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    Thanks, as always, for your support, patience, and feedback with the recent updates. Below is the changelog for the Holiday 2015 update. *As a reminder, there is some "missing content." We are hoping to add that by the end of this quarter (Mar 31st.) That would bring consoles up to PC 1.2.4. For more details, refer back to this post. Thanks!



    • Ability to change platforms into stairs with a hammer
    • Update music box graphics (each music box has its unique style)
    • Add Music Notes animation for Music boxes
    • Update Robe graphics
    • Update graphics for Cobalt Shield, Obsidian Shield, Paladin’s Shield
    • Automatically open doors
    • Add Cactus variations
    • Add biome-specific stalactites
    • Add sounds for waterfalls and lavafalls
    • Add sounds for critters
    • Increase bird spawns during the morning
    • Add various song sfx for birds
    • Add upside-down slopes (for hammer, and in world-gen)
    • Allow the placing of coins to create coin stacks
    • Destroyer boss drops loot from segment closest to the player
    • All non-event bosses can drop a Boss Mask (see items)
    • Dyes stackable
    • Turn rain red during a Blood Moon
    • Add Shark Statue
    • Add Underground Crimson music
    • Quest system for Angler NPC
    • Updated beach world-gen
    • Fishing



    • Angler NPC
    • Travelling Merchant



    • Duke Fishron (boss)
    • Detonating Bubble (projectile from Duke Fishron)
    • Sharkron



    • Frog
    • Grasshopper
    • Snail
    • Glowing Snail
    • Scorpion
    • Black Scorpion
    • Firefly
    • Lightning Bug
    • Monarch Butterfly
    • Sulphur Butterfly
    • Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly
    • Ulysses Butterfly
    • Julia Butterfly
    • Red Admiral Butterfly
    • Purple Emperor Butterfly
    • Tree Nymph Butterfly
    • Truffle Worm
    • Duck
    • Mallard Duck
    • Worm



    • Bunny Mount
    • Pigron Mount
    • Turtle Mount
    • Rudolph Mount


    New Items (frost moon drops)

    • Reindeer Bells [summon item/mount]


    New Items (Boss drops)

    • Duke Fishron Mask [vanity]
    • Duke Fishron Trophy [furniture]
    • Bubble Gun [weapon]
    • Fishron Wings [accessory]
    • Flairon [weapon]
    • Tsunami [weapon]
    • Razorblade Typhoon [weapon]
    • Tempest Staff [weapon]
    • Reindeer Bells [summon item/mount]
    • King Slime Mask
    • King Slime Trophy
    • Eye of Cthulhu Mask
    • Brain of Cthulhu Mask
    • Eater of Worlds Mask
    • Queen Bee Mask
    • Skeletron Mask
    • Wall of Flesh Mask
    • Destroyer Mask
    • Horned God Robe [vanity, drops from Destroyer, *CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE*]
    • Twin Mask
    • Horned God Boots [vanity, drops from the Twins, *CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE*]
    • Skeletron Prime Mask
    • Horned God Headpiece [vanity, drops from Skeletron Prime, *CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE*]
    • Ocram Mask *CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE*
    • Plantera Mask
    • Golem Mask
    • Beetle Husks [drops of Golem / material]


    New Items (Quest rewards)

    • Fuzzy Carrot [mount summon]
    • Angler Hat [vanity]
    • Angler Vest [vanity]
    • Angler Pants [vanity]
    • Golden Fishing Rod [fishing pole]
    • Hotline Fishing Hook [fishing pole]
    • Fin Wings [accessory]
    • Fish Hook [grapple]
    • High Test Fishing Line [accessory]
    • Angler Earring [accessory]
    • Tackle Box [accessory]
    • Mermaid Hairpin [vanity]
    • Mermaid Adornment [vanity]
    • Mermaid Tail [vanity]
    • Fish Costume Mask [vanity]
    • Fish Costume Shirt [vanity]
    • Fish Costume Finskirt [vanity]
    • Coralstone Block
    • Sonar Potion [consumable]
    • Fishing Potion [consumable]
    • Crate Potion [consumable]
    • Bunnyfish Trophy [furniture]
    • Goldfish Trophy [furniture]
    • Sharkteeth Trophy [furniture]
    • Swordfish Trophy [furniture]
    • Treasure Map [furniture]
    • Seaweed Planter [furniture]
    • Pillagin me Pixels [painting]
    • Compass Rose [furniture]
    • Ship’s Wheel [furniture]
    • Life Preserver [furniture]
    • Wall Anchor [furniture]
    • Ship in a Bottle [furniture]
    • Apprentice Bait [consumable]
    • Journeyman Bait [consumable]
    • Master Bait [consumable]


    New Items (Shops)

    • Mechanic:
    o Mechanic’s Rod [Fishing pole]

    • Painter:
    o Bubble Wallpaper [wall]
    o Copper Pipe wallpaper [wall]
    o Ducky Wallpaper [wall]
    o Fancy Grey Wallpaper [wall]
    o Ice Floe wallpaper [wall]
    o Music wallpaper [wall]
    o Purple Rain wallpaper [wall]
    o Rainbow wallpaper [wall]
    o Sparkle Stone wallpaper [wall]
    o Starlit heaven wallpaper [wall]

    • Merchant:
    o Bug Net [tool]

    • Traveling Merchant:
    o Ammo Box
    o Brick Layer [accessory]
    o Celestial Magnet [accessory]
    o Paint Sprayer [tool]
    o Sake [consumable]
    o Extendo Grip [accessory]
    o Water Gun [weapon]
    o Gypsy Robe [armor]
    o Ultrabright Torch [light source]
    o Pho [consumable]
    o Pad Thai [consumable]
    o Chalice [furniture]
    o Gatligator [weapon]
    o Pulse Bow [weapon]
    o Arcane Rune Wall [wall/animated]
    o Gi [armor]
    o Magic Hat [armor]
    o Fancy Dishes [furniture]
    o Kimono [vanity]
    o Fez [vanity]
    o Katana [weapon]
    o Revolver [weapon]
    o Portable Cement Mixer [accessory]
    o Dynasty Wood [material]
    o Red Dynasty Shingles
    o Blue Dynasty Shingles
    o Zebra Skin [furniture]
    o Leopard Skin [furniture]
    o Tiger Skin [furniture]
    o Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole [fishing pole]


    New Items (Fishing and Crate Loot)

    • Armored Cave Fish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Atlantic Cod [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Bass [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Blue Jellyfish [craft item and bait, obtained by fishing]
    • Chaos Fish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Crimson Tiger fish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Damselfish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Double Cod [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Ebonkoi [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Flarefin Koi [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Frost Minnow [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Golden Carp [moneymaking catch, obtained by fishing]
    • Green Jellyfish [craft item and bait, obtained by fishing]
    • Hemopiranha [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Neon Tetra [obtained by fishing]
    • Obsidifish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Pink Jellyfish [craft item and bait, obtained by fishing]
    • Princess Fish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Prismite [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Red Snapper [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Salmon [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Shrimp [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Specular Fish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Stinkfish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Trout [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Tuna [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Variagated Lardfish [craft item, obtained by fishing]
    • Old Shoe [junk, obtained by fishing]
    • Seaweed [junk, obtained by fishing]
    • Tin Can [junk, obtained by fishing]
    • Golden Crate [consumable, obtained by fishing]
    • Iron Crate [consumable, obtained by fishing]
    • Wooden Crate [consumable, obtained by fishing]
    • Frog Leg [accessory, obtained by fishing]
    • Honeyfin [consumable, obtained by fishing]
    • Purple Clubberfish [weapon, obtained by fishing]
    • Obsidian Swordfish [weapon, obtained by fishing]
    • Reaver Shark [tool, obtained by fishing]
    • Rockfish [tool, obtained by fishing]
    • Sawtooth Shark [tool, obtained by fishing]
    • Scaly Truffle [mount summon, obtained by fishing]
    • Swordfish [weapon, obtained by fishing]
    • Zephyr Fish [pet summon, obtained by fishing]
    • Anchor [weapon, obtained from Wooden Crates]
    • Ginger Beard [vanity, obtained from Iron Crates]
    • Tartar Sauce [pet summon, obtained from Iron Crates]
    • Falcon Blade [weapon, obtained from Iron Crates]
    • Hardy Saddle [mount summon, obtained from Gold Crates]


    New Items (Furniture):

    • Many furniture items have changed recipes after introduction of the Glass Kiln, Flesh Cloning Vat, Bone Welder, Living Loom, Sky Mill, and Steampunk Boiler crafting stations
    • Blue Dungeon Chest
    • Blue Dungeon Lamp
    • Blue Dungeon Bathtub
    • Blue Dungeon Candelabra
    • Blue Dungeon Sofa
    • Blue Dungeon Dresser
    • Blue Dungeon Piano
    • Bone Welder
    • Bone Bathtub
    • Bone Bookcase
    • Bone Bed
    • Bone Lamp
    • Bone Chandelier
    • Bone Lantern
    • Bone Candelabra
    • Bone Piano
    • Bone Dresser
    • Bone Sofa
    • Bone Chest
    • Bone Clock
    • Cactus Lantern
    • Mushroom Sofa
    • Obsidian Chandelier
    • Obsidian Candle
    • Obsidian Candelabra
    • Obsidian Bathtub
    • Obsidian Lantern
    • Obsidian Lamp
    • Obsidian Chest
    • Obsidian Dresser
    • Obsidian Piano
    • Obsidian Sofa
    • Obsidian Clock
    • Pearlwood Lantern
    • Pearlwood Candelabra
    • Pearlwood Fence
    • Pearlwood Sofa
    • Pearlwood Clock
    • Pearlwood Bookcase
    • Pearlwood Lamp
    • Pearlwood Candle
    • Pearlwood Bathtub
    • Pearlwood Chandelier
    • Pink Dungeon Lamp
    • Pink Dungeon Bathtub
    • Pink Dungeon Chest
    • Pink Dungeon Candelabra
    • Pink Dungeon Sofa
    • Pink Dungeon Dresser
    • Pink Dungeon Piano
    • Pumpkin Lamp
    • Pumpkin Chandelier
    • Pumpkin Bathtub
    • Pumpkin Lantern
    • Pumpkin Candelabra
    • Pumpkin Bed
    • Pumpkin Bookcase
    • Pumpkin Piano
    • Pumpkin Dresser
    • Pumpkin Sofa
    • Pumpkin Chest
    • Pumpkin Clock
    • Pumpkin Candle
    • Rich Mahogany Lantern
    • Rich Mahogany Candle
    • Rich Mahogany Chandelier
    • Rich Mahogany Bathtub
    • Rich Mahogany Lamp
    • Rich Mahogany Candelabra
    • Rich Mahogany Clock
    • Rich Mahogany Bookcase
    • Rich Mahogany Sofa
    • Rich Mahogany Fence
    • Shadewood Bathtub
    • Shadewood Lamp
    • Shadewood Bookcase
    • Shadewood Chandelier
    • Shadewood Lantern
    • Shadewood Candelabra
    • Shadewood Candle
    • Shadewood Fence
    • Shadewood Sofa
    • Shadewood Clock
    • Sky Mill
    • Skyware Workbench
    • Skyware Platform
    • Skyware Clock
    • Skyware Bookcase
    • Skyware Sofa
    • Skyware Dresser
    • Skyware Piano
    • Skyware Lamp
    • Skyware Bathtub
    • Skyware Lantern
    • Skyware Candle
    • Skyware Chandelier
    • Skyware Bed
    • Skyware Candelabra
    • Slime Bathtub
    • Slime Bed
    • Slime Bookcase
    • Slime Candelabra
    • Slime Candle
    • Slime Chair
    • Slime Chandelier
    • Slime Chest
    • Slime Clock
    • Slime Door
    • Slime Dresser
    • Slime Lamp
    • Slime Lantern
    • Slime Piano
    • Slime Platform
    • Slime Sofa
    • Slime Table
    • Spooky Chest
    • Spooky Candle
    • Spooky Bookcase
    • Spooky Clock
    • Spooky Sofa
    • Spooky Dresser
    • Spooky Bathtub
    • Spooky Chandelier
    • Spooky Lantern
    • Spooky Candelabra
    • Spooky Piano
    • Spooky Bed
    • Spooky Lamp
    • Steampunk Boiler
    • Steampunk Candle
    • Steampunk Chandelier
    • Steampunk Platform
    • Steampunk Piano
    • Steampunk Workbench
    • Steampunk Chest
    • Steampunk Clock
    • Steampunk Bathtub
    • Steampunk Candelabra
    • Steampunk Lantern
    • Steampunk Lamp
    • Steampunk Sofa
    • Steampunk Dresser
    • Steampunk Bookcase
    • Sofa
    • Iron Fence
    • Womannequin
    • Heavy Workbench
    • Blacksmith Rack
    • Carpentry Rack
    • Helmet Rack
    • Spear Rack
    • Sword Rack
    • '0' Statue - '9' Statue and 'A' Statue - 'Z' Statue
    • Wine Glass [Furniture]
    • Fishbowl [Furniture]
    • Terrarium [Furniture]
    • Squirrel Cage [Furniture]
    • Bird Cage [Furniture]
    • Black Scorpion Cage [Furniture]
    • Blue Jay Cage [Furniture]
    • Bunny Cage [Furniture]
    • Cardinal Cage [Furniture]
    • Frog Cage [Furniture]
    • Glowing Snail Cage [Furniture]
    • Grasshopper Cage [Furniture]
    • Mouse Cage [Furniture]
    • Penguin Cage [Furniture]
    • Scorpion Cage [Furniture]
    • Snail Cage [Furniture]
    • Worm Cage [Furniture]
    • Blue Jellyfish Jar [Furniture]
    • Green Jellyfish Jar [Furniture]
    • Pink Jellyfish Jar [Furniture]


    New Items (Blocks)

    • Lavafall Block
    • Lavafall Wall
    • Waterfall Block
    • Waterfall Wall
    • Copper Plating
    • Copper Plating Wall
    • Tin Plating
    • Tin Plating Wall
    • Stone Slab
    • Stone Slab Wall
    • Sandstone Slab
    • Amethyst Gemspark Block
    • Amethyst Gemspark Wall
    • Amethyst Gemspark Wall Off
    • Topaz Gemspark Block
    • Topaz Gemspark Wall
    • Topaz Gemspark Wall Off
    • Sapphire Gemspark Block
    • Sapphire Gemspark Wall
    • Sapphire Gemspark Wall Off
    • Emerald Gemspark Block
    • Emerald Gemspark Wall
    • Emerald Gemspark Wall Off
    • Ruby Gemspark Block
    • Ruby Gemspark Wall
    • Ruby Gemspark Wall Off
    • Diamond Gemspark Block
    • Diamond Gemspark Wall
    • Diamond Gemspark Wall Off
    • Amber Gemspark Block
    • Amber Gemspark Wall
    • Amber Gemspark Wall Off


    New Items (Alchemy and Potions)

    • Super Mana Potion
    • Ammo Reservation Potion
    • Builder Potion
    • Calming Potion
    • Crate Potion
    • Dangersense Potion
    • Endurance Potion
    • Flipper Potion
    • Heartreach Potion
    • Inferno Potion
    • Lifeforce Potion
    • Love Potion
    • Mining Potion
    • Rage Potion
    • Stink Potion
    • Summoning Potion
    • Warmth Potion
    • Wrath Potion
    • Teleportation Potion
    • Titan Potion
    • Shiverthorn Seeds
    • Shiverthorn


    Additional Items:

    • Fiberglass Fishing Pole [fishing pole, found in Jungle Shrines]
    • Wood Fishing Pole (wood x8)
    • Reinforced Fishing Pole (Iron bar x8 or Lead bar x8)
    • Fisher of Souls (Demonite Bar x8)
    • Fleshcatcher (Crimtane Bar x8)
    • Beetle Helmet [armor]
    • Beetle Scale Mail [armor]
    • Beetle Shell [armor]
    • Beetle Leggings [armor]
    • Beetle Wings [armor]
    • Venom Staff
    • Shroomite Digging Claw
    • Celestial Emblem
    • Celestial Cuffs
    • Crimson Seeds
    • Peddlers Hat
    • Mine Carts
    • Minecart Track
    • Booster Track
    • Pressure Track
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  2. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Great to finally get the details! :)
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  3. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Hot damn!
    Console is shaping up to being my secondary version. Though 3DS and Mobile aren't exactly competition currently.
  4. the snow spirit

    the snow spirit Official Terrarian

    Ruby Gemspark wall Off was stated twice.
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  5. Red Dragon the Destroyer

    Red Dragon the Destroyer Skeletron Prime


    <Double Post Merged >

    well one mount down three to go. :)
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  6. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    So... the 1.2.3 update? Cool.
  7. Golden 5hotgun

    Golden 5hotgun Terrarian

    Wait can you see shieldsomething and stuff and have vanity accessories
  8. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Not yet. That will come later. Here's a list of 1.2.4 content that should be coming by the end of March
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
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  9. AdeleReid

    AdeleReid Terrarian

    Is the Imp Staff on console or is it one if the missing items?

    The wiki didn't state anytbing about it being PC or Mobile only so that would make you think it's on console as well as other platforms.

    I was looking up the staffs you could easily craft and I saw the Imp Staff only needed about 17 Hellstone Bars. I went to the correct anvil and I couldn't find it.
  10. Pandemonium135

    Pandemonium135 Terrarian

    Awesome. Good to know.
  11. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    The imp staff is one of the missing items, to be added later.
  12. AdeleReid

    AdeleReid Terrarian

    Ah. Thank you. I was rather confused why I couldn't get it.
    Do you know of any staffs I could get on console?
    I don't mind if I have to be in Hardmode. I'm planning on entering hardmode once I finish re-building my house. :)
    I only have the Slime Staff. I didn't know about it the first time I got it. I thought the slime was so cute with it's tiny little face.
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  13. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Console currently has Slime, Pygmy, Raven, and Tempest Staves. Though tempest seems to have some kinks.
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  14. AdeleReid

    AdeleReid Terrarian

    Thank you. I still haven't went into Hardmode yet after about a week or so a consistent gameplay but I might do it later today. Still trying to get a decent amount of money built up for the Clentaminater fluid so I can buy a ton of it so I can purify the corruption side of the V.
    I'll be trying my best pre-hardmode to get as much of the materials I need in advance :)
  15. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    All summoning items are drops from either a monster, boss, or a chest (if you include Frost Hydra).
  16. AdeleReid

    AdeleReid Terrarian

    Isn't the Raven Staff dropped by the Pumpking?
    I've been watching HappyDays's Serena the Summoner playthrough and there is so many staffs he used that I want to get when available. The Optic staff is one I hope to get when added.
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  17. Nike Leon

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    Do you not consider pumpking "a mob or a boss"?
    Me too man, me too XD
  18. AdeleReid

    AdeleReid Terrarian

    I do, I do.
    I wasn't sure if it was dropped by the Pumpking or a different boss...
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  19. SkylusiaArmorce

    SkylusiaArmorce Terrarian

    time sure did go by fast. im quite excited for the capes & visible accessories along with a new npc.
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  20. SamIsFab

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    Capes, capes ... capes!!