Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

Corruption or Crimson

  • Corruption

    Votes: 173 45.3%
  • Crimson

    Votes: 209 54.7%

  • Total voters
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Crimson, because I have played way more in corruption worlds for obvious reasons. When they originally introduced it, it was seriously lacking and felt out of place, but they fixed it and now it's a real biome.
I would personally say Corruption. Yes, I know, "the Crimson loot is better", but honestly I feel that it is a far better experience. The tension of falling through the chasms, the purple eerieness, the clingers and the slimes in Hardmode, and the fact it was the first one out the two I came across.

The Eater of Worlds is an absolute classic. While the Brain of Cthulhu is quite a tense fight, I don't get the feel of it unless I'm in Expert. I love how you can cut him up into smaller eaters which all come after you. It's really fun.

The reason why I ignore the fact that crimson stuff is apparently "better", is because of some useful ingredients that are unobtainable in Crimson worlds. The Band of Starpower is very helpful for magic players, being one of the ingredients of the celestial cuffs. The Worm Tooth for the Thorns Potion. The Ebonkoi for the Wrath potion. And most importantly, in Expert mode, the Worm Scarf.

Sorry this took so long, just wanted to covey my message across :dryadhappy:

~ Pinky Slime
Corruption is way better imo. It's music isn't annoying like the Crimson's. It is also more difficult the way I see it. The crimson just requires some ropes and it becomes 300% easier than the corruption. If you want to pass the corruption in early game then you better make some bridges. 1 mistake leads to an almost certain death.

Also, it has band of starpower and vilethorn which are great magic weapons. Crimson just gets the crimson rod which is just about useless.

None the less, I always create a small, controlled portion of crimson in my worlds. For Ichor farming, hemopiranhas and stuff.
I prefer the Corruption slightly more to the Crimson. The stronger items that the Crimson has compared to the Corruption and Harder enemies really are irrelevant in the long run, just like how it doesn't matter whether you get Gold or Platinum in your world. These are the main reasons I prefer the Corruption more.
  • Nostalgia like another user has said, I've been playing Terraria since 1.1 and it was awhile before the Crimson was introduced in 1.2. The threat the Corruption had felt very big. I don't feel as threatened by the Crimson even though it spreads the same way as the Corruption. Crimson mainly just feels creepy.
  • Purple represents darkness better than Red it seems like.
  • Cursed Torches look better than Ichor Torches.
  • Using Cursed ammunition is more fun than Ichor.
  • Worm Scarf is one of the best Expert Mode items.
  • Vilethorn is great to have in PreHardmode.
  • Chain Guillotines are one of my favorite Miniboss Mimic Weapons
I've mainly only gotten Corruption Worlds since 1.3 came out which is why I haven't played Crimson as much, but I plan on doing an Expert Crimson playthrough soon to see what its like (I shudder at the thought of doing it without the Worm Scarf though).
While I think the music in the Corruption is better, I prefer the Crimson, because I love blood and gore. >:)
I prefered Crimson because it's more creepy, but I got sick of it when 90% of my worlds were generated with Crimson. Now I'm playing a world with Corruption.
I'd prefer both in the same world. And a world x2 larger than current Large. Really, current Large worlds are too small for all the stuff and biomes. On surface it's already looks like patches rather than biomes - forest (2-3 screens)-desert-corruption-desert-forest-jungle-desert-ohh.. it's already ocean. Had troubles with my expert game because my spawn point was a bit of forest between tundra and huge ant nest. And with marble biome below, ofc.
In underground it's a mess of marble, granite, sub-biomes mixed with each other and rails in-between. I even have troubles getting common underground loot - 3 bosses down, good chunk of common underground explored and i still missing Band of regeneration (yeah, i know, bad luck, but still..).
Crimson, because it has better loot.
even as a mage.
I personally dont really mind the lack of a band of starpower, because I don't ever use it
I dont use the vilethorn that much either, hell, I didn't even use any of the weapons from shadow orbs
but what I do use is the crimson rod, the rotted fork, and everything ichor.
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I like the crimson more, strictly because of ichor and vampire knives. Cursed flames truly suck and the SoC is subpar, and as of 1.3 you can get better melee weapons at the same point as you can get the SoC. I like the corruption more for everything but equipment, but the equipment outweighs aesthetics for me.
for me, it depends on what kind of playthrough i'm doing.

For Melee runs, crimson is the far better option, what with Ichor Flasks, Flesh knuckles, Bladetounge, and Vampire Knives

Mage runs tho, i prefer Corruption. The Band of Starpower and Vilethorn are too good early on to pass up just to get Golden Shower later.

Ranged runs its a wash, though i do have a very slight bias to Corruption, only because i prefer the Musket to the Undertaker. Ichor bullets are nice but i prefer either Crystal or Chloro bullets so i dont consider them a factor
Corruption for expert because worm scarf but Crimson. For normal because way better in pre-HM and mech stage
I personally love the Crimson, its threatening and eerie with good items and a nice Boss fight.
The Corruption is't bad, but it needs an update, the gray-black color if it has gotten old and it would't be a bad thing to make the Eater of Worlds fight more challenging, some more items to put it on par with the crimson items is't bad either.
In my case it depends. My vote goes for Corruption, though I like both types, but I will point out why.

  • Nostalgia. ( I remember when it had Eerie music in the first patches )
  • Ebonstone Bricks look cool and I do love using them.
  • Same for Cursed Flames and Torches.
  • It's bigger underground with all these chasms, also they contain more orbs/altars.
  • Doesn't overtake the snow biome every single time when spawning in the world.
  • Underground music variant.
  • Worm Scarf.
  • Early game is more rewarding - EoW is easy to farm as well as Musket comes in handy in first hours.
  • Demonite/Demonite Bricks are nice too, especially with their glow.
  • Clinger Staff.
  • Putrid Scent works well with ranged charcters.
  • Music, either on surface or underground.
  • Late game is more rewarding due to Vampire Knives.
  • Doesn't glitch Hallow out in Jungle, because of its spawns.
  • Ichor effect is very useful through the game. ( -20 def on Expert means 15 more damage per hit )
  • Fetid Baghnakhs is an extremely awesome melee weapon.
  • Flesh Knuckles work well with melee characters.
  • Crimson Armor's set bonus.
  • Blade Tongue for early HM.
  • Is usually far away from spawn.
  • Gives nice diversity.
I like the Corruption because it's evil.
It also represents the fight between evil and good in the world so that's my choice
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