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PC 1.3 Changelog

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Mecha Mayhem
Do battle against the Twins, the Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime simultaneously and emerge victorious

Rock Bottom
The only way is up!
Hmm, this is interesting. I wonder if they've put in a guaranteed layer of not_lava at the very bottom of the world.

It's Hard!
Unleash the ancient spirits of light and darkness across your world, enabling much stronger foes and showering the world with dazzling treasures (and rainbows!).

This one is interesting because of the achievement image. It shows a spiral of 6 different colors. Does this mean that we get more than a Corruption/Crimson & Hallow strip when the WoF goes splat?

Topped Off
Attain maximum health and mana possible without accessories or buffs
I wonder if when it says "possible" that this would include things like wearing a wizard hat and a diamond robe for the +mana set bonus. Or does this just refer to eating mana stars and life hearts/fruit?

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Hey! Been wondering how the whole "Enemy mobs can run away with your gold" will work. What if I'm playing SP? Will they stay nearby or they will de-spawn and all my sweaty monies will go to oblivion?

Also! What is the Coin Portal exactly? It is very confusing :S

Sorry for any misinterpretations! Keep up the good work chaps!
Hey not sure if anyone answered your question (I tried going several pages ahead just to make sure no one did but then it got to 20+ pages while I was looking over the few after.)

It sounds like to me when you die possibly they will "pick up" your money, or they loot your chests maybe..I'm not entirely sure honestly; that we might have to wait for.

As far as the coin portals go. I believe when you break a pot it appears a bit over it and begins to spew out coins? That's my thoughts on it. I believe Red showed off something glowing yellow awhile ago on his feed, asking people to guess what it was. Although he said it was an "enemy" if I'm not mistaken so it might be unrelated. I just think a glowing golden/yellow portal might be connected to monies :L

Again most of this is just guesses but I hope it helped clear some things up maybe :eek: ?

I really wish they didn't remove key-molds. There's something about having to craft the key, instead of just randomly finding it that makes it seem so much more satisfying. I actually haven't opened a biome chest yet but I did find a key mold and a few unmatching biome chests and it got me really excited about what it was all about. Then 1.3 was announced and I stopped everything i was doing to wait to start over in a new 1.3 world. Now knowing that I might not get the satisfaction of crafting a biome key in a new 1.3 world really makes me sad. If I'm not mistaken they could keep the current biome key crafting method while adding the "defeat plantera gate" on top to stop new world biome chest farming. I really hope they reconsider ;(
I understand where you are coming from. I honestly wish it was togglable; for me personally it feels really satisfying just to think of backstories for the key instead. I mean why did a random peon have the key? Was it on a mission; was it going off to see some particular enemy and possibly lead the world to doom and dust if you hadn't battled it? For me it feels really satisfying to just receive the key.

Tunnel King

but it does not let you share a map when the other is off
If you want to do that sort of cloud sharing, you'd likely have to use a separate cloud service like Dropbox or similar. I don't think the Steam Cloud supports public sharing like that (though I might be mistaken, in which case someone will surely correct me).


What did you guys **** with Terrablade? They want to make a play for children 10 years old? Craft wift wat now? Wood Sword? Really? Are you kidding? All I you, I found incredible but part of TerraBlade and Eclipse, sorry but I did not like.
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