Console [A Mere Thread #1] Whats your favorite Pet/Minion?

Mine is a tie between the Baby Dinosaur and the Baby Dungeon Guardian. I love the dinosaur because, well, he's a freaking dinosaur and I love the status that comes with my Dungeon Guardian!
Pet = Cursed Sapling seems to have the best effect in the game from a pet!
Light Pet = Wisp from aWisp in a Bottle

But I so what this Light Pet "Suspicious Looking Tentacle" if it is added or whenever it gets added from Moon Lord's Treasure Bag in Expert Mode but I haven't even fought Moon Lord on normal yet.

And minions are something entirely different they are from staffs that attack like Slime, Imp, Raven, UFO, Pygmy and many others and I have Slime, Imp, Raven, Pygmy and UFO I like UFO and Raven.
The sapling, he looks like a powerful god of the wild woods that will crush any monster that m...

hes just super cute.

Also like eyeball spring tho.
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