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10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

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Category: Digital Artwork
This piece is called Zenith of the Journey.
It represents the culmination of what terraria represents for me, a journey with my friends, of getting the best out of ourselves to overcome countless challenges that all lead to this moment. It represents the goal for which we saw our world and characters evolve, becoming more powerful with each iteration. It represents the final battle between the spirits and forces of good and evil!
It waskinda hard to get this done on time but i managed to do it! Because this contest had special meaning for me, i have been playing terraria for a veeeery long time, i started back when skeletron prime was the final boss of the game, and no game ever gave me this amazing feeling of opening it and seeing it completely different and evolved for the better, except for this one when 1.2 came out. It is the game onto which i have poured more hours in my life and its one of the games who defined who i would later become. Thank you so much for this game, to all the people that made it happen. Thank you, Terraria.
Due to poor internet connection i cant add the image to the post but you can still find it in the attached files, sorry for this.


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Category: Art

I've been an avid Terraria enjoyer for many years now and was so excited to see there was a 10th anniversary contest! :D But I didn't have any idea of what to draw until this morning while I was in the shower (of course it was in the shower). I was stuck on wanting to draw something that encompassed the many stages of Terraria and I thought drawing the Master Trophies was the perfect thing! If you're wondering why I drew the solar armor, it's because originally I planned to have the zenith swinging around in front of the statues but after doing the lineart decided that'd make things too hectic. I hope you all enjoy this ;o; I really enjoyed trying to draw armor and the statues and the time restriction I was left with made it all the more interesting ^u^;;.

Good luck to everyone!! It's really awesome to see how much everyone loves this game~!


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Snake Game
Category:Steam Workshop - Worlds

Control a snake in a 32×32 grid, eat the fruit to grow up, and avoid hitting your body. Check the sign in the map or watch the video to learn how to use it.

-Pull down the left joystick to start the game, pull the joystick again or leave the direction sensor to end the game;
-The overlapping of the snake head and the snake body will cause the game to end;
-Use WASD to control the snake to move in a 32×32 grid;
-There is a snake length counter in the lower right corner;
-A prompt will appear every time the length of the snake reaches 10 or 100 squares, and the game will win when it reaches 1000 squares;
-After the snake eats the fruit, it will grow by one square, and at the same time, the refresh of the next fruit will start. The refresh is random and will avoid the snake's body.
-The initial length of the snake is four blocks, 3.75 blocks per second, and the speed and initial length are changeable.

Author: yfdyzjt/混乱沉睡 @bilibili
Size: 250×392 tiles
Level: large circuit (11,376 logic gates)
Production time: 24 + 10 hours (March 22-31, 2021 April 11-15, 2021)
Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1xK4y1N7DL/




Other - Writing

A last-minute short story, adapted from a longer Terraria fan fiction I'm nowhere close to finishing.


I hope I got it in just in time, but here is my submission for the video category. It's a video of my friend interviewing me about why I love Terraria so much. I felt like it was a really good showcase of my love for this amazing game, and I hope it's enjoyable to watch. Here's the YT Link:



It’s celebration time Terrarians!

Incredible to think that TEN YEARS ago Redigit launched his amazing creation of Terraria into the world for us all to enjoy. From its humble beginnings to selling 35 Million copies across all platforms, it all started with Redigit’s imagination.

Now it’s your turn to infuse Terraria with your own imagination. In honor of Terraria’s tenth anniversary, we’re having a contest where you get to show off your own creativity, and how you envision Terraria. There are categories for all Terrarians, whether you play on PC, Console, Mobile, or even our new Stadia players.

We have a category for Steam Workshop Maps and Texture Packs, a category for Art, a category for Screenshots featuring in-game builds, and even a category for Other - anything that doesn't fit into the first four categories. You can choose to enter any category you'd like, so get your ideas ready, join us to celebrate, and dive in!

  • Steam Workshop - Worlds: World Maps that have been uploaded to Terraria's Steam Workshop (adventure maps, golf maps, starter worlds, etc)
  • Steam Workshop - Texture Packs: Texture Packs that have been uploaded to Terraria's Steam Workshop
  • Artwork: Traditional (drawing, statues, origami, etc) and Digital (computer graphics, drawn on a tablet, etc) both fall under this category
  • Screenshot: Any unedited in-game screen shot (builds, wiring, AFK farms, etc)
  • Other: This would include anything that doesn't fit into the first four categories. Examples would be Writing, Music Remixes, Video, LEGO Builds, Live Action Play, World Maps that aren't on Steam (from our PC GOG or Mobile players), Texture Packs not on Steam (from our PC GOG players), or anything else you can imagine

  • The deadline to enter is Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 11:59pm ET
  • Every user is allowed to submit only one entry and in only one category. (For example one entry in the art category, and none in any other)
  • No stealing another person's work. If you are found guilty of this your entry will be removed and you may get additional punishments in accordance with forum rules against plagiarism
  • You may edit your post to change your entry at any time prior to the deadline
  • No placeholder or low effort entries - if your entry is deemed low effort it'll be considered a placeholder entry and not subject to any participation trophy
  • Please keep it PG-13 - nothing profane/offensive/etc
  • Winners will be revealed in the June State of the Game announcement

  1. Go to the Contest Entry Thread and post your entry: A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread
  2. In case it's not obvious, state what category you are entering
  3. For Workshop entries, please include a link to the world or texture pack on Steam and be sure to include images and description in your entry post

Winners (2 for each category) will be revealed in the June State of the Game announcement and will receive:
  • For the winners inside the USA, a choice between either a $50 Steam Wallet Code/$50 Playstation Network gift code/$50 Xbox gift code/$50 Nintendo-E Shop Code! (Winners will receive PMs from the Staff asking for their choice)
    • Members outside of the USA will receive a $50 Steam Wallet Code. This is because of the policies of Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo that do not allow us to distribute the gifts to members outside of the USA.
  • A special TCF trophy and title
  • The option to request a creative/user content thread of theirs to be pinned at the top of its section for one month (a texture pack thread, an art thread, etc)
  • A shoutout on Terraria's official Twitter
  • Winners in the two Steam Workshop categories will have their World or Texture Pack tagged as "Developer's Choice" on Steam

But wait! There's more!

Each Category Winner will receive a set of TEN pins from the Terraria pin collection from Sanshee > (Terraria Collection at Sanshee), including the amazing Empress of Light pin shown below!


ONE Grand Prize Winner will receive one of the amazing Terraria Biome Series displays currently under development by our great partners at Animegami Studios. Not familiar with what this is? Well... feast your eyes on the latest progress reveal!

This is a sneak peek at a pre-production prototype of the piece. It has yet to be painted, etc. but we hope this shows you just how amazing this will be! Preorders on the Forest Biome are expected to go live in just a little while longer (sometime in the Summer of 2021). This is a piece that any dedicated Terraria collector will have to have... but if you win this contest, you will already be guaranteed that you will have one of these beauties on your desk when they come out!

Additionally, ALL participants (including the winners) will receive:
  • A special participation TCF trophy and title that won't be available any other way unless you enter the contest

colored pencil drawing of all the non-event bosses for the traditional art category:


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Unit One

Staff member
Contest entries are now closed.

Fantastic work everyone, the dedication and artistry showcased here is outstanding. It has been such a pleasure watching all the submissions come in from our talented community, you have truly outdone yourselves. <3 Winners will be announced in the June State of the Game.
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