Official Second Annual Re-Logic Terraria Halloween Contest

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  1. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

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    A chill is in the air…Pumpkings are stirring…don’t look now, Terrarians, but something is creeping up on you! No, it’s not a Zombie or Blood Crawler….it’s the Second Annual Re-Logic Halloween Contest!


    Our inaugural contest from last year was a smashing success, with pumpkin carving and costune entries that quite frankly blew our minds – and expectations – away! You can check out last year’s Pumpkin entries on the Media page. It is with great anticipation, therefore, that we announce this year’s contest.

    For this year, we decided that with all of the additional in-game building tools now available across the Terraria universe (PC/Console/Mobile) due to various updates, the contest will focus on in-game builds. We hope this will be more accessible and thus pull in Terrarians from across the player base.

    Without further ado, here are the specifics of this year’s Halloween Contest:

    Halloween-Inspired Creations – Pumpkins, Haunted Houses, Scary Movies, Monsters, and Beyond
    In-Game builds across all platforms of Terraria
    Categories & Prizes
    We will have three categories – each with its own set of winners – aligned to the three core platforms of Terraria: PC, Console, and Mobile.

    First Prize/Winner (in each Category)
    • Your name (or an alternate name) added to the list of NPC names in Terraria!
    • A copy of the Terraria: Collector's Edition, signed by Redigit himself
    • A 2015 Terraria Calendar
    • A special Halloween Contest winner trophy/title on TCF
    Runner-Up/Second Place (in each Category)
    • A signed copy of the Terraria Collector's Edition
    • A 2015 Terraria Calendar
    • The Halloween Contest winner trophy/title

    In addition, so that everyone that enters has a chance to win something, we will be offering a few extra goodies.
    • All entrants will receive a Trophy/Title for participating
    • A Raffle of all non-winners will be held. Winners of that raffle will receive a copy of the Terraria Collector's Edition.
    Entry Process
    • Entries will be accepted from today throughout the month of October. Entries received after 11:59pm PST on November 3, 2014 will not be accepted.
    • Each member is allowed ONE (1) entry per Terraria platform, up to a maximum of THREE (3) entries (one for PC, Console, Mobile). However, each participant may only win ONCE.
    • Entries should consist of either:
      • 1-5 in-game screenshots of your creation. Merged screenshots (taking multiple screens and pulling them together into one "collage" image) are allowed and a single merged image counts as ONE (1) image.
      • OR
      • A brief (no more than 60s) video of your creation
      • AND/OR
      • A brief description of your entry
    • Entries should be posted to the 2014 Halloween Contest Entry Thread.
    • Entries - and the contest in general - can and should be discussed here in this thread.
    This contest is open from now until 11:59PM PST November 3rd. Any entries posted after the deadline will not be considered.
    All winners will be selected by Redigit & Re-Logic Staff.
    Entries will be judged on Creativity, Fit to Theme, Elaborateness of the creation, and Overall Ability to Scare the cobwebs out of us

    1. Builds must be created within the current Official (“Vanilla”) version of Terraria. Though we certainly love the mods available for Terraria, entries containing modded content will be disqualified. Unobtainable items are also cause for disqualification.

    2. Building/Inventory Editors (TEdit, InvEdit) are allowed! Please make sure that anything you use in this regard fits with guidelines and rules around altering your game – we will not be responsible for any issues arising from the use of unsupported alterations of your game.

    3. Entries must be received by 11:59PM PST on November 3, 2014. Any entries received after this will not be considered.

    4. Working as a team is absolutely allowable. However, please note that only one set of prizes will be given out per entry. It will be up to any team that wins as to how they wish to divide the prize(s).

    5. Participants must be members of Terraria Community Forums in good standing.

    6. All entries are made with the understanding of and permission for their future use in Re-Logic/Terraria communications & marketing. If/when used in this fashion, appropriate credit will be given to the creators.

    Well, there you have it – the details for what we sincerely hope will be an amazing contest full of You guys set the bar really high last year – let’s see what each of you can do to go above and beyond last year!

    If you have any questions, please reach out to a TCF staff member.

    Thanks and Happy Halloween Terrarians!
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  2. StereoJuice

    StereoJuice Terrarian

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    EDIT: Hi.[​IMG]
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  3. Extaasi

    Extaasi Terrarian

    Wow... thats nice one. :O
    Pst: How some one can be so creative?
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  4. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    I'd love to make a build, but I suck at building :( I'll give it a go anyways! If I win, do I get a vita collector's edition, even if there is one?
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  5. Shika

    Shika Golem

    I can probably think of a few people who are squealing in delight right now.
  6. Ringabel

    Ringabel Terrarian

    Ooh, this sounds like fun! I'm definitely participating!
  7. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    Shame I'm bad at carving pumpkins... :(

    Now I should unwatch the thread before I get a crapton of notifications :eek:
  8. ahamling27

    ahamling27 Official Terrarian

    Welp, I better get building!
  9. Devalaous

    Devalaous Terrarian

    Too bad Azure Metal isnt on TCF. She loved using pumpkins as material for a lot of things.
  10. Vampirezero7

    Vampirezero7 The Destroyer

    Loki it says on the front page any entries posted after november 3rd won't be considered but in the spoilers it says until october 31st
  11. Guide in use

    Guide in use Skeletron Prime

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    [​IMG] these guys look boss add them plz [​IMG]

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  12. HERO

    HERO Terrarian

    Sweet, a new contest.
  13. Guide in use

    Guide in use Skeletron Prime

  14. LuciousTPK

    LuciousTPK Skeletron

    challenge accepted :D
  15. HERO

    HERO Terrarian

    I'm wondering if team builds are allowed or if they are just supposed to be solo builds?
  16. Guide in use

    Guide in use Skeletron Prime

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  17. Ringabel

    Ringabel Terrarian

    It says in the guidelines that team builds are allowed, but each entry only gets one set of prizes if they win, so you'd have to share them!
  18. Guide in use

    Guide in use Skeletron Prime

    ok thx
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  19. Vampirezero7

    Vampirezero7 The Destroyer

    It's a in-game terraria build
  20. HERO

    HERO Terrarian

    Ah, I see that now. Hmmmm, the winners will probably be huge team builds that are automated trap type build I would guess. Maybe something like a scary cart ride would be cool.
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