CC Creation Compendium #26

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, May 31, 2015.

  1. Safrinz

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    .....Goood point... Ok thenn! lemme just fetch itttttt.....


    dere we go. Behold the results of me derp'n!
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  2. Jewsus

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    Whipped up a little something for if players decide they want an unofficial CC:
    CC Logo.png
  3. darthmorf

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    We are only missing out one cc, as the cc would get in the way of the patch notes etc. So this unofficial CC is for one month only. (Until we take a hiatus for another reason).
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  4. ShadowDX

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    You can still post it in here :3

    If Anyone wants to show his/hers creation, feel free to do so in Terraria's GASO thread! :D
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  5. pheonix101

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    I love the golem battle
  6. NeonGamer_25

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    can i post some plzzzzzzzzzzz X33
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  8. NeonGamer_25

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    heres some drawings i made of the Terra Blade the pet Sapling and Plantera! hope its not to bad :D

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  9. Spiritstealer 2

    Spiritstealer 2 Terrarian

    my world created a flying pool Capture 2015-08-29 15_43_27.png
  10. Tunnel King

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  11. Sodapone

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    And I'm glad that happens now. Back in my 1.2.4 world I had to make a lake out of an existing floating island and it was not easy.
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