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10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

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Screenshot category. infinite loop.
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Post your contest entry below

For the full rules and information about the contest, or if you have a question/comment, please see the Announcement thread:
A Journey of 10 Years! Come and Celebrate with a Contest for All Terrarians!

Only contest entries should be posted in this thread. Good luck everyone!

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My entry for the art contest. can't believe it's been 10 years already


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Vortex Pillar
Hi people! So, this is my entry and what I did is going to the Steam Workshop - Worlds category and it's a minecart course that guides the player automatically (by boosters) and shows to the player some cool things Terraria gave us trough the years and updates it received. What I'm talking about is the biomes and biome structures Terraria has. It took several days to do and very much work, so I hope you like it! Below I leave the link to access and some Screenshots I made to show you some of what I built. Happy Anniversary to you all! 🥳 🎉

Screenshot 1.jpg


Screenshot 3.jpg

Screenshot 4.jpg

Screenshot 5.jpg

Screenshot 6.jpg

Good luck to all the participants! :D


My submission for the Artwork category is a charcoal drawing I've done of the Eye of Cthulhu. I basically changed my entire concept at the last minute; I was originally going to do something more like a sketchbook/journal, but the text was really crowding the work so I moved to drawing only. This drawing took about four hours to make, including time spent on designing the text. I'm really happy with how this turned out, I had a lot of fun and will definitely be continuing this with other bosses from the game!
IMGP8931 copy.jpg


Hey there! ill be making a Submission underneath the Artwork Category.
For my entry I drew My favourite NPC, the travelling merchant during his travels to the east.
He's been a comfort character of mine for a while and I believe that he deserves more attention so I wanted to dedicate the entry to the rat king TM :0
I also posted a Line art version as proof too

Traveling merchant Asian market.png
Traveling merchant Asian market lineart.png
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Crescent Spirit

For the Screenshot category, an old build from 2015 when Update 1.3 was first released, completed over the course of two weeks. It's a concept spaceship meant to act as a sort of "Map" or (extra) :naughty: to the world of Terraria, featuring rooms with different elements corresponding, more or less, to the various biomes, items, bosses, and NPCs which can be found there, pairing them accordingly in the ship, therefore subtly providing clues as to their stories and whereabouts. A few cultural references/easter eggs have been placed here and there as well, serving as backdrops to our own "Overworld" and my experiences from the game. Build right above the spawning point, originally only the observatory was present with a basic stony structure underneath as support before the decision was made to expand and transform it. This fact coupled with the desire to keep the spawning ground intact is the reason for its slightly elongated shape; a proper pyramidical design with a better distribution of rooms on more levels would indeed have been preferable and it's actually in the works (along with a few other things) for a future Journey.. so, kindly please consider this as a prototype ^^
That being said, it still looks quite majestic from up close and the power it radiates can be felt near or far in the form of the safety/security, knowledge, and of course, clean, limitless free energy that it can provide; all courtesy of a certain "Magical" reactor (which serves as the ship's core and main energy source, effectively turning it, with the aid of a couple of special building blocks, into a giant conduit) and of the passion, excitement, and vision present throughout its making.
And so it ventures from realm to realm, granting sanctuary to any traveler who may wish to call it home and learn its secrets...

Presenting: The Aegis
1450141467_Capture 2015-12-14 23_35_55.png

P.S. In reality, the inner walls of the meteorite thrusters feature a bright white color while the material inside the plasma weapons is actually vivid purple, a detail that is missing from the picture due to a bug with the camera mode of the time. Also, it's worth noting that If pictured in 3D, the spaceship is meant to have a conical appearance!

Happy anniversary, beautiful Terraria! 😇
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hello, here is my artwork of the empress battle!
here is a compressed version of the original image because the other one is too large to upload (1080 x 1635):

here is a larger version in a spoiler:

and i've attached the full size image (8512 x 12890) in this link!
thank you terraria team for a wonderful 10 years <3
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Terraria has always been an inspiration for me. With over 3000 hours of playtime (at least on Steam), it has held the title of my all-time favorite game ever since I started playing back in 2012. I've always sought to figure out exactly what makes the game so engaging and fun, and in the process, I've created a project that I'm proud to share for Terraria's 10th Anniversary.

For my submission into the Other Category, please consider these videos and blogs of my journey as a developer, as well as the captions that accompany them in this post itself! I've never taken the time to formally acknowledge the things that make this game so special to me, so I'd like to share just how much Terraria has captured my heart, and show my appreciation directly to the Terraria team for being a continual inspiration in my life and a driving force behind several of my creative endeavors!

The Question
Several months ago I asked a simple question: Can Terraria exist in 3D?

Over the past few months, I've ventured far and wide to answer this question.

The Soul of Terraria
Before addressing whether or not Terraria can exist in 3D, we first need to answer exactly what gives Terraria its heart and soul. Is it its vast selection of weapons? Is it the slew of enemies and bosses? Is it the building tools and ways to reshape the world? Or is it, perhaps, the friends we made along the way?

One of the things that makes Terraria so unique is its randomly generated worlds. Every single time I hit "New" on the world selection screen, I know I'm in for a ride. No matter how many times I revisit the game, every single playthrough has something new to offer, and it makes each and every second of the game special. I spent a lot of time learning some of the foundational concepts behind this procedural generation, and documenting my exploration in blog posts.


This idea of procedural generations breathes life into the world of Terraria. It really is almost as if the game acts as an extension of real life; we have very little control over what world we start with, but every single choice and decision we make will change how the world looks at the end. The whole concept of procedural generation centers around setting certain rules and parameters and letting randomness decide the rest, and the team behind Terraria made a beautiful ruleset which makes interacting with the world so dynamic and rewarding.

The weapons and bosses of Terraria are an important part of its identity, but perhaps for a not-so-obvious reason.

Several months ago, I posted the following teaser of the project that I'm working on to the Reddit for Minecraft.
Other than a comment that got drowned out amidst all the others (as well as sharing the name "Master Mode" with Terraria 1.4's new difficulty), I never really identified the project as being an homage to Terraria. Even so, the featured boss, The Destroyer, alongside the different equipment and weapons, were quickly recognized by several comments, and I thought it was incredible how iconic these bosses and weapons are such that they're still very recognizable in the 3D world.

That said, I think the true importance of having all of these different bosses and weapons in the game isn't really the sheer amount, or even the bosses themselves. Some of the incredible content mods from the tModLoader community really introduce new bosses and weapons that feel like they belong in the game, even without any unifying theme or style. The real value of this content isn't necessarily in the content itself, but in the journey that it takes to acquire them.

Every single item acquired, every single weapon obtained, every single boss downed; there was a story behind where, when, and how it all happened. That story is what makes Terraria's content so special. It gives options and the power of choice to the player, and allows the player to build the world for themselves.

(Quick Note: Despite saying it would release in Spring 2021, life has very much gotten in the way since then, and it's been difficult to really polish it. It started as a project for my friends and I to enjoy, and I'd like to do justice to them and its muse, Terraria, so please be patient with me!)

Another really special part about Terraria is how it lets the player set the scene for encounters. Boss fights aren't just a matter of skill from a pure mechanical standpoint; Terraria enables the player to create different arenas and shape the environment for each individual fight. But it isn't just the sandbox element of the game that gives players this choice. Rather, it is the slew of tools, from actuators, to platforms, to railways, etc., that really give players this power. Terraria's team has consistently added more and more quality of life changes to make this process easy for the player, with the most notable as of recent being the block swap feature. My first-ever viral post on the Minecraft subreddit actually came from this feature:

It's incredible just how many people thought this was a revolutionary change. Quality of life features are often overlooked in games, but the simple ways in which Terraria's team has streamlined the building and reshaping of the environment (e.g., smart cursor, building potions, specialized bomb's such as the scarab bomb) really makes a huge difference and really strengthens the message that building really can (and perhaps should) be part of how players experience the game.

The Foundation
One of the challenges for re-imagining a game like Terraria is that there are a lot of moving elements that have to be done right in order for it to do justice to the original game. There are several engines for 3D games, from Unity and Unreal, but there needs to be a lot of testing for different aspects of the game. So, I decided to opt for a simpler solution: make a prototype in a pre-existing game. Now the "Terraria is just 2D Minecraft" joke has been going since the inception of both games in 2011, and has been done into the ground... But what would it look like if that were actually true?

I decided maybe the few similarities that they share could actually be a great launching point for re-imagining Terraria. The physics of Minecraft is quite refined, elytra flight and trident mobility are both really fun, and there is an extensive framework for modding the game. I opted for using a server-side plugin, because I think another core element of Terraria is its multiplayer support. You get to literally build worlds with your friends, and really shape the experience with each other. I always buy the 4-pack of Terraria every single time a sale happens, just so that I have extra copies for anyone who hasn't played the game before.

Re-imagining Terraria Bosses in Minecraft
When taking a 2D game like Terraria as an inspiration for one in 3D, an entire new dimension (quite literally) is introduced. Some enemies, bosses, and other mechanics can translate directly, but several others have to be re-worked and re-imagined to work well in the 3D space.

The Squirpent has awoken!

I always thought it was a really interesting mechanic that bosses in Terraria can spawn somewhat randomly. If you're playing for the first time, without help from the wiki or other players, you'll likely run into a lot of random encounters. Getting to 200 health and being ambushed by Eye of Cthulhu, standing on grass in the outer thirds of the world and encountering King Slime, killing all of the cultists by accident, etc. In my first exploration of a Terraria-style boss, I created the Squirpent, an Eater of Worlds v. Minecraft Squid hybrid, which spawns when you've killed your fair share of squids in the world.

Interestingly, an Eater of Worlds style boss is one of the bosses that translates almost directly into 3D. The way the boss moves remains relatively consistent with its 2D counterpart while still remaining threatening, because its ability to split really adds the extra layer of danger. On its own, it isn't too hard to dodge, but when it splits into several different segments it becomes a force to be reckoned with. It also works really nicely in a multiplayer setting, as everyone needs to be careful as to not split the boss.

The real challenge here is that the sound that worms make in Terraria actually becomes a pretty important tool in this fight. I used similar timings as Terraria (speeds up the frequency of sounds as the Squirpent gets closer, and slowing down the frequency when it is further away), and played the sound at specific locations around the player so that the directional audio can help locate where the Squirpent or its segments are in relation to the player (especially for headphone users).

Another interesting design choice made for this boss was to make the fight underwater. Minecraft has a nice swimming mechanic, so an underwater battle with tridents to toss and propel yourself through the water makes the fight very interesting. It's almost like flying in some sense, but much slower and more precise, and with the risk of drowning. This makes the Squirpent one of the bosses that I believe best represents Terraria's fighting style; arena creation is almost mandatory in this underwater battle, and the fight encourages creativity in how to deal with underwater mobility and breathing.

Additionally, since it can be quite dark underwater, I ended up opting for a glowing design to the boss which we implemented alongside magic weapons:

This gave a lot more visibility underwater, and really set the mood even more for the fight.

In Terraria, King Slime has always been on the easier side of bosses. It has inherent weaknesses in actually colliding with blocks, and it's attack pattern is quite simple to follow. In 3D, this can get much worse. One of King Slime's techniques is spawning little minion slimes that can aid in the fight, but this becomes a lot less threatening when you can really just walk around them in 3D. The extra direction makes it a lot easier to side step even the King Slime itself, making it a lot less threatening.

For my re-imagination, I wanted to actually make it more of a force to be reckoned with, while adding a few new tricks that make the fight more engaging in a 3D space. One such trick is utilizing bouncing projectiles. In 2D, redirecting a projectile back towards the player (for instance, with themed mimic's in hardmode) can be a near-impossible thing to dodge, but this isn't the case in 3D, because side-stepping is possible.

So, our 3D King Slime reflects all ranged projectiles back towards the player, making it possible for an unsuspecting player to accidentally shoot themselves if they aren't careful. Additionally, we reworked King Slime to have a massive knockback, with the bouncy properties of a slime launching players high into the air. Since 3D games typically have higher terminal velocity, this can create some great high-action, desperation scenarios as players attempt to save themselves from fall damage. This additional mechanic has made this rendition of King Slime one of my favorite bosses to fight, as clutching from fall damage always gives quite a rush.

Perhaps my next favorite part about the King Slime, though, is its drop. It's no secret to anyone that I play with; the slime mount is my absolute favorite mount. The increased downwards velocity makes it an incredible choice for a little extra mobility (like falling down a hellevator faster) or dodging a fast-approaching projectile, and the extra jump height makes it great for getting out of tough spots. It was the first thing my friends begged me to implement, and it was definitely worth it.

While Squirpent was inspired by Terraria's Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu is actually the first actual Terraria boss that I tried re-imagining in 3D. There were a few big noteworthy things I learned along the way here. First off, much like with King Slime, the minions that Brain of Cthulhu spawns becomes less effective because sheer numbers aren't as overwhelming when there's an extra axis to dodge along. To fix this, I ended up using the Master Mode amount of Creepers for the Brain of Cthulhu minions (renamed as Beepers, because Creepers are already an iconic Minecraft name).

Additionally, the Brain of Cthulhu teleports randomly around the player. In 2D, especially with Terraria's minimap, this is difficult to deal with but definitely very doable. In 3D, it is very hard to know exactly where the boss is if it teleports behind you. I ended up increasing the radius at which it teleports, so that it starts further from the player, and I added in a sound effect for the teleportation so that the directional audio gives an audio cue of where things the boss is in relation to the player (much like the sound the Squirpent makes).

The Destroyer was a particularly fun boss to re-imagine. Much like Squirpent it uses directional audio to help give the player audio cues of where it is, and it also works really nicely in multiplayer scenarios. The probes make it a challenging boss without having to rework too much, with the only modification being that the probes for this rendition of the Destroyer fire lasers at a higher rate, since it was a little too easy to dodge the lasers at first.

Tens of thousands of lines of code, dozens of 3D models, and hundreds of spritesheets later, I've come up with a rough idea of how I'd reimagine Terraria's vast world in a 3D space. This server-side Minecraft plugin is paired with some custom coded shaders to create interesting visual effects and engaging boss fights, in homage to my all-time favorite game.

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Eater of Worlds
"Nightglow vs Blue slime"
Sigh... what a failure.
Anyways. Here's my submission for this contest! It was a concept which uses pixel art and teleporters to create somewhat of a small video. It was awful, I admit it, but there's nothing I can really do about the stupid black screen when teleporting.
I also realized that I set the time way too small halfway through, but there's again, nothing I can do about it, as then I would have no time to submit anything. So instead I slowed the thing down by 75% and still is garbage. I apologize.
Due to irl reasons I have no control over, I can only work on this project yesterday, which means I have little time to work on anything worthwhile. Plus some hiccups here and there, I barely had 5 hours to work on it. Which means the quality of this is not good at all.
But then again, I'm here not really to win, but to say a thank you to re-logic for developing this game and bringing hundreds of hours of fun on everyone here!


Art category

I'm so happy about this contest, but it's a pity that I found out about it late.
I attach a video and separately arts.
epic video for contest here


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