Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

Corruption or Crimson

  • Corruption

    Votes: 173 45.3%
  • Crimson

    Votes: 209 54.7%

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The crimson has the edge over the corruption in a lot of the loot and equipment, but the corruption design and ambience is so much nicer. And the soundtrack. So I like it more.

I actually like the Crimson aesthetic more. It feels more like a nightmarescape, which I know turns some people off but personally is what I look for in evil environments. Plus I like the music better with the Crimson - Corruption’s music is great but it isn’t all that fitting.
I don't like the crimson. It freaks me out. I mean, you could argue that corruption is creepy too, but I feel like it is more subtle. I'm noticing that a lot of other people prefer corruption, too. :kingslime:
Loot wise, I’d actually say the biomes are about the same. Crimson has a slight advantage, but the biome you choose if you’re ignoring aestetic really depends on your class.

Melee simply benefits more from Crimson, between Bladetongue to Crimson Armor to Fetid Baghs to Vampire Knives. Not much competition, even Corruption’s good melee weapons can’t compete with Crimson’s. Summoner also benefits more from Crimson, because of ichor and berserker’s glove.

Ranged and Magic weapons related to Corruption are just better. Vilethorn is a lot better than Crimson Rod, Cursed Flames is a much better weapon (and
now that every class has their own way to inflict ichor, golden shower is less essential). As for Ranged, Musket and Dart Rifle as well as Cursed Darts are simply better, ans Corruption offers the accessory tinkers.
I usually would go corruption because of the Worm scarf, it is the best accessory in the game in my opinion, it alone convinces me to choose corruption.
Crimson because the Brain of Cthulhu gives you the materials and its weapons are better like the Blood Butcherer which has a base damage of 22 and the Light's Bane with 18 damage.
I choose crimson because it has more variety in mobs, it has fantastic weapons, and you don't fall down giant holes by accident however, I like the eater of worlds better than the brain of cthulu.
Which one would you choose?

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I like both, and both have perks.
The Crimson is easier to navigate and has loot for more aggressive players, but the Corruption has easier enemies and better loot for ranged types.
I used to prefer the crimson, however, now I can surely say that I am corruption boi. I still think both the biomes are great, but there are some reasons why corruption became my favorite:
1. Thematic. I really, really like forests, and the fact that the corruption is just a dark version of the regular forest makes me like this biome a lot. Some people say the music theme doesn't fit it - I disagree. The corruption is, again, a corrupt version of the forest, so the fact that it's theme is just a distorted version of the forest theme really fits in, and makes it quite creepy when you think about it. Plus it's quite a bop, and something I like to listen to quite often.
2. Drops. I mostly play mage, so vilethorn and band of starpower are extremely helpful early on (no 1.4.1 on mobile yet, so I can't just craft a band using panic necklace and mana crystal; but even then, setting up a graveyard and a tinkerer's workshop this early on, and then tearing it down can be quite a hassle). Many people hate on shadow orb, but I like it due to it's simple design and the fact it's a beta version of wisp in a bottle. In hardmode, cursed flames are a pretty fun weapon, and I can get golden shower anyway by making an artificial crimson biome. Later in the game, I can use clinger staff, which I like because it gives me a way to apply cursed inferno whilst using weapons that are better than the cursed flames book at that stage of the game. Also, worm scarf is really nice for me since I really like using magic/celestial cuffs.
And lastly, even when considering the non-mage drops, I would prefer Ball o' hurt and Chain guillotines over their crimson counterparts.
(Also putrid scent, I thought it's aggro reduction did nothing in singleplayer but it does and it's dope)
3. Building materials. Crimson's Shadewood and crimstone bricks are cool and all, but I prefer ebonwood and ebonstone bricks because, again, they're just a corrupted version of the purity wood and bricks, which I really like.
4. Bosses and enemies. Crimson has a wider variety of enemies, but none of that matters when you can just box yourself in or run past them without much trouble, corruption enemies are made to be strong so early players cannot just run past the biome, which I think is fitting, evil biomes should act like a barrier to keep players at bay until they get strong enough. The enemies in the corruption are more simple, but I find them more fun and I like their designs more. Also, they're better for farming burgers and vitamins. And EoW is an extremely fun and juicy boss fight.
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Tbh while most of my worlds are crimson I somehow like Corruption a bit more. Not because of the loot obv but just the aethestic of it. Although it could just stem from me being a bit tired of being in Crimson worlds lol
I say that the brain is harder.
A. you can't just kill it,cause you need to kill the minions.THen,the brains illusions are really hard to decipher,and it gets really close.
b.the brain can teleport right behind you,catching you off guard.
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