A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

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Pipeworks Studio

Good day, Terrarians and a Happy 2017 from Pipeworks!

It has been a few months since we announced our taking over the work on Terraria for Console and Mobile; including a full rebuilding of the Console/Mobile codebase. We are happy today to be able to give you an update on progress - and to showcase some of what is coming your way on the road to 1.3 for Xbox One & PS4!

The video above contains a few snippets from our latest build - contrasted with the identical content from the PC version of Terraria so that you can see our end goal of "one Terraria experience" coming to fruition. We hope you join us in our excitement when you see this small taste of what we are building for each of you; including a new "friend" who is dying to meet you.

Keep in mind that this is a pre-alpha build so you may notice some bugs appear, however we couldn’t hold off any longer releasing some footage!

So, what about timing? Glad you asked:

  • Our work is progressing on-schedule, and we are really pleased with the progress thus far!
  • We are quite close to moving to Alpha and beginning the rigorous testing/QA process in partnership with our friends at Re-Logic.
  • Target Timing for release of Console 1.3 remains Q2 2017.

  • Our plan is to utilize good portions of what we have built and learned with the console rebuild as we work to build a similar "One Terraria" experience on mobile devices.
  • Of course, there will still be a good bit of work needed on mobile-specific areas (UI, Controls, etc) beyond getting that core foundation solid.
  • Target Timing for release of Mobile 1.3 remains a few months after Console, so you can expect this in the second half of 2017; hopefully sooner rather than later!

The Pipeworks team is quite pleased with the progress the team has made thus far and continues to make every day. We are even more thrilled to give you a sneak peek at some content that will be arriving soon!
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Looking good guys! Getting pretty excited now that we are getting closer and closer! Can't wait to see how everyone reacts...what else you guys will have to share...and how everyone enjoys this new console/mobile experience when it arrives. :cool:

The Moonlord is coming for you all.... :eek:
About half a year in development and still on schedule? That's a pretty big achievement in game development! ;)

Either way, you don't seem to be sacrificing quality for punctuality either. I honestly think that with its amazing 1.3 backgrounds and parallax, Terraria would actually look better on the big screen than on a simple computer monitor: it would really magnify that experience of exploring the vast, boundless worlds that Terraria generates for you!
The thing I am worrying about is if the mobile version will use even more of your phone resources than it does currently. My phone is a bit outdated so it lags and crashes a lot.
The thing I am worrying about is if the mobile version will use even more of your phone resources than it does currently. My phone is a bit outdated so it lags and crashes a lot.
This will definitely be the case. There aren't any solid numbers yet about the new requirements, but they will definitely be more taxing on your phone.

See this thread for more info.
Glad you showed your progress, looking forward to 1.3, but just a request: can you please make console 1.3 different from PC?
Oh, and give us the option to hide the control help on the bottom of the screen.
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