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Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

Corruption or Crimson

  • Corruption

    Votes: 161 45.9%
  • Crimson

    Votes: 190 54.1%

  • Total voters


I guess my favorite combination would be pre-hardmode Corruption and hardmode Crimson.

I like the Corruption color scheme more. The trees look nicer, the demon altars and shadow orbs look cooler. I like to build a minecart track through the horizontal cavities in the early game, and you then drive by all those altars and orbs. Plus, I still like the EoW. Okay, it's very easy to beat, but it's a nice concept. I also prefer the Corruption surface music.

During hardmode, it's different. The Underground Corruption monsters annoy me for some reason. I prefer the Underground Crimson monsters, and I also like the music of that biome (unlike the surface music). Fortunately, that's not an insurmountable problem, as I just keep Underground Corruption in check and plant some Crimson in the Corruption world, so all's well.


Crimson. I just like its music and the regeneration quality of the armor and its bloddy theme. i also love floaty grosses. And BoC is a good boss. And vamp knives are awesome. And the fleshcatcher. AND finally, the crimson heart pet. It just flops around! Cute :D


Skeletron Prime
Corruption is better IMO. It has cooler terrain, and while it has worse items overall, I think the scourge of the corrupter is a really fun weapon to use.


Skeletron Prime
Scourge of the Corrupter is good for Plantera, the Destroyer, and Golem, but any other boss, I differ.


For me: In a normal world: crimson. More gory, more awesome, more fun. But in expert I would take corruption (partly because of the worm scarf) but to be honest, crimson items are better. So it's Crimson for me (also my first ever world was crimson and for some reason I only get a corruption, like every 8 worlds (really weird).
Although the EoW is a bit of a cakewalk, the difficulty of hitting them damned eaters always gets me, it is forcing me to build over chasms just so I don't get knocked down.

Original Scout

Corruption. Personally I prefer Shadow Armor/other corrupted items over crimson items, plus the music.
My god, the music is perfection.
It's fun and sounds adventurous.
The Crimson, however, is just.. gross. Call me a pussbag, but I have to take breaks every now and then when I'm in the Crimson, just because of the sheer grossness of everything. The music doesn't help.

tl;dr: I like Corruption because it's fun and not gross.
I know that feels


I'd say Crimson mainly because of the atmosphere overall. I don't like the ripped up terrain and chasms of the Corruption, that just gets really annoying personally. However, I am pretty new to the game so this might change.

Duke of Fishron

Skeletron Prime
The Crimson is creepier to me and it has stronger weapons and tools. I prefer the Crimson armour set bonus to the shadow armour bonus.

I also find the EoW way too easy, the brain of Cthulhu is more of a challenge to me so I find it a more enjoyable fight
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Corruption. I hate the crimson. I don't know why, I just hate it. Also, Underground corruption is my favorite soundtrack, there is the worm scarf, and the Eater of Worlds gives a feeling of satisfaction when you are shredding through the segment with an Arkhalis. I always bring crimson seeds into my world (mainly because I have this thing with collecting all the trophies) because there are some cool items in there. But when my world is primarily crimson, it's not as fun for me.
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