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Hii, umm i think im supposed to report it in a bug report but i dont find it so im doing it in the forum, seems like calamity made an update yesterday and today it seems like it wont allow me to make a new world, any recommendations?

I posted this in two separate threads on Reddit yesterday about the same problem:

According to the Calamity discord:
If you're having any trouble with world generation AND Calamity enabled - Google "tmodloader github" -> go to the first link -> go to "Releases" -> download 2022.6.96.1 and unpack it in your tML directory. If you're on Steam - disable updates before doing this. After an August update for Calamity comes out,you can update your tModLoader back to the latest version.
What they didn't say is how to make it not update. What I've done is change it from using the 1.4 beta to using "none" and then overwrote the files with the older version of tModloader. I'll let you know if this has fixed the issue.

Okay, last update. Do not overwrite the old tModloader files. Delete the old ones and replace them. Following that process I was able to downgrade to tModloader 2022.6.96.1 and get a Calamity world to generate. Haven't played yet so I can't guarantee there aren't other hideous game breaking bugs.

Since that post on Reddit I have played a little and not yet encountered hideous game breaking bugs. No boss fights yet though.


Hello , I have a problem . I read on the wiki that draedons remote drop from armored diggers but i killed like a 100 of them and i dont get any .
If someone have an answer please help me


Im not sure if this is a bug, however i was able to get dev wings, dev yo-yos and the dev armors from the dessert scourge treasure bag (prehardmode)


Im not sure if this is a bug, however i was able to get dev wings, dev yo-yos and the dev armors from the dessert scourge treasure bag (prehardmode)
that's more of a calamity vanities problem if i'm correct, but if it isn't then i'm sure its intended (also you dont have to use them)
I've played terraria for a bit, but this thing popped up when i wanted to try out the calamity mod, any idea's why this is happening?



I've played terraria for a bit, but this thing popped up when i wanted to try out the calamity mod, any idea's why this is happening?
Just enable this when creating a new Calamity mod world.
Don't worry, It will NOT remove the astral biome chest in dungeon or change its position when the world is generating.

This mod is useless after your world is generated and it doesn't make any changes to the game itself, so you can disable it after that.

This bug occurs because tmodloader changed the scope of variables which define the range of dungeon while the world is generating. These members (dMaxX, dMaxY, dMinX, dMinY) used to be private but now they are public. And then after tmodloader's update, Calamity can't get them by previous way of reflection, so the Astral Chest fail to generate and the process of world creating crashes.

What I done is just change the way in which the search for these members is conducted by reflection. And that's all. No more changes.
So just use that mod while generating a new world. (You can safely disable it afterwards.)


DPS missing from weapons when hovering over item in inventory?
In the last 24hrs something has changed (whether my own undoing or an update) with Calamity Mod, that no longer shows DPS at the bottom of each item. I have looked through settings, created new character and cannot figure out where I went wrong. Anyone else experiencing this?


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HELP My calamity isn't working

I don't have the abyss or brimstone crag biome
And I can't create new ones
It says that the biome chests aren't loading


It seems like the sunken sea laboratory keeps crashing my game. For some reason it doesn't happen on every world so I was able to get the sunken sea schematic, but it's still pretty annoying. This is my first time playing through calamity, does anyone know of a fix for this? I've seen someone ask this question online before but the only answer he got was to just wait for the next update or have someone else edit the map and remove the turrets.


I have two sulphorous seas however the actual one with the abyss doesn't spawn the enemies that should spawn. Can anyone help with this?


hope this mod gets a fix soon. all I keep seeing is the same 'fix mod' that for some reason doesn't exist anymore. is there any other way to generate a new world without doing file shenanigans?

edit: i'm gonna disable the astral chest for the moment using a different mod since I see it's what causes the error.
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For whatever reason the bug fix mod isn't working for me, dunno if the original was deleted or what; I hope we get an official bug patch soon...


This is my first time playing the Calamity mod.

I turned off the movement speed and mining speed increases because although I am enjoying the mod, I didn't want to mess with that aspect of the game. However, this seems to have created an issue. I just got my first mount (the slime mount), and I see that it is EXTREMELY slow. Slower than the player, even on vanilla speed.

I am assuming that mount speeds were lowered as a balance fix to account for the increased player speed. However, turning off the player speed bonus in the config does not take this into account. Thus, it looks like mounts will be unusable while using this setting (making the setting itself pretty unusable unless you are willing to do a no-mount playthrough).

Is there any chance that this config setting could also reset mount speeds back to what they should be? Thank you.

Edit: Hm, this mount still very slow, even when I re-enable the speed bonus for the player in the mod config. Maybe when I saw this mount being used on Youtube, the players had speed enhancing items making it not be butt slow, or this mount has been rebalanced since those vids were released. :shrugs:
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