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Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

Corruption or Crimson

  • Corruption

    Votes: 161 45.2%
  • Crimson

    Votes: 195 54.8%

  • Total voters


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Personally I think they both have their pros and cons. For example, from my experience Ichor flasks seem to do much better against bosses and enemies than Cursed flasks do. Than again, Corruption drops the chain guillotines which is one of my favorite weapons. Than againnn, Crimson biome chests have vampire knives which is also one of my favorite weapons:confused:.
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Derpling Ω

After 1.4 made both world evils universal in hardmode, Crimson is now objectively better as a world choice. Shadow armor only boosts the two worst stats in the game, the terrain in Crimson is much less needlessly annoying to traverse, enemies in the Crimson are much less spammy and irritating to deal with, and Crimson hearts have exactly one thing that is worse than shadow orbs, the Undertaker. This isn't even talking about Crimson Armor being the strongest classless armor in prehardmode or the fact that the Brain of Confusion is actually superior to the worm scarf now that they buffed it (worm scarf has a 17% reduction in damage, while brain of confusion has a 17% chance to block damage. This is already identical in terms of how much damage they block on average in the long run, but the brain of confusion also has two other effects)

Plus, I recently actually started loving the atmosphere in the Crimson. It has a dissonant feel found nowhere else in the game. I would build bases there if NPCs weren't so picky.


I prefer the corruption over the crimson. I don’t know why, I guess I just prefer the corruption items over the crimson? Although crimson having vampire knives is super beneficial for any class, so it’s more of a gray area for me.
Corruption, I feel like the worm scarf is SLIGHTLY better than the BoC. I don't take the time to farm for biome keys so I have never used the vampire knives. The corruptions terrain is more challenging to traverse and the EoW is an easy pre-hardmode money farm.


Crimson generally has some better items. Vampire knives are amazing. Ichor items are better than cursed flame ones.
However, I generally find corruption to be more fun.
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I prefer the Crimson overall since the Brain of Confusion buff, plus the Vampire Knives after Plantera, it is just better for me. Both biomes are accessible once you enter hardmode, so the exclusive drop isn't an issue, but you only got one dungeon chest.
Well courupttion does feel better in hard mode, the only thing I think crimson has better than couruption is the ichor vs cursed flames (except for the darts I feel like they are equal)


Corruption gang. It’s the world evil I (and a lot of us) grew up on and will continue to dominate. Crimson simply doesn’t stand a chance as corruption is objectively better. The enemies are better, the atmosphere is awesome. Corruption is an actual sickness in the world and not a ridiculous bloodbath. Sure vampire knives are nice but the scourage of the corruptor is superior. Also, Shadow armor over Crimson armor, any day.

If you take this comment seriously I will laugh at you.
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