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Character AMA!


Brain of Cthulhu
Hello! Welcome to my Character AMA! This is where you get to ask my RP characters from the Aftermath Adventures RP (by Me), Crisis Averted: Skyrim RP (by TerrariaOn3DS), Secure. Contain. Protect.: SCP Roleplay (by Me), A Tale of Two Countries (By Agent Sandstorm), Metal and Souls: FNAF RP (by Me), and The Dead and the Afraid: Little Nightmares RP (by Me) anything you would like that follows the rules! I will answer your questions in character. Everything else you need to know is below!

Characters to Choose From:
For now, only main characters will be answering.

Aftermath Adventures RP:
You can choose from:
Character Creation:
Character Name: Ink
Gender: Male
Side: Warrior
Looks: Black wolf with a human face and blonde hair but black wolf ears, and a green dragon as a pet, with a Zenith and a living Tizona (named Grimrend) as weapons.
Backstory: Similar to the Zoologist, Ink was bitten by a cursed canine. But instead of a fox, it was a wolf. Lived as an outcast for most of life. His parents abandoned him when he was a newborn. When the time came. Ink joined the Warriors to prove his worth. Appointed knight of the Living Forest. 19 years old. Enjoys playing guitar and being around friends. Ink has ADHD, anxiety, phasmophobia and emotional issues. Raised by a Dryad named Elysia, who passed away. Arien, the Zoologist, is his sister. His birthfather was the leader of the Lunatic Cult (now the Eternia Cult), but Ink is nothing like him. Ink is married to a girl who is his age with a similar backstory (besides the fact that she's not a wolf/human hybrid), named Weaver. Has a daughter named Lilly, a wolf/human hybrid with black fur, brown hair and green eyes.
Ink Silas Crafter
Character Creation:
Character Name: Weaver
Gender: Female
Side: Warrior
Looks: A hooded figure in a black cloak. Underneath, a girl with green eyes and long brown hair.
Backstory: Fascinated with knowledge from an early age, Weaver seeks to collect information at any cost. Due to this mindset, she could help either side, but chose to join the warriors, since her brother was one. Her brother was killed in a battle when the Warriors and Lunatic Cult were fighting in her home town. Her parents died when she was born. Weaver doesn't trust a lot of people, but she has a special fondness for the wolf/human hybrid named Ink, who she is married to. Has a daughter named Lilly, a wolf/human hybrid with black fur, brown hair and green eyes.

Weaver Adalie Almana
Character Creation:
Character Name: Bloodshed Ink
Gender: Male
Side: Eternia Cult
Looks: Ink, but with black hair, black skin, and blood red eyes.
Backstory: Created by Lunan using one of Ink’s fur hairs and some of Ink’s blood, Bloodshed Ink is now the Eternia Cult’s top fighter and new leader after killing Lunan. This genocidal hybrid will stop at no ends to accomplish his goals and kill Ink. He enjoys watching others suffer, and is a powerful foe.

Bloodshed Ink

Crisis Averted: Skyrim RP:
You can choose from:
Name: Elijah Norse
Gender: Male
Race: Argonian
Description of appearance: A green 18 year old argonian with dark green face markings on his eyes. Heavily armored with a fire-enchanted mace as a weapon.
Role: Blade
Strengths: Good against trolls, and very good with a variety of weapons.
Weaknesses: Frost and poison
Personality: When he's on the battlefield, he just focuses on getting the job done, showing no mercy. Much like a professional, he kills his target and moves on without gloating. Off the battlefield, he is kind and caring, and enjoys being around those who bring him joy. He has emotional issues that show when he is reminded of his parents, who died to the Thalmor. Elijah also has ADHD and anxiety, but has learned to control both a decent amount. He is good with words, and loves to read and write. Also, due to his parents, Asumz'k and Neeja Norse, being from the Black Marsh, he is fluent in Jel, even though he was actually born in Markarth. Last thing: Elijah’s mother used a spell to save him when he was eight, causing him to be able to heal slowly without a spell and inflict damage on attackers. He is engaged to Rakeun the Dragonborn.
Elijah Nerula Norse
Name: Sinbar
Gender: Male
Race: Khajiit
Description of appearance: A male khajiit with dark gray fur and hair, dark yellow eyes, and a black face marking over his right eye. Dressed in daedirc armor.
Role: Villain, Knight of Nightmares
Strengths: Good with swords, and has the ability to communicate through nightmares, as well as cause them. He can also shape shift.
Weaknesses: Strong spells
Personality: After being exiled from his hometown, Sinbar began working with Vaermina to gather nightmares. Soon he learned her powers, but then went rogue. Luckily Sinbar was sealed away by an ancient dragonborn and the Blades. Sinbar has a hatred towards the Dragonborn and Blades. He’s an outright cruel being, and seeks revenge at all costs.

Sinbar K'hannar Wadjhad

Secure. Contain. Protect.: SCP Roleplay:
You can choose from:
Character Creation:
Character Name: The Big Brother
SCP Number (SCPS ONLY): SCP-9966
Gender (Male/Female/Non-Binary): Male
Role (Security, Class D, SCP, etc): SCP
Class (Safe, Euclid, Keter, etc.) (SCPS ONLY): Safe
Looks (Picture OR Description): A blue and larger version of SCP-999 (The Tickle Monster)
Abnormal Features (SCPS ONLY): Same as SCP-999
Containment Procedures (SCPS ONLY): Keep by 999 at all times.
Backstory (Optional): The Big Brother is the brother of SCP-999, and maintains a purpose to protect SCP-999 until they are both adults and SCP-999 goes to fight the Scarlet King.
Behavior/Personality: Unlike SCP-999, the Big Brother can spread any emotion, but not nearly as strong of emotions as his little brother. He protects his brother by giving attackers negative emotions such as anger or grief. Sometimes this leads to attackers killing each other. Other times it leads to them running away or harming themselves. However, generally the Big Brother does not harm humans, and therefore isn’t a Keter class. Most interestingly, the Big Brother is able to talk to humans through telepathy
The Big Brother
Character Creation:
Character Name: Ethan Rodgers
Gender (Male/Female/Non-Binary): Male
Role (Security, Class D, SCP, etc): MTF Red Right Hand Commander
Looks (Picture OR Description): A 21-year-old blonde haired male with blue eyes, though the only people to have seen him without his helmet are his colleagues and members of the Council. Unlike the other Red Right Hand members, he wears a special brown suit.
Backstory (Optional): Ethan has always been very intelligent, and in fact graduated high school at fifteen. He earned a bachelor’s degree in paranormal studies. In the meantime, he had also been training with the military for a scholarship. Eventually, the SCP Foundation found out about him, and offered him a spot on the Mobile Task Force group called the Nine Tailed Fox. After a while, he was promoted to the Red Right Hand.
Behavior/Personality: Despite having to be strict, Ethan is very kind hearted. Ethan accepted the position because he wanted to protect people as well as do something related to paranormal activity. He has a special fondness for SCP-999, the Tickle Monster, as well as a newly discovered SCP, known as SCP-9966, the Big Brother. Ethan will put his life on the line to save almost anyone, unless his job forbids him to, such as if the person is a rogue Class D or a C.I.

Ethan Atlas Rodgers

A Tale of Two Countries:
You can choose from:
Name: Lilly
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf/human hybrid
Personality (Likes and dislikes also work): Much like her father Ink and her mother Weaver. She also loves to sing.
Strengths: Gathering knowledge, enhanced senses, and good with her weapon.
Weaknesses (Must fill): Emotional issues, slight trust issues, ADHD, anxiety, and phasmophobia
Backstory (Optional): From an alternate timeline of Aftermath Adventures where Ink died of mysterious causes, and she had to take care of her mother, Weaver, who is now an emotional wreck. After finding the cloaked figure who had killed Ink, Lilly attempted to fight the figure, when they were both taken from their homeworld of Terraria and put into this one.

Lilly Adalie Crafter
Name: Cyber Ink
Nickname: Ink
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Species: Cyborg wolf/human hybrid
Personality: Kind and compassionate, and loves playing guitar. He enjoys being around friends and family. He is also a bit impulsive and emotional.
Strengths: Good with weapons, has enhanced senses, and is harder to defeat now that he is mechanical.
Weaknesses: An overload of electricity can cause severe damage, and can have parts malfunction when severely damaged.
Backstory: From an alternate timeline of Aftermath Adventures, this Ink has the same backstory as the other timeline Ink, with a little extra: After being killed by Bloodshed Ink, his wife, Weaver, took his body and used mechanical parts to fix it up. Then, with the help of Blight the necromancer, they were able to bring Ink’s soul back into the body. After witnessing a portal open up, Cyber Ink was taken into another world. He watched from the sidelines, scared of how his daughter, Lilly, would react to seeing him. However, he eventually decided to take action, and to join the battle.
Ink Silas Crafter
Name: Lunan
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Fierce, brave, and ashamed of his past.
Strengths: Magic and summoning.
Weaknesses: His past and facing large swarms alone.
Backstory: After Ink was born and problems came, Lunan turned to trying to use Eternia magic, which consumed him, causing him to do crazy things. Bloodshed Ink eventually killed him off. During the battle, Bloodshed Ink revived him to use him. But Lunan ran, now free of the Eternia magic, and determined to right his past sins.
Lunan Chan Crafter
Name: Eric Signe
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human with a special job
Personality: Kind and intelligent when his guard is down, but also very strict with people when he has to be.
Strengths: Knows what is supposed to happen, and can reset worlds with permission of his piers and sister organizations of his workplace.
Weaknesses: He's human, leaving him vulnerable to a lot of things.
Backstory: He can't really remember much of his past, but he knows that he was employed by an organization called the Multiverse Fugitive Authority, made immortal, and then he was tasked with hunting down an alternate timeline Bloodshed Ink, who had been successful after interference from a drunken MFA soldier, and had created another timeline by using Eternia magic to find an alternate version of Terraria, kill Ink, and creating yet another timeline.
Eric Neon Signe

Metal and Souls: FNAF RP
You can choose from:
Character Creation:
Character Name: Alexander
Gender (Male/Female/Non-Binary): Male
Role/Job (Night Guard, Mechanic, Animatronic, etc.): Animatronic
Looks (Picture OR Description): A soul inside a black wolf animatronic. When normal, yellow eyes, but when angered, black with a black sclera and red pupil.
Personality: While Alexander is generally nice to the other souls, he gets angered easily, and can become aggressive. However, he is kind and intelligent normally.
Backstory: Alexander was killed at 14 by William Afton. However, instead of being stuffed into an animatronic suit, Alexander’s body was incinerated by William in the Afton Enterprises building. His soul then went into an endoskeleton labeled Project Militronic, an endoskeleton originally being designed for military purposes. Years later, Fazbear Entertainment found the endoskeleton, and turned it into a wolf animatronic. However, Alexander was never used, and therefore was left in a warehouse near the pizzaplex construction site.
Alexander Harvey Donovan

The Dead and the Afraid: Little Nightmares RP
You can choose from:
Character Creation:
Character Name/Title: Cent
Gender (Male/Female/Non-Binary): Male
Role: Kid
Looks (Picture OR Description): Mono, but with a gray coat and blue undershirt, with a cardboard box on his head. Underneath, and blonde haired kid with blue eyes.
Behavior (Optional): A freedom fighter. Cent will always help others in need, however won’t stick around for long. Mostly a lone wolf. He has some trust issues. However, he is very crafty and creative, and even managed to make boots for himself of scraps from the Hunter’s cabin. He also can control radio and sound waves, much like how Mono can control broadcast from the broadcast tower.
Backstory: Cent is Mono’s long lost friend. After he, Mono, and a large group of other kids got attacked, he and Mono were split up. Cent went out on his own, trying to battle against the darkness in the world. He was soon taken into custody by the Hunter, and escaped, making it to the city.

Character: (Insert Character Name Here)
Question: (Insert Question Here)

What to expect from each character:

Aftermath Adventures RP:

  • Ink is by far the easiest to ask questions. He’ll tell you just about everything he can...even if the question is about a tragic event that happened to him.
  • Weaver is a bit shy due to her past, but she’s willing to answer questions. However, she may try to hide information, so be very specific with the questions you ask her.
  • Bloodshed Ink would normally skip the questions and go right to the battle if you dare to oppose him. However, he’s decided that he is willing to answer questions. But don’t ask insulting ones unless you want insulted back!
Crisis Averted: Skryim RP:
  • Elijah, like Ink, can answer almost anything. However, like Weaver, he may try to hide things if it’s related to him being a Blade, due to the fact he’s not supposed to be telling you anything at all related to that.
  • Sinbar will answer about anything, though sometimes the answer may be a riddle.
Secure. Contain. Protect.: SCP Roleplay:
  • The Big Brother will be much like Ink and Elijah until you make a nasty comment about his brother SCP-999 (The Tickle Monster). After that, prepare for the worst!
  • Ethan is much like Weaver. Due to his job, he can’t say much about himself nor what he does. But he’ll try to hint at it
A Tale of Two Countries:
  • Lilly is pretty much the exact same as Ink, however it may take a few tries to get her to talk.
  • Cyber Ink is the exact same as Ink.
  • Lunan will talk about most things, but will try to change the subject when asked about his past.
  • Eric will keep most info confidential.
Metal and Souls: FNAF RP:
  • Alexander will answer anything, but whatever you do, do not mention the man behind the slaughter!
The Dead and the Afraid: Little Nigthmares RP
  • Cent is a bit shy. He’ll tell you about himself, but leave out info such as his weaknesses and fears.
What Characters Will NOT Be Able to Answer:
  • Unrelated Questions
  • Questions about things outside of their own worlds (However they can still answer things about their themes)
  • Questions that break the forum rules or thread rules
  • Questions about characters from other roleplays

  • Forum Rules apply
  • No racism/sexism/discrimination of any kind
  • No bullying
  • No uncensored cursing
  • Keep questions PG
  • No advertising other threads/socials. (However links in signatures are okay)
  • No spamming
  • No political questions. (The characters can’t answer them, anyway, due to being in different worlds.)
I cannot be on 24/7. Therefore, some questions may take days to answer. Still, don’t let’s that prevent you from asking questions. Questions that follow the rules WILL ALWAYS be answered!

Have fun!
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Stardust Pillar
I have a question for Ink.
Does the green dragon have a name? If so, what's his/her name?


Brain of Cthulhu
To Ink (Olive is asking this): think we should get a therapist for Bloodshed?
“Absolutely. He needs to chill out. This is supposed to be a place where we can answer the questions of people. This is not a place to fight.”
(Seriously, this is not a place that is meant to act out a fight in, so please don’t. Thank you.)
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