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hey all, I've just beaten Golem and thought I was ready for the cultist but I was beaten quite easily. I'm a ranger class with full shroomite armour, steampunk wings, frog gear, frost-spark boots, sweetheart necklace and stalkers quiver all equipped and set to warding for the best defence. the weapons I'm using are the Onyx blaster, dart rifle and the marrow all with their best modifiers. I'm also using the optic staff for a little help on the side. are there any other items I should use or have equipped that might make me stronger and give me a chance? money isn't a worry as I have several hundred platinum. any ideas for weapons, armour, tools or potions are appreciated. thanks all.
Shroomite is the best available, although you can mix it with, for example, adamantite helmet because the buff isn't as good for singleplayer.
I suggest switching the sweetheart necklace for some defensive or offensive accessory. You can try searching the post plantera dungeon for weapons, or try fighting Duke and Empress for more weapons and better air mobility.
And yeah, if you can't defeat the cultist you're definitely not prepared for the ML fight. I suggest upgrading your accessories and weapons.
The Onyx blaster is very Outclassed. Try getting the Venus Magnum. And so is the Marrow. And the dart rifle.
The problem is your weapons are vastly outclassed.
The best ranger class setup I’ve thrown together for post-Golem are the following:
Shroomite armor with helmet
Menacing Fishron Wings (Flame Wings or any other wings with Menacing if Fishron Wings are not obtained yet)
Menacing Terraspark Boots
Menacing Ranger Emblem
Menacing Avenger Emblem
Menacing Destroyer Emblem
Menacing Recon Scope (Expert Mode slot)
Menacing Sniper Scope (Master Mode slot)

Weapons: Unreal Stynger, Demonic Nail Gun, Unreal Rocket Launcher, Unreal Snowman Cannon, and Unreal Jack O’ Lantern Launcher

Buff potions those being the Wrath, Rage, Ammo Reservation, Endurance, Heartreach, Lifeforce, Regeneration, Ironskin and an Exquisitely Stuffed food or drink item are a must.

This is a grenadier & demolitionist-based setup designed to deal explosive damage against enemies and bosses, dishing out very high DPS with every single shot from explosive weapons. This setup can get you over 10K DPS.
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hey all, I've just beaten Golem and thought I was ready for the cultist but I was beaten quite easily.
Here's the problem: You just beat Golem. He can easily be defeated with weapons that are earlier in progression, such as the ones you have. If you want a better chance at Lunatic Cultist, you might want to try one of these six options and obtain more advanced items from them:
Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon, Duke Fishron, Martian Madness, Empress of Light, and Old One's Army.
Each of these has some kind of item for ranged users, but it's up to you which one (or more than one) you want.
Tsunami is probably going to be your go to weapon, and the onyx blaster is actually still an ok weapon. If you want to, chain gun is ok as well, but if you can, definately get the Tsunami, duke's not a hard boss once you get used to him.
thanks for everyone's replies to this so here's an update.

i still have full shoomite armour
terraspark boots
ankh shield
recon scope
stalkers quiver
steampunkers wings

all set to warding for the extra defence

dart rifle
sniper rifle

I'm currently trying to get the fishron wings. is there anything in there that really needs to be changed or upgraded still?
i haven't thought about taking on the different events ether so that's something I need to look in to
For events like the pumpkin moon and frost moon, you’re going to need either the Stynger weapon from Golem or gather enough materials to make cursed, ichor, holy, or venom arrows since you have a tsunami. Also be sure to have buff potions, campfires, heart lanterns, ammo boxes, and statues to help you out in the events.
right now my most used wapon is the dart gun with crystal darts. it does about 200 dps and the darts bounce from enemy to enemy. if you recommend using the tsunami most could you give me more info on what arrows are best and how to get them thanks as I'm currently only using the endless quiver for the bow and nano bullets for the megashark.
Here is everything I'm using right now.


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That's a pretty damn good loadout, just make sure that you're using the correct relative shroomite head armor for your main source of firepower.
thank you and ah i didnt think about that I was only using the gun one because I used mainly guns but now using the tsunami with ichor arrows soo might need to change that.
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