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Custom Terraria Switch Joycons from Elite Gaming Gear: Preorders Open Now!


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Hello Terrarians!

As mentioned previously, the Terraria team has been on a mission to further expand the range of Terraria merchandise offerings available to our fans. Our goal in this is to be able to provide a more broad array of cool stuff that will give the community a lot of choices in the ways they want to display their Terraria fandom.

Our long-time partners at Elite Gaming Gear have been making Terraria console skins for some time, with the more recent releases of the Xbox One Controller Shell and the Terraria Switch Carrying Case. If you have not checked those out, you really should - they are seriously cool. :)

One thing that Re-Logic really wanted to see happen on this front is custom Switch Joycons with a Terraria theme. After a lot of back-and-forth on designs and development, we are excited to announce that our friends at E.G.G. are ready to take preorders for the first two designs of Terraria Switch Joycons!

We figured what better way to kick this off than with perhaps the two most iconic biomes of from Terraria: the Purity/Forest and the Corruption. These will be available as matched left/right pairs (2 Joycon shells/order) or you can mix-and-match to get the exact combination that you want! Just select the pair that fits how you want to deck out your Switch in style and you are all set! In addition, these will be available in a variety of assembly options at several price points:
  • Only the Joycon shells
  • Joycon Shells + Assembly tools
  • Fully Assembled Joycon+Shells (may take a bit longer to arrive)




Keep in mind that - outside of the fully-assembled option - changing the shells on your Joycons requires assembly (and a special set of tools) on the part of the buyer. E.G.G. will have a step-by-step demo video available, but putting it all together is all on you. If you would rather skip that all together, you can pay more and get a fully-assembled set to your specifications with no assembly required. Having these choices allows us to serve everyone.



For this project, Elite Gaming Gear are going to conduct a preorder phase prior to hopefully a more full commercial rollout sometime in 2020. Preordering ensures that you will be one of the first Terrarians to receive a Terraria Switch Joycon. This is not crowdfunding, this is to ensure that the first batch of Joycons is produced in-line with the most-demanded designs from the community and to give a time period to run a special offer....

During the preorder phase - which will be running from November 1st until January 31, 2020 - the team at E.G.G. are going to include a free set of Assembly Tools with any Terraria Joycon "Shells Only" order!

To preorder your Joycons of choice, simply click the banner below and take a look at all of the offerings - pick your favorite and lock in your preorder today!

This is your chance to get a really cool set of Terraria Switch Joycons for yourself or for your favorite Terrarian out there - we think this would make a pretty darned cool gift indeed.

We will keep an eye on the thread and answer any questions that you may have - but we hope you are as excited as we are that this can now be made available to our community!
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Would you possibly know of a website where I can buy a complete set of replacement buttons including shoulders and bumpers? They seem to be so scarce...


Wow, that looks awesome.
While I'm strictly a Terraria PC player, i would certainly buy this for my Switch. Definitely the set shown, Purity/Corruption. They look so nice
The Nintendo Switch is ruined... By another set similar to the Neon Green and Magenta Joycons of Nintendo (the one available in a bundle). Even though I like their design.


Pre-order by Jan. 31, 2020, get free assembly set, got it. Does that mean they'll start shipping on Feb. 1st, then? I mean, there's no release date, unless I've overlooked it.

Cool, I've been wanting to change the sticks to deal with some drifting issues. Two birds, one stone, just gotta make sure I have the money before the pre-order window closes. :nursepassionate:


Skeletron Prime
My girlfriend pre-ordered the shells for me as a birthday gift. @former_lurker yeah I have drifting issues as well but like you I intend to replace the sticks before I put the new shells on. Terraria Switch Edition is great. It does have some performance downsides but at least it's 1.3 on the go.


My girlfriend pre-ordered the shells for me as a birthday gift. @former_lurker yeah I have drifting issues as well but like you I intend to replace the sticks before I put the new shells on. Terraria Switch Edition is great. It does have some performance downsides but at least it's 1.3 on the go.

You can fix the drift without replacing the sticks. You gotta look up the details yourself if you wanna do that, but I know for a fact that it's much cheaper than replacing the sticks altogether. Something with pressurised alcohol or something.


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well I've done that and they still drift. Spawn Wave explained that it's due to the track pads under each joystick get worn from play and eventually malfunction, which leads to needing to be replaced.


Yep, I've also temporarily extended the life of my sticks by cleaning them regularly, but the drift always return, and they definitely need replacing. There feels like some sort of obstruction in the left stick, and when I calibrate there's a big bump when I rotate.

Those shells just look too good... :nursepassionate:
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