5 Endgame building tools (sprites)


On interview, Red said that there will be creative mode. But...why? Why jut not add tools that will help you with building, and, for balance, make then endgame?
So here's few things, that should help to turn endgame in real creative mode

Vortex wrench
"a true gem of Vortex technology"
Craft: 1 wrench, 15 Vortex fragments.
By rightclicking on it, you can switch modes: Red\Blue\Green wrench, Wire cutter and actuator.
It can also consume wires from your piggybank or safe.

Space bucket
"Used to transport Stardust milk"
Craft: One bucket and 15 Stardust fragments.
By rightcliking on it, you can switch modes - endless bucket of water\lava\honey and empty bucket that could consume liquid.
It is also much faster than normal buckets, + 20 range.

Telekinesis protractor
"Sucks creativity from your brain"
Craft: one ruler and 15 Nebula fragments . Works as normal ruler + setsquare, but also gives you +5 tile reach and allows you to place walls and blocks in the air.

Core belt
. "Sun was made by that"
Craft: toolbelt and 15 solar fragments.
Gives everything from builder's pack (tile reach, brick and wall speed, authomatical painting), but you also could what? Switch modes, of course!
Earth mode - standart one.
Hell mode - place 4 blocks or walls at one time (2X2).
Solar mode - place 9 blocks or walls at one time (3X3).
Also allows you to place blocks and obsidian furniture in lava.

"Back where we started"
Craft: 10 luminite bars. Allows to craft anything, except potions. If you will place a bottle on Hcnebkrow, it will work as alchemy station, not just as bottle.

For sprites (with the exception Core belt thanks to awesome Coldshot)
For core belt thanks to Gerocraft.

Also decided to make extra ten Items for pillars, coz I think we've got not enough. http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/kinda-sprites-10-more-endagme-items-from-pillars.30479/
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I just realized, that hcnebkroW spelled backwards is Workbench. Nice one. This kind of thing should definetly be added.
Here's some other ideas for Endgame Builders.

Nature Staff (Combination of Dirt Rod, Leaf Wand, and Staff of Regrowth)
Moves Dirt Blocks, Places Leaf Blocks, Grows grass and moss on viable blocks, can Mature Crops instantly for harvest. Can also Convert Wood into different kinds of wood and back. Can Convert Natural blocks such as Dirt Clay Mud Stone between each other
Holding the Nature Staff in your inventory allows you to open the crafting window and use it for conversion recipes.
Also can convert different seeds to one another for planting. (Crafting window)

Metallurgist's Mallet
A Hammer on par with Lunar Hammers, with +6 Reach but does low damage (it's a builder tool not really for battle)
The Hammer is used for knocking down walls, however it also has the unique ability of allowing you to convert different ores or metal bars into different metals.
Particularly of converting metals to their counterparts Iron/Lead etc. and back.
Counterparting is 1-1 ratio, and goes up the higher tier you go, if you need Platinum, it takes 4-5 Lead or Iron ore to create the Platinum ore.
Bars will always be 1-1
Pre-Hardmode metal can not be converted to Hardmode metal, however Hardmode metal can be converted to each other, and their counterparts.


Here's some other ideas for Endgame Builders.
Yeah, I totally forgot about these stuff. Honestly, I really hate all these Leaf\Wood\Bone\Hive wands and It would be cool to combine all of them.
I just realized, that hcnebkroW spelled backwards is Workbench. Nice one. This kind of thing should definetly be added.
Image of hcnebkroW is also Image of Workbench with negative dye.
Thanks :) I had actually forgotten about the Bone and Hive wands lol but yeah I guess they fit.

maybe a a super Paint tool that can cycle through the different paint tools with right click?

Pulled from other topics and some stuff I've posted before a Special Clentaminator that has unlimited solution, and also has solutions for different biome painting or transformation.
Deserts, Snow/Ice, and Jungle , also for transforming things to other forms of blocks, such as clay silt stone slush etc.


The Hcnebkrow should only craft building blocks and walls and furniture and stuff, not other items. Other than that, support.


I decided that it should be the opposite of workbench, so it can craft anything :) It's an endgame tool anyway
But there are several things you can make after you kill ML, including Luminite tools, armors, wings, and more importantly, the Drill Containment Unit, which has an expensive recipe for a reason.


Empress of Light
This is a really nice idea. I especially like the Stardust Bucket.

Also, when you say actuator when referring to the Vortex Wrench, do you mean it allows you to place down actuators?
The bench is good because there's so many things required in order to build everything. You need so much space to place everything where you can craft
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