctor will now see you: Have a nurse move in
  • BURN THE WITCH: Have a Witch Doctor move in

More ideas to come!
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sorry if this is bad but here is mine
Sweat Shop: Make the Angler live in a room with every crafting station
If you don't do the acheivement for every banner colelcted, one for getting the nymph banner would be cool
tho some people might not be enthused with a random chance acheivement
I'd rather that there not be any achievement along the lines of "defeat X of this", "travel X this way", "do this for X amount of time", etc., as they just tend to get grindy, tedious, and boring. I feel like that best achievements would be single hard tasks.
achievements can only be attained once per character:

Fresh air - Enter the world for the first time as your character. Reward: Copper tools and sword.
Eye's Doom - defeat the eye of Cthulhu. Reward: binoculars
Skull bash - Beat Skeletron. Reward: skeletron hand
bee swatter - beat queen bee. Reward: honeyed goggles
Adventurer - Enter Hardmode. Reward: 30 gold
Eyes' Demize - defeat the twins. reward: 20 gold
Dented iron - defeat skeletron prime. reward: 20 gold
Jungle's Heart - defeat plantera. reward: The Axe
Jungle's Beast - defeat golem. Reward: 50 gold.
Boss Slayer - Defeat every boss, including event bosses. Reward: 6 platinum
Boss Dominator - Get every boss trophy. Reward: 10 platinum
Master of earth - obtain the terra blade. reward: 50 gold
Spooking - reach wave 15 of the pumpkin moon. Reward: 8 platinum
Winter queen - reach wave 20 of the frost moon. reward: 12 platinum
Felis Resolution - obtain the Meowmere sword. reward: 50 platinum
Perfection - beat the game on hardcore difficulty. reward: 100 platinum
Invincible - Defeat any pre-hardmode boss without taking damage
Imortal - Defeat any hardmode boss without taking damage
The night warrior - Craft the night's edge
Blood lust - Complete a blood moon without dying
Give me my sun back! - Complete a eclipse without dying
Worm hole - Defeat the Eater of Worlds
The all-seeing eye - Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu
There can only bee one - Defeat the Queen Bee (Yrimir inspired)
The way to the hearth is trough the brain - Defeat the brain of Cthulhu (Yrimir inspired)
Sticky - Defeat King Slime
Broken bones - Defeat Skeletron
HARDMODE! - Defeat the Wall of Flesh
Destroyed - Defeat the Destroyer
He's getting rusty - Defeat Skeletron Prime
You're not my brother anymore! - Defeat the Twins
How can a pink flower be so nasty? - Defeat Plantera
The sun god - Defeat the Golem
Something smells fishy - Defeat Duke Fishron
How can all of these fit in one ship? - Defeat the Goblin Army without dying
Yarrr! - Defeat the Pirate Invasion without dying
2 spooky 4 me - Reach the final level in the Pumpkin moon event
Cold, cold, hearth - Reach the final level in the Frost moon event
Rainbows! - Open the halowed chest
Chomp! Chomp! - Open the jungle chest
Give me your blood - Open the crimson chest
Freeze burn - Open the Frozen chest
Corrupt the enemy - Open the Corruption chest
Corrupted - Get more than 50% of your world corrupted
Enlightened - Get more than 50% of your world hallowed
Killing spree - Kill 100 enemies without dying
Untouchable - Craft the Ankh shield
King Arthur - Craft the Excalibur
The ultimate warrior - Craft the Terra blade
Pageant boy - Spend 20 platinum coins at the shop
Hotel manager - House every NPC in the game (except Santa Claus)
Massacre - Kill 1000 enemies
House arrest - Get 5 or more NPCs killed in one night
Collector - Get every trophy in the game
Dungeon robber - Kill the Dungeon Guardian
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? - Find a floating island
Golden fisher - Get the golden fishing rod
It's so CUTE! - Get a pet
Archmage - Get max mana (Cristals only)
Healer - Get max health (Cristals and fruits only)
Speed runner - Defeat a boss on the first night
Rage quit - Die on hardmode with a hardcore character
Astronaut - Completely destroy a meteorite
Boss bash - Defeat every boss in one night (Event bosses not included)
We need to go deeper - Reach Hell
True warrior - Build a full Beetle armor set (Or a new end game armor)
True ranger - Build a full Shroomite armor set (Or a new end game armor)
True wizzard - Build a full Ectoplasm armor set (Or a new end game armor)

btw sorry for english errors im brasilian
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True Hero - Obtain the Broken Hero Sword
True Warrior - Craft any True weapon
The Beginning Of The End.. - Defeat the Wall Of Flesh
Gone Fishin' - Defeat Duke Fishron
You Monster! - Kill 1000 Bunnies
Baby Steps - Kill your first Slime
I'll think of more!
I'd rather that there not be any achievement along the lines of "defeat X of this", "travel X this way", "do this for X amount of time", etc., as they just tend to get grindy, tedious, and boring. I feel like that best achievements would be single hard tasks.
I tend to agree, but at this point, numeric accumulation trophies seem inevitable. If they do go this route, I'd like to see some sort of ridiculous integer needed for completion like:

Where are my legs?: travel 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one pentillion) blocks with a single character.

(Also, If the developers aren't alerted to post edits, I've expanded my previous suggestion block numerous times...)

Also, smaller things, such as achievements, are usually done as a quick afterthought towards the end of a development cycle. Now, be sure to take this with as large a grain of salt as possible, to be thrown into the "some brainless moron thinks that" pile, but I think this thread is a sign that 1.3 will soon be upon us. (Actually, file under: laugh this dolt out of town and into the ocean, while firing rock salt into his posterior)
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"Where's Brain?" or "Soooo Cute..." : Obtain a Pinky Banner.

"Rainbow Rugrats" Obtain or have all Slime Banners.

So many good ones have been mentioned... Can't really think of much beyond those above.
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