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Official Art Request Megathread


I do drawings on MS Paint :D I'll accept people's request, don't expect much work or quick, I lack motivation :( and self confidence ;c


Official Terrarian
Hello! May I request artwork of either my terraria characters? Digital art or pixel is preferred, artstyle can be any! Thanks to those who are willing in advance! ^^
You obviously don't need to draw both, one of them is okay.

:pinky: My Characters :pinky:


Hideri (Male):




Official Terrarian
Hello Terrarians,so recently i planned to add Ocram to the pc version.But there is a small problem with Ocram is his sprite isn’t blend in with other bosses,is alway look like it come from another game.
So if you have time,and want to help me. Could you make a more terraria style Ocram , i will alway appreciate your effort :)
Anyway have a nice day Terrarians.


Duke Fishron
I need a banner for my signature! please make it the lunatic cultist on the left holding up the mysterious tablet (use the animated gif of the mysterious tablet) then the four pillars to the right 2 on each side of the moon lord(have the pillars slowly moving up and down like in-game) , moon lord shooting eye laser towards lunatic cultist but laser is only halfway there!


hey there am i able to request an anime/semi-realistic male version of the steampunker npc. can it be digital? you can use my profile pic as a reference. it would need to be fairly high res as it is for my profile pic, so maybe like 1000x1000 or so. :)


Can somebody make a Doom-style poster but instead of doomguy it's the moon lord and he's giant and fighting the players, and one of his hand eyes is shooting lasers and instead of Doom it says Moon?


can someone make a drawing of my profile picture's character? ( i would love it if i could just put it on my youtube channel's image, ill credit you.)
Edit: do any art style you feel. Also, I would like it to be using the last prism
(Here is the image of my profile)

If you could make the background the hallow like the background in the image like that would be cool, or if just plain blackish blue that’s fine
Edit #2: also make sure that there is a red cape there,
Edit 3: I have completely changed my character…. I’ll get the picture update when I get it
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Official Terrarian
Can someone make a black scorpion boss with orange eyes and pink swirls in it? I would like it if it was pixel art so I can add it to my mod. If you can, make it a walking animation. Here's my original attempt for a reference:
Black_Scorpion-1.png (2)-1.png.png


The Destroyer
I would like to request an ocean artwork with a black fade and fish in the background. Maybe some jellyfish blooms and some squids and sharks. Maybe some seahorses and sea turtles.


Could I have art of my prof. character, I don't mind the style, and may I have it with the minions and the QB Hive Background? Thanks if so


  • Starlight.PNG
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Um i don't know how to say this without sounding like a pompous jerk but i was wondering if anyone would like to draw my character for me? like if he were irl? if you do want to thanks i appreciate it! :D
tmkr.io ei8cIaaWQ2FUusf (1).png

Unit One

Staff member
Um i don't know how to say this without sounding like a pompous jerk but i was wondering if anyone would like to draw my character for me? like if he were irl? if you do want to thanks i appreciate it! :D View attachment 316161
Hi @CraigDaGunslinger I moved your post into this thread. It’s a request megathread in which you can ask others to make art for you. Take a look over the first post to get more info on how this works.
Ok so, can you make an undertale battle style sprite of the king guards from clash royale with a scarf, and standing kind of like asgore when he holds his trident


The Destroyer
Requesting art of all Nihilus phases (From the Shadows of Abaddon Mod) In the Friday night Funkin' art style.
I won't ask you to animate it, since I feel like I'm already pushing it.
Status: Open
here's Nihilus, if you don't know what I'm referring to:

phase 1

phase 2

phase 3
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