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Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

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Here are some of my questions
1. Will terraria otherworld ever come back
2. Will terraria have a sequel
3. Is the first fractal going to be added
4. Is the mobile version going to have the 1.4.1 update
5. Is there anything planned after the journey's end


Hello there!
I have some questions:
1- How did you made a design for all bosses?
2- How do you feel about the last terraria update?
3- Will be in future a new game by a re-logic team?


First off, extremely huge fan of the game.
I just wanted to know a couple of things:
Was the balancing of the reaver shark and the fishing crates used to skip mining ores really necessary? I always thought those strategies were obscure enough so that newer players wouldn't accidentally stumble upon them and skip the first experience of going out finding those ores and upgrading gear, but helped more experienced players speed through those more boring parts.
And what actually happened when we lost our first work bench achievement?


How many more "final" updates do you plan to make
What is the lore being duke fishron, golem and plantera
Do you ever intend to fully add the snail scholar from otherworld in to the terraria universe
What ideas are there for terraria 2 besides infinite worlds (which is a real thing thats coming, for people who say it's a myth)
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What was inspiration for EoL soundtrack and design?
Was there more town pets when you came up with idea to add them?
Why these three seeds you made: 05162020, Not the bees, For the Worthy?
Why you re-added Zapinator with 2 versions of it?


To the team:
What gave you guys the idea of the secret seeds? Is there any secret seed that is still unknown?
To crowno, specifically:
Since you are brazilian, why you don't join the br/pt terraria server?
What is the backstory with the forum trophy with your name?


Eater of Worlds
First of all, I love you all! And I love your work! Well, my questions are:

1) How can you explain to me that certain enemies and bosses fly if they don't have wings? Examples: Demon Eye, Wyvern, Eye of Cthulhu, Moon Lord.

2) In the fictional world of Terraria, could you tell me, as accurately as possible, where is the island (or the world) of Terraria? And if not on our planet, where is that world?

3) Also in the game, I would like to know in what time or in what epoch the world of Terraria takes place? (even considering that it is a medieval game, as it has both swords and bows with arrows, but it also has technological weapons like cannons that fire chasing rockets)

Well, that's all, I hope some (or all questions, if I'm lucky) of the questions will be answered. I would be very happy and thankful for that. And I hope you continue to have a good job and get along in life!!
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What was the most frustrating feature to program that goes relatively unnoticed?
What's the most boring routine programming task you had?
What was the funnest thing to program?
What was the hardest bug to patch?
Which of you obtained a terraprisma in a regular playthrough?
What is your favorite class? (C# class in the code)
How many external code libraries does terraria use?
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Moon Lord
1) of all of the many enemies in this game which are your least favorite and why?

2) what are your favorite games aside from terraria?

3) (For the artists) How long did it take you guys to get good at pixel art; Any tips for any aspiring pixel artists?

4) Are you guys truly satisfied with master mode, If not what would you change?

5) What ever happened to this WIP feature I’ve never seen it in game and has never Been mentioned by players
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I'm really happy this Q&A is happening, Here are my questions:

1. What was your favorite stage of progression (i.e. pre-hardmode, post-plantera, etc.) to develop content for?
2. How do you feel about leaving terraria behind for the forseeable future?
3. What tools do the art team use to develop sprites, and do they have any basic tips?
4. If you could change anything in the game, including balance, bosses, weapons, what would be your first priority?
5. Are there any secrets still hidden in Terraria that nobody has found yet?

Thank you for standing by this game for so long!
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