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    Heyyyy, welcome to my little corner of the new forums! This is going to be mostly art! But also my occasional sprites and some textwall/worldbuilding garbage.

    Red border means body horror warning. Just for those not of the disposition to like very squishy, malformed creatures that may or may not be full of exposed organs. I'm a bit inconsistent with how I'd label these given my own tolerance levels for such things, but better safe than sorry. It really depends on whether or not I think the picture could be considered graphic enough. A blended border means I'm not really sure.

    [​IMG] - This icon is potential Arachnophobia warning. Because hey. I may draw spiders or spidery things. I've been in those arguments before on TO and apparently there are a lot of arachnophobes that play this game. (May be phased out, I haven't been using it much)

    I can also be found at DeviantArt (which I don't update anymore, but has old art and can give insight to how I developed over the course of about 10+ years), or on Tumblr (where I have been doing a lot of lineart-centric character stuff).

    Without further ado... ART

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    List Of Mine
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Basically, a bunch of NPCs I made and wove into a narrative that could be made into a mod one day.
    Will inevitably make more sense if you are brave enough to wade through the Textwalls post...

    The Keeper
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I don't sprite much, but there are a few things I did over the course of my time at the old TO forums.

    If you'd like to see my only other recent spritework, you can look at my three RoR sprite threads here, here, and here. If you're familiar with RoR, yes, that was mine. Defunct for now until I rehost and manually relink every sprite I originally had hosted at Photobucket because Photobucket turned into money-grubbing scum that demands I pay approximately my entire internet connection cost per month to host 3rd party.

    The only one not included there but still in RoR-esque style was this thing:
    Which is just a quick, tiny animation of some other dumb character of mine.

    Grimrose (alternatively Crimrose) and Rafleshia (with the other herbs, since I needed a scale comparison). For an old TO "Crimson Alternatives" thread. Because puns.

    Aberrant, the old sprite and not the one that J-50N edited.

    Abomination. Likewise, my original one, and not the J-50N edit nor the Zoodletec animation.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Placeholder sprite for The Keeper. Original "Magic Mirror" frame, plus gold one like the original art.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Tentative sprites for Anomaly (both female and male variants). I have no idea how to sprite those wings, haha. I figure it's kinda moot since they'd be overwhelmed by glowing and particle effects, anyway.

    Some experimental sprites for the dagger used to summon Anomaly, as well as Maluminance, a sword that drops off Awakened Anomaly.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Tentative/placeholder sprite for NPC-form Excelsior (IE "The Starvault"). Basically modified Hallowed gear, but his whole concept is that he used to be an adventurer like the player at one point in his life, anyway. Plus a larger version because it was bugging me how short he was, haha.

    If he gens with the name "Arthur" you will get this sprite instead.

    Starvault's hammer (The "Vaulthammer"), which would be a drop from his boss form. Apart from being a hammer, you can right-click chests to lock them. They'll require either their respective keys, but the Keybrand can also right-click to unlock them provided they were locked by the Vaulthammer.

    Trophies for the Starfallen's boss fights.

    Canary and Birdcages, for an old TO suggestion.


    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Exotic Drinks
    , placeable Sake, shot glasses, soda, iced tea, and orange juice from another suggestion.

    From this thread.
    I didn't care for these at first, but they grew on me and I actually use these in exclusion to the official ones now, with .xnb files you can download here.

    Bloodstained Medallion. Because.
    Would probably be a summon item that lets you fight the Lunatic Cultist without activating the rest of the event.

    A quick face/hair/hands edit for Dai, overtop her current tAPI vanity. Sans-tail, since it would either obscure her hair or vice-versa.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Boss Paladin
    , Mob-Bossification Challenge from TO

    [​IMG] [​IMG] ...i think....
    Scorpion tail accessory, Vanity Accessory Challenge from TO.

    Hell Armored Face Monster, Monster Fusion Challenge. Animated 'cause I felt like it. :B

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Spider Furniture, Spooky Furniture Challenge

    Angler's Full Toolbox, Super Combo Accessory Redux Challenge

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Dobkeradops, Iconic Game Element Challenge.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ice Sickler, Weapon-Based Enemy Challenge

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Kitteh for ~Shiro~, Secret Santa Challenge

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Alien Furniture Challenge

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Retconned K-based gun and X-caliber, for Alphabet Gun Challenge

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mantis Armor, Animal Outfit Challenge

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Head Pancake, Useless Accessory Challenge
    Bonus bunny:

    Plantera's Rose, Valentine's Challenge

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Limited-Palette Forest Challenge

    I may add more over time, but it'll probably be slow-going. It takes a while to figure out spriting in a specific style!
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    Hooray for thumbnail formats!
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    This is just someplace to keep the bigger walls from the old place. Not sure if I will migrate suggestions here, but for now, it'll have my fake NPC info and the occasional headcanon thing.

    As listed before, there is also this thing

    - Purpose - This NPC, the Keeper, provides materials for items that allow you to warp to various places on the map. These would take the form of mirrors that can be hung on wall tiles, and their functionality would be tied to the Magic Mirror item. It would be hardmode acquisition, used for quick-travel to areas of interest.

    The wall-mounted warp locations would require the same kind of requirements for a spawn point, sans a bed. Regular magic mirrors could be used in early-game to do quick, emergency warps back to spawn, but otherwise a special Ornamented Magic Mirror would be used to transport between wall mirrors, via a radial menu (like that used for the Grand Design) when the item is used. This is mainly to avoid having to carry around a separate item for each spawn point.

    The number of warps on a map are gemstone-based, as the Ornamented Magic Mirror and wall-mirrors would be crafted with mirrors, gemstones, and other reagents. Ornamented Magic Mirror would require two Magic/Ice Mirrors, two of each gem type, 5 Souls of Light, and 20 Faerie Dust. Wall Mirrors would require one Magic/Ice Mirror, Worldfold Dust (sold by the NPC), and ten of one gem type, and would be named for the gems used to craft them, IE Topaz Wall Mirror, Diamond Wall Mirror, etc. If it'd be pertinent to have more Wall Mirror types than available gemstones, then perhaps other reagents can be used instead of gems, like specialized ores.

    While multiple Wall Mirrors of the same gem type can be placed around, only one can be active at a time. They can be right-clicked like a bed to set them.

    The Keeper will also sell an item called "Suspicious Looking Mirror" for 5 plat if the character speaking to it has accumulated over 100-hours of in-game time. The tooltip reads "Returns you to the real world." It is merely a joke item, which will save and quit the game when used.

    The Keeper cannot be harmed (for now...)

    - Vendor Inventory -
    - Worldfold Dust - "Used to craft powerful mirrors" - A Material used to craft the Wall Mirrors, as previously explained.
    - Suspicious Looking Mirror - "Returns you to the real world" - Again, previously explained.
    - Golden Mirror Block - A building brick that is perfectly smooth, but with a metallic gold shine. Things on top of it (items, furniture, players) are faintly reflected on its surface. Only sold during the day.
    - Silver Mirror Block - Like the Golden Mirror Block, but silver, and the reflections on its surface are stronger. Only sold at night.
    - Mirror of the Lost - "Sometimes getting lost will help you find your way" - Like the Magic/Ice mirrors replacing Recall potions, this replaces the Teleportation potion. Due to the intricacies of 'random' teleporting not putting you into a wall, using this item incurs a 5-minute debuff that prevents it from being spammed. It is only available after Plantera is defeated.
    - Mirror of the Found - "Don't keep me waiting" - Replaces Wormhole potions, allowing the player to teleport to teammates at will. It is only available after all the Starfallen are defeated (?).

    - Acquisition - The NPC will appear once you obtain a Dungeon Biome Chest key. It is possible to get it pre-hardmode if you bring keys over. There will be no announcement; it simply triggers the ability for the NPC to appear.

    It will only spawn at heights where sky islands can generate (and there may be at least one new type of generated sky island, a 'hallow shrine', to reflect that), and only in areas not nearby other housed NPCs. It has a "Serenity" aura buff that will suppress all hostile mob spawns in its immediate vicinity, and will despawn during major boss events.

    It will not show up on the minimap.

    - Dialogue -
    Standard -
    "Please take some time to reflect upon your past experiences."
    "Your actions mirror your inner self. Please act wisely."
    "The veil of the physical world is barely a barrier."
    "Do you ever wonder what world lies beyond the glass?"
    "The ocean would be the most glorious mirror, if not for the waves."
    "Seven years bad luck is too few..."
    "How do I see without eyes? Aliens."
    "I've been here before life settled in this stone. Why else would you find my children so deep underground?"

    Added at night -
    "Know where you want to go. Not seeing what is in the mirror before stepping through is dangerous."
    "Let moonlight guide you. But a torch works, too."
    "The deep, starry night is not infinite. Your perception of such is merely a reflection of your insecurity. Better take a weapon."

    Player at low health -
    "How can you look at me without seeing your awful state? Take care of yourself, please."

    Blood Moon -
    "The planes have shifted. Something got through."
    "Don't blink."
    "Issvhhah m'lell akheeram ovisse haruun-... what?"
    "Beware closed doors in mirrors where they should be open."
    "Claws from beyond care not what, or who, they spirit away."
    "Do not die. She might get you."

    - Names - Etheera, Vareaalah, Emviir, Uraam, Armmasi, Sareel, Ammalhe, Naharrun, Nephiik, Hiilvir, Arakaal

    - Copyright Infringement - .... not that I know of! A few passing reference quotes at best (like the Doctor Who angels quote, and passing Ancient Aliens jab), and if its appearance looks exactly like something else, then that's news to me. Has a bit of a No-Face vibe, though, but meant simply to look otherworldly/ghostly.

    - Purpose - Apart from being there for world flavor, Aberrant acts as a Chiropractor; selecting that option from his dialogue box will deal [150-200?] damage to the player, but give them a [10-15?]-minute buff called "Shrug it Off", which halves the duration of most other debuffs (for the most part, those that are not self-applied through using items).

    He also has an exceptionally strong melee attack compared to other town NPCs (swinging a lamp post, with good range for melee, and exceptional knockback), and makes a good edge-of-town ground sentry of sorts.

    His other service would be to predict Blood Moons, but not as an obvious function; his dialogue would change the day before a Blood Moon. The most obvious tell, though, would be that he'd stop moving around during that day, as opposed to the typical NPC pacing about.

    Like other NPCs, he has different dialogue during the Blood Moon, up until midnight. Once midnight happens, he would become hostile and act as a normal face monster (same damage, same AI, opens doors, but has the inflated NPC health). In this state, he can be killed (which would net the player either his whole outfit, or just his scarf), but in general it's more humane (?? YMMV) to just board up his room to keep him from hurting anyone. Not sure if his sprite would change to illustrate this (undoing his scarf to reveal his maw).

    Acquisition - Occasionally, while walking around the Crimson, you'll find a Face Monster with inflated health (250 HP, 15 Defense; IE, NPC health). It cannot be interacted with, but can be attacked, like an enemy. Other enemies will not hurt it. Touching it will deal 25 damage. Mousing over it just says "Face Monster." By default, it will not aggro to the player, and will pace about, but attacking it will cause it to run away from the player.

    Once spawned, this NPC will persist on the map much like the Old Man. It may occasionally move location, either appearing close to your camp or wandering around near the Dungeon. Killing it at any time yields no reward, and it will not respawn; killing it will prevent you from getting the Aberrant NPC later.

    Keeping this NPC alive and performing all of the following actions will allow Aberrant to move in:
    - Defeat EoC and BoC and recruit the Dryad
    - Defeat a Goblin Army and recruit the Tinkerer
    - Defeat Queen Bee and recruit the Witch Doctor
    - Defeat Skeletron and recruit the Clothier

    It is possible to craft an item to resummon the initial NPC should you kill it (called a Fleshy Effigy, a nod to the Meat Effigy of Don't Starve fame). Using the item causes the initial Face Monster NPC to spawn somewhere in the world; it will not spawn right where you use it.

    The Fleshy Effigy would require 10 vertebrae, 14 tissue samples, 5 tattered cloth, and 30 bones. Yes, it's a pretty hefty crafting recipe. If you're not a huge jerk then you won't have to craft it. If the initial Face Monster NPC is already present or you already have precedent for Aberrant to settle down, using this item will do nothing.

    Not naturally attainable on Corruption-only maps, and would require an artificial Crimson. You can bring a Fleshy Effigy to a Corruption world from a Crimson one to summon the initial NPC regardless of the presence of a Crimson, though without a Crimson you won't be able to summon and defeat the BoC in order to fulfill his recruit requirements.

    - Names - I just call him Aberrant, but will bracket it in dialogues in the event I decide to come up with alternate names.

    - "Dialogue" - Seeing as his mouth cannot articulate words AND is covered up nigh-perpetually by his clothes, he carries around a whiteboard sign (actually a painting from the dungeon with the painting itself reversed to that the white is forward, under the glass, upon which he writes using some leftover pens from the tech-guild that used the Dungeon as a bunker). Where he learned to write is anyone's guess. Maybe the Old Man gave him some books from the dungeon.

    Normal -
    [It's a nice day to not be treated like a monster. Too bad that's not happening.]
    [I'll have you know, this fabric tastes awful.]
    [This hat makes my brain itch...]
    [Did you know we're all vegetarians in the Crimson? Just... all the plants are made of meat.]
    [I'm not even sure this company is any better than the company back at home.]
    [After a while, you just get tired of everything being squishy.]
    [The ground's not staring back at me for once. That's refreshing.]

    Night -
    [What an awful night to not be a human... Wait, that's every night.]
    [Don't tell me you're scared of the dark. ...Well, okay, I've seen what lurks there, I don't really blame you.]
    [We don't get zombies much in the Crimson. I think the Crimeras eat them.]

    NPC-based -
    [I get the sinking feeling {Dryad} doesn't like me very much...]
    [I think {Arms Dealer} is getting used to me; he's not trying to shoot me on sight anymore.]
    [So everyone'll let {Tinkerer/Witch Doctor} off for being a {Goblin/Lihzahrd} but I can't get away with being myself?]
    [I wish {Wizard} would stop trying to use me as a magic test subject.]
    [{Clothier} is a nice man. Knows what it's like to be alone. He made my clothes to help me blend in.]

    Chiropractor -
    [You're going to hear a loud pop. If you start to feel numbness... go see [Nurse].]
    [Of course I know what it means. 93 letters, very powerful word on a Scrabble board.]
    [Diptheria AND your head's come off? Looks like you need your bones cracked.]
    [At least I didn't need to use a mallet.]
    [Honestly, I live for that noise. This way I don't have to kill for it.]

    Chiropractor (not enough HP) -
    [Wherever [s/he] falls, there shall [s/he] be buri- not today.]
    [I have enough blood on my hands; I'd hate to add yours]
    [No. I'm fairly certain you'd die.]
    [There's no need to rearrange you that badly.]
    [Are you some kind of mis-... maso... ...how you do look up how to spell a word if you can't spell it?]

    Other NPC's quote directed at Aberrant - They will only have these lines if their homes are directly adjacent to his.
    Guide - "{Aberrant} may be a nice guy, but you'd best remember that he's still a monster. Things that drive monsters crazy affect him, too."
    Merchant - "I know you like pets, but isn't this a bit excessive?"
    Nurse - "I am NOT treating that THING you let in! Disgusting!"
    Arms Dealer - "I can't promise I won't mistake {Aberrant} for one of his ugly brothers some day."
    Demolitionist - "You know how I deal with monsters! Wait, it's friendly?"
    Dryad - "I can't believe you've let that unclean creature come and live with us! We trusted you!"
    Clothier - "I feel sorry for {Aberrant}. It's hard being rejected. I've tried to help him as best I could."
    Witch Doctor - "{Aberrant} may a monster be, but a monster with a heart is he."
    Party Girl - "{Aberrant} seems like a nice guy, but when he shows up to my parties, everyone else leaves!"
    Painter - "I ain't painting a portrait of -him- any time soon..."
    Dye Trader - "I don't even know what to say..."
    Mechanic - "I'm sorry, but I don't see what you see in {Aberrant}, and you know me..."
    Tinkerer - "{Aberrant} is free, right? He should be happy, right?"
    Wizard - "Fascinating, I wonder if {Aberrant} would have insight on how to stop the spread of that bloody blight."
    Truffle - "Don't be so down on yourself, {Aberrant}; at least nobody's trying to eat you."
    Steampunker - "He's not much to look at, but {Aberrant}'s got a pretty sweet scarf. I wonder if {Clothier} is willing to make another..."
    Pirate - "Arrrr, with a face like that, {Aberrant} would make a fine pirate... on a ghost ship!"
    Cyborg - "Flesh and blood are overrated, and there's a -lot- of that walking around here these days, isn't there?"
    Stylist - "I'm a hair stylist not a... brain... stylist... Gross."
    Angler - "{Aberrant} sure scares everyone else around here... ...cool!!"
    Tax Collector - "That... thing may be an ugly brute, but at least it pays the rent on time. Not sure how it even gets the money..."
    Tavernkeep - "Not sure if {Aberrant} can even drink without eating the mug... then again, I've seen you drink..."

    Santa doesn't judge based on appearances, shush. >:S

    If moved close to the Crimson, or into a house made of Crimson materials -
    [I think you're missing the point...]
    [Um, you know, I moved out of the Crimson for a reason...]
    [Don't you go pretending to know my taste in decor, now.]

    If a Meat Grinder is present in his housing -
    [I'd really rather you took the grinder out of my room... it makes me uncomfortable...]

    Day Before Blood Moon -
    [No. No. No no no no no no no no.]
    [Stop it. Please, make it stop.]
    [It's... it's... no! Why?! Leave me alone!]
    {Aberrant} is curled up by the wall, clawing at his clothes and hyperventilating. What's going on?

    Blood Moon (until midnight) -
    His eyes have a feral look to them, but his expression is frightened.
    [{Player name}... ...go... b... a... c... k...]
    [{Player name}... I feel... g... o... o... d...]
    [{Player name}... {Player name}{Player name}{Player name}{Player name}{Player name}{Player name}{Player name}{Player name}...]
    [...I'm h... a... p... p... y...]
    [It hurts, {Player name}...]
    [It hurts...]
    [It's not right... not right... not right...]

    Day after Blood Moon -
    He's sobbing, deep red tears oozing from his eyes.
    [I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm]
    [Please... please please please don't hold that against me...]
    [Don't make me leave, I beg you. I can't go back there. I can't I can't I can't.]

    - Copyright - Blood Moon lines are mostly from Earthbound. Not sure if referential/quoted dialogue done in homage is necessarily infringement. Easy enough to change.

    • I don't know the backlore for the Crimson yet, so I have no idea how all of its monsters are created. There are a lot of theories and interpretations going around so I don't want to settle on any particular one, nor do I want to make my own in great depth in case some sort of official explanation is ever released. I'm mostly in the camp that believes the Crimson is the corpse of a massive eldritch beast and most of the creatures are parasites from that beast, but the Face Monsters and Floaty Gross in particular don't follow that trend and are a complete mystery to me. That said, I don't know where Aberrant came from initially, only that he's not some ancient being who would know 'hardmode' (IE unsealed) Crimson. I can't pin an exact age on him, but he's fairly young as eldritch monstrosities go.
    • What spurred him to want to move in is not clear, since I don't think there is any indication that Face Monsters could be sentient, but there's also nothing disproving the possibility apart from hostility, which isn't proof at all. He's just different... aberrant, in fact! The name isn't so much to imply that being a monster is what makes him different from people (I would have used Aberration otherwise), but rather that his more benevolent behavior is what makes him different from the other monsters of his kind. Whether he was 'born' with it, or just had the smarts to realize that his kin were being butchered by these strange new settlers and that aggression certainly didn't stop that, I'm not actually sure, but in the end he decided that he'd try a different approach. When that didn't work initially due to his frightening appearance, he made it a goal to find a way around that.
    • I imagine he spent a lot of time in the dungeon, possibly getting around Skeletron's curse by being a monster and thus passing under the radar in a way. It's how he eventually came to be literate, relying heavily on the many dusty books and tomes left lying around. Even if he couldn't go too deep on his own (mainly because I have no idea how Skeletron's curse and the Dungeon Guardian would affect a monster wandering in), his plight likely got the sympathy of the Old Man, who would have helped him out a bit getting books as well as scavenging up some clothes. I doubt the Old Man would have been doing much Clothiering while cursed, given he couldn't even keep his own clothes in good shape, but certainly he could have helped scavenge something up. The scarf? Made after the curse is broken, most likely. It implies that one of the NPC-housing requirements for Aberrant would be to have defeated Skeletron, in conjunction with some other requirements. I dunno. I'm kinda spitballing on this.
    • On a humorous aside, Aberrant's possible function or career would have been Chiropractor, if I knew how such a thing would actually translate to a game mechanic or a benefit to the player. I mean, he learned how to read and write in a dungeon filled with skeletons, and his home biome is such that even the giant ticks have spines. Why not?! As it stands, it wouldn't play to much of anything except maybe being a fabulous excuse to make some Eddie Izzard references. The only thought I've given to the job would be as follows:
    1. Aberrant is happy enough you let him live in your complex, the last thing he wants to do is extort money from you for some manner of service. If he sells Crimson materials, it would have a cost purely out of game balance, but really, what's he going to do with money? Buy things from the other vendors? I don't think so. So if he had a Chiropractor "service" akin to how the Nurse has her thing, it would be free... sort of.
    2. To balance that, the "service", whatever it does, would cost HP. 100 HP, to be exact; a new player would be rejected, and anyone fresh out of a respawn that doesn't have Life Fruit-buffed health wouldn't, either. He would likely reject anyone asking who has something around 120 HP or less, with lines like [I have enough blood on my hands; I'd hate to add yours] or [No. I'm fairly certain that would kill you]. It just implies that, while he might know what he's doing, he's still a bit brutish and not fully in control of his strength in spite of best intentions. You can just let your regen sort it out, or ask the Nurse if you're impatient. Likely he'd have a quote lampshading that, such as [You're going to feel a loud pop. If you start to feel numbness... you should go see {Nurse's name}.]
    3. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT BENEFIT THIS COULD CONFER IN AN IN-GAME SENSE, which is why I haven't bothered to mention it. I just think it's funny and adds a bit to his character.

    - Purpose - Abomination acts as an "ambassador" of the Corruption, there to allow a player to take a much darker path on their road to making themselves at home in the world of Terraria.

    When recruited, he allows the player to build suitable housing in Corrupted/Crimson areas. He would also have the ability to toggle hostility on the map, increasing mob spawns and increasing the likelihood of adverse hostile events (such as invasions, the Blood Moon, and Solar Eclipses, as well as possibly the ability to reenable natural boss spawns), but cannot control them directly.

    Abomination would, like Aberrant, have dialogue that predicts Blood Moons, but unlike Aberrant, he doesn't freeze up as a visual tell, walking around as normal, so he can't be used as a predictor. It's debateable if he would become hostile during Blood Moons; likely he would not, and it would imply that his sinister, evil nature puts him in far more control of his instincts.

    - Vendor Inventory -
    - Knight Voodoo Doll - "You are a horrible person" -Accessory. Allows the player to directly attack The Starvault when equipped. Only available once the Starvault NPC appears (duh).
    - Death Fruit - "Looks delicious and totally legit" - The opposite of Life Fruit and Heart Crystals, this is a consumable that permanently decreases health, down to a minimum of 5. This is mostly for people who might want to do challenge runs. Health can still be increased with Heart Crystals and Life Fruit afterwards (where the first Heart Crystal will take the player's health from 5 to 20).
    - Betrayer's Eye - "Seems like a good eye-dea" - Accessory. Player will reveal the map for teammates who also have a Betrayer's Eye equipped. Only sold during Blood Moons.

    - Acquisition - Abomination is found wandering the Corruption in the wild, much like Aberrant prior to recruit, though he will not leave the Corruption as Aberrant occasionally leaves the Crimson. He has the same stats and similar behavior/AI as pre-recruit Aberrant. The main differences are that can be interacted with and spoken to (he will use default dialogue, and have no other options), but attacking him will cause him to lose this interactivity and become hostile (at which time he'll use advanced Fighter AI akin to the Lost Girl/Nymph) until either your death or his. Touching him will still cause contact damage while he is not hostile.

    Everything else is a mirror of Aberrant in terms of his recruitment (with EoW as a requirement instead of BoC), though his resummon item uses Rotten Chunks and Shadow Scales instead of their Crimson equivalents, and would be called a Rotten Effigy. Unlike Aberrant's Effigy, using it will summon Abomination on the spot, rather than somewhere out in the world, due to his slightly different mechanics.

    As with Aberrant's specfications, Abomination cannot naturally spawn on a Crimson world without an artificial Corruption. Just bringing over a Rotten Effigy will not suffice. You CAN use the Rotten Effigy without a Corruption, but Abomination will despawn once off screen if there is no Corruption for him to settle in prior to recruitment, as you wouldn't be able to defeat the EoW without a Corruption present. This is in contrast to the pre-recruit Aberrant spawned with a Fleshy Effigy, which would be able to wander around near the Dungeon or your base in the absence of a Crimson, even if there is no BoC to defeat for his recruitment requirements to be fulfilled.

    - Names - Uhhhh...

    - Dialogue - Despite having a strange mouth and no clear way of speaking, his supernaturally evil nature allows him to talk through a form of soul-speaking very similar to telepathy, which comes across as normal speech.

    Wandering the wilds -
    "We've been watching you. You show much promise."
    "Like what you see? Would you like to have it as your own?"
    "There is a darkness in every heart. I can help you find yours."
    "I bring with me inevitability. You look like you could help me achieve it faster."

    Pact - "What say you, shall you embrace your true purpose?"
    Pact -> Yes - "Yes, very good! Show the world that the truth becomes you!"
    Pact -> No - "...Very well. But I cannot wait forever."

    Normal -
    "It is only a matter of time before we plunge this pitiful world into eternal darkness!"
    "They're all fools, they'll soon learn that this was meant to be."
    "They failed me, every last one of them."
    "They were strong, but saw not the truth."
    "I am certain that you will prove different."
    "Why is evil purple? What, were you expecting pink?"

    Night -
    "This is not the first world we've devoured, and it certainly won't be the last!"
    "Night is my favorite time of day!"
    "The moon is pretty... it would be so much prettier in red!"
    "Stare long into an abyss and... you'll find ME staring back at you! Hahahaha!"

    NPC-based -
    "I'll need to thank {Guide} for giving you the means to make this wonderful darkness possible!"
    "That infuriating, meddling {Dryad}... if only she'd just get lost!"
    "{Arms Dealer} is funny, he seems to think the weapons of man can do anything against the true power of darkness."
    "I don't know what {Clothier} was thinking, he had a pretty sweet gig with the big guy with the dungeon and the skeletons."
    "{Witch Doctor} knows what's up, but I think he could serve to devote a bit more to the cause."
    "{Wizard}? He has so much to learn. So much."
    "Grrr, that pitiful {Aberrant}... I'd love to pluck his spine out, bit by bit, he is clearly not using it."
    "{Anomaly} would do well to disappear... for good!"
    I know some interesting things about [Starvault]... Did you know he likes pain? He has no body anymore, so he can't be hurt... mostly. Go douse him in cursed fire for me. It would be most enlightening~"

    Dryad (while Abomination is wandering, pre-pact) - "There is a darkness lurking out there... Pray it doesn't find us."

    Other NPC's quotes if you house them in Corruption/Crimson -
    Guide - "I'm sure you know what you're doing, but do try to think of how this is affecting others."
    Merchant - "The darkness is upon us... the world is going to end... please, buy some goods before that comes?"
    Nurse - "Why should I heal you, it's all for naught anyway."
    Arms Dealer - "I tried to shoot {Abomination}... But he just laughed at me and spat the bullets back out..."
    Demolitionist - "If you don't start cleaning this place up, I'm gonna start blowing this place up!"
    Dryad -"I trusted you. We were all counting on you. What in {World name} were you thinking?" or "I'm... really... really... ...angry! With you right now!"
    Clothier - "Somehow, I felt safer while cursed."
    Witch Doctor - "You wanted real dark magic? No, real dark magic wants you."
    Party Girl - "Hey, you wanna help plan this new party idea? It's an end of the world party! It's to die for!"
    Painter - "How can I even work like this, the lighting's all wrong, I can't even tell lime from chartreuse!"
    Dye Trader - "Corrupt purple is the worst kind of purple. There's nothing royal or regal about it!"
    Mechanic - "I feel like a prisoner all over again."
    Tinkerer - "Ohhh, I wish I were home..."
    Wizard - "Well, if we can't beat this darkness, we might as well learn more about it."
    Truffle - "I like the dark, but this kind of dark just feels... wrong."
    Steampunker - "What? Oh, these? Just blueprints for an airship... think nothing of it."
    Pirate - "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night... you're in for a fright!"
    Cyborg - "I can see in the dark. You... might want to invest in a flashlight."
    Stylist - "At least there aren't any spiders he- wait WHAT ARE THOSE??"
    Angler - "Man, there's gotta be some of the coolest fish around here... too bad I'm too scared to leave the house!"

    Aberrant - [I've seen some bad things, but {Abomination}... that's a special kind of evil. Though I guess I have no right to judge...]

    Day Before Blood Moon -
    "We're about to have some fun, heehee~"
    "The tension... the anxiety... It's so thick you can feel it. How wonderful~"

    During Blood Moon -
    "Are we having fun yet out there?"
    "The screams, they are music to my ears~"
    "Ohh, how I wish every night were like tonight."

    Day after Blood Moon -
    "Ha ha ha, and good times were had!"
    "And now back to our regularly-scheduled evil."

    - Copyright - A few lines are shout-outs to Dark Souls. Because I love Dark Souls.

    - Purpose - When summoned, Anomaly will take the place of an NPC currently living in your base. When that happens, that NPC will die, and Anomaly will become a glowing pink copy of them in a black suit (suit dress for female NPCs). Anomaly will follow you around wherever you go, allowing you constant access to that NPCs function anywhere in the world. This is mostly useful for either healing (Nurse), specific vendors (need ammo or explosives on the go? Arms Dealer or Demolitionist), or just to have a vendor to dump items over to while exploring.

    A new NPC of the type that was just killed in Anomaly's summoning will respawn in the next two days or so, pending their other requirements. This prevents trolling users from 'permanently' removing vital NPCs from a base in multiplayer.

    Anomaly would follow the player with an AI similar to that of a ground-based vanity pet, and would teleport to your location over long distances or if caught behind an obstruction. If you fly, it will also fly after you.

    Anomaly's HP and defense are slightly higher than all the other NPCs as it is still susceptible to damage from hostiles and needs to be slightly resistant to it. Care must be taken to protect Anomaly if continued functionality is desired. It's tough enough to not die too quickly to most monsters found during general world exploration in hardmode, but will still die quickly to much harder-hitting creatures, such as bosses, so thinking you'll have an on-hand instaheal-for-money during a boss fight is not going to cut it.

    It will attempt to teleport out of lava, but will not teleport away from monsters. Protecting it from those is your job. Protecting it from bad pathing AI is not.

    Anomaly can be summoned with its item regardless of whether or not a particular world is in hardmode, merely requiring that you've gotten NPCs housed on another world that can be replaced. Moderately useful for farming on throwaway worlds that exist only to collect certain materials, as it can be used to sell extraneous items that have any value while freeing up space for whatever is being collected.

    Overall, though, not HORRIBLY useful (as if the other two are?), and more of a concept to round out a theme. Aberrant wants to be your friend and tries to make some accommodations without losing his own identity. Abomination wants to be your friend, but demands you change everything to suit him. Anomaly wants to be your friend and will drop everything, including the definition of self, to suit you.

    - Acquisition - Some event or trigger or other will give the chance for Anomaly to spawn randomly around the base in a 'default' form (a more amorphous, featureless chaos elemental-esque humanoid in a suit, sometimes male, sometimes female). It will not settle in a room, being content to just hang around doing and saying nothing. It's not a permanent fixture, and comes and goes without a word, like the Traveling Merchant but without an announcement.

    While the Anomaly is present, any town NPC that dies has a very small chance to drop Anomaly's Dagger. This includes Guide sacrifices. You can either let this take its course, or you can be completely evil and try to 'farm' for it. That's aaall on you.

    Once acquired, when the dagger is taken from the inventory by mouse, hovered over an NPC's picture in the housing menu, and clicked, that NPC will die and Anomaly will take on that NPC's image.

    While Anomaly is active for a player, that player will have a "debuff" preventing further use of the item until Anomaly dies. Unlike a usual debuff, it can be cancelled like a beneficial buff, but if it is right-clicked for removal, Anomaly will die. If the player dies, they will not lose the debuff on respawn, and Anomaly will return to spawn once the player respawns, provided it is not killed by whatever environment it was left in that caused the player to die in the first place.

    Anomaly will not kill/replace the other NPCs associated with the Starfallen incident (Aberrant, Abomination, Keeper, Excelsior) out of a sense of rivalry (not that they won't want to kill them, but they certainly don't want to pretend to be them). Anomaly will also not kill/replace the Angler, since even
    they think killing a child is reprehensible and also Terraria has a don't-kill-the-child policy.

    - Names - Anomaly will take on the name of the NPC you just offed as part of its summoning. Enjoy.

    - Dialogue - This is actually eerily easy, as Anomaly will simply take on the dialogue of the NPC it replaced. However, it will drop any dialogue that refers specifically to other NPCs by name, and it will not take on any negative, snappy, or otherwise hostile dialogue/actions that NPCs would normally take during Blood Moons or in other situations. For all intents and purposes, Anomaly is a particularly positive individual, albeit homicidal.

    The only difference is that it may occasionally also say "All I want is for you to be happy."

    Before being settled into a form, Anomaly will only say "..." and nothing else, or simply can't be interacted with.

    - Copyright - Vague Kaworu reference? Vague Kaworu reference.

    - Purpose - The Starvault is a paladin-like NPC found wandering the wilds. Exists mainly to trigger an event, and otherwise acts much like the Old Man (cannot be harmed by hostile mobs), only without a dialogue option to start said event, which will only occur when the Starvault is killed. The Starvault can be killed in the same ways any other NPC can be killed. There is also a "Knight Voodoo Doll" sold by the Abomination NPC, which acts like the Clothier Voodoo Doll.

    Will despawn during other major boss, invasion, or generally hostile events.

    - Vendor Inventory -
    Death Notes - "For the morbidly curious, or curiously morbid" - A book that records the player's deaths, allowing them to be read at any time.
    Shard of Will - "If it doesn't kill you..." - An expensive consumable that brings the player back at full health on the spot immediately after death, consuming the item in the process. Doesn't stack. Its use incurs a 5-minute debuff ("Burning Will") which, despite being a debuff (which only means it cannot be manually cancelled), imparts a minor boost to all stats and prevents another Shard from being used. However, should the player die with "Burning Will" active, it will incur a 1-hour debuff ("Broken Will") that both prevents using the Shard again, and lengthens the debuffed player's respawn timer. The debuff cannot be removed or shortened by death or any other means.
    Cellphone Charm - "...This would have been handy." - Allows the player to teleport to the location of their last death (marked on the map as a red X). Only available after the Starfallen have been defeated.
    Simple Glasses - "Prescription is centuries out of date..." - Vanity item.

    - Acquisition - The Starvault will appear once all the locked biome chests in the Dungeon are opened, and the Golem is defeated.

    - Names - Excelsior (the one I use predominantly for character purposes), Arthur, Lancelot, Gawain, Galahad, Percival, Bedivere, Bors, Lionel, Alexander, Bertrand, Edward, Godfrey, Henry, Jean, Richard, William

    - Dialogue -
    Normal -
    "I was once an adventurer like you... ...now I'm a demi-god. Things to look forward to."
    "This hammer of mine glows with an awesome power. ...That's it. It's pretty cool."
    "Used to lead the paladins against the forces of destruction. Had to go our separate ways, sadly. Couldn't involve others in what I had to do."
    "[Keeper]? Yeah, I know the guy. Why?"
    "[Anomaly] seems trustworthy, but can you really trust someone that willing to kill just to prove themselves worthy?"
    "I don't think I need to tell you that [Abomination] is up to no good."
    "Heh, I guess even [Aberrant] could prove me wrong... Almost feel bad, if I didn't know the truth. If you value what he's become, then you'd best stand down."

    If genned with the name "Arthur" -
    "Is it just me, or is there a draft?"

    Night -
    "I remember when nighttime used to scare me. But it's not the darkness that's to be feared; it's the stars."
    "One nice thing about this armor... you can't see me. I mean, you can... see me, but you can't see... me. You see?"
    "I wonder if she's doing well... maybe I'll pay a visit soon."
    "...Why? Why did you go and do that?"
    *Absentminded humming. He doesn't seem to notice you're there. The tune is somehow familiar*
    "~チャラ ヘッチャラ~ 何が起きても 気分はへのへの河童~- ...what? I'm allowed to miss my childhood, right?"

    Player has Knight Voodoo Doll equipped -
    "Don't think I can't see you holding that. I have knight vision."
    "You're about to write a check your butt can't cash."
    "Are you sure about that?"
    "Your time is most certainly not now."
    "The justice my hammer dispenses is far from indiscriminate; specifically, it tends to discriminate against people who are pointing a weapon at me."

    Player has Knight Voodoo Doll equipped and has damaged the Starvault-
    "...You're going to have to try harder than that."
    "You think I'm just some chump in armor? You know so little."
    "...If only I could actually feel that..."
    "Want to see something funny? Go ahead. Keep doing that."

    Player has Knight Voodoo Doll equipped and inflicts Starvault with Cursed Inferno -
    "...Ha...ha...ha..." *

    *The only clickable button on that dialogue box will say "Begone". Walking away, using the Escape key, or clicking that button will automatically start his fight.

    - Copyright - I'm just giving up with this lol.

    The titans were not the first beings to visit the magic-soaked world from beyond. They took up residence on its moon, turning it into a hellish land of twisted flesh. These giants, while intelligent and having mental prowess to the level of telekinesis, were of a completely incompatible mindset and alien physiology, and did not get along with their magic-adept terrestrial neighbors.

    Those that descended to the planet’s surface clashed with the native inhabitants, and after a few centuries of war, most were put to death, and powerful wards placed over the moon to prevent more from arriving. The wards waver on rare occasion and cause strange phenomena, but there hasn’t been another major invasion. Nobody in their right mind ever travels there of their own accord; just viewing it from orbit is enough to put even the most resolute Federation agents off their lunch. Plus, there's no guarantee anyone could escape once there, given the wards.

    The corpses of the eldritch titans litter the planet, fossilized yet still rotting, and giving way to a variety of giant, mutant parasites, drawing genetics and form from the surrounding life, and watched over by the giants’ own decaying minds. The strange, spreading growth has been dubbed the Crimson.

    Some of the corpses were harvested and used to construct vaults in the deepest parts of the world, and reinforced with human sacrifices as part of the final rites to seal away a much darker evil drawn to the planet by its original civilization’s wanton abuse of spatial-tearing pseudo-technology. This Corruption was sealed alongside the self-defensive, Hallowed magic devised to combat it, which went wild and violently shunned its own parent civilization.

    Only a single living Crimson titan, the largest specimen on known record, exists on the planet itself, but it slumbers at the bottom of the deepest ocean trench. While the natives, long gone, had no name for this individual, more contemporary human colonists codenamed the creature Cthulhu, after some of their own ancient literature. Although asleep, this entity is often blamed for the giant eyes harassing new settlers, the larger of which are thought to actually be the giant’s own.

    Little did they know that name would be coming back to haunt them...

    The goblins rarely bothered with humans.

    Reclusive by nature, they kept themselves hidden away in their isolated kingdom. Having witnessed the downfall of the original humans, they waited, watching apprehensively as more, similar yet somehow different, descended from the stars. So long as the flimsy, ignorant intruders kept their distance and knew nothing of their presence, the goblins had no quarrel with them.

    Until one day, one young goblin took matters into his own hands. This youth was fascinated by humans. He watched them toil away with their ill-suited and often malfunctioning technology, as they tried to get used to the planet's unusual atmosphere of magic. He wanted to help. So one day, he disappeared, snuck off to meet with the humans and learn more of their ways. His disappearance wasn't unnoticed, but the others thought him dead in the wilderness. They didn't know his plans.

    That is, until the day he returned. Dressed in strange, human clothes, he bore fantastic stories of their varied culture and far-reaching colonies. Of the strange other beings that arrived and were trying to settle alongside them. He brought these stories, and the goblins feared.

    But that fear was replaced swiftly by wrath.

    "You fool! You could have led them straight to us! They are a threat to our people, our way of life! Don't you remember the tales?! It was the carelessness of humans that brought the creeping evil! It was their counsel that ruined our countermeasures!"

    The youth tried to reason with them, "But... but these are different! I think, if we help them, we can put an end to the evils!"

    "It is folly. For your actions, we are no longer safe in our own home. Our only option now is to remove these newcomers before they can get further footing. Set up secondary fortresses. Destroy their small encampments. Send scouts out; if they start breaking the evils from their resting places, we will know they are up to no good. And you..."

    "...If you love them so much, you can rot with them in the depths where they belong. We'll even be nice and give you a head start..."

    "Stand down, brute. Did you not think it strange that you alone amongst your brethren possess the higher faculties of thought? Did you think that an accident? A mistake? No... I surmised some animosity from ages long past the moment I set eyes upon that fluorescent fool, but could not place it. With the unearthing of that shining, armored guardian, a deep grudge within me sparks the faintest of distant memory... How is it that you do not wish to strive with me to unlock that which from us was unrightfully stolen?"

    These aren't really suggestions (the same way none of my other NPC-based things are true suggestions), but are just sort of an expansion of my own personal Terraria backstory, and ties in with my other fake NPCs. I just figured I'd put them here 'cause it might be interesting.

    I MAY roughly illustrate some of this, but I'm far from being able to sprite it. No promises, though, but I have very vivid images in mind for what these look like and how they function.

    Because they are not a proper suggestion, I haven't bothered with HP, damage, or drops. I like coming up with behavioral mechanics for non-canon fanthings, not balancing.


    Excelsior, the Starvault, leader of the Paladins, keeps a dark secret. It is best not to raise his ire... though far worse to strike him down and release the Starfallen.

    He is met by clearing some objective to do with the Hardmode Dungeon (Hell if I know what yet, haha), and wanders the overworld as a non-hostile NPC who cannot be recruited to the town. Not sure what he'd do, prolly sells some holy stuff. Finding a way to kill him while he is non-hostile will cause him to explode into a larger, boss-sized, white-winged aggressive boss form (think my Boss Paladin sprite but more ornamented and not as bad). I wonder how one would kill him... lava, maybe... or a lot of patience and rotten eggs... or... what is that doll that Abomination is selling...?

    Instead of an "Excelsior has awoken!" summon text, he summons with the words "Excelsior has justified your demise!"
    Difficulty: Immediately Post-Golem

    Angered Excelsior flies about at a set height from ground level, moving from left to right. His movement is as such very predictable. He has multiple attacks.
    - When he holds his hammer up high, he summons six or seven giant hammers to rain down in a wave. They explode with a great deal of force and a wide area of effect, but given their falling is telegraphed and sequential (rather than simultaneous), it's easy to dodge.
    - If he holds his shield forward and begins to glow, he is invulnerable to all damage; he'll follow up shortly by slamming into the ground, forcing up a three-player-high shockwave along the terrain that travels quite far in both directions.
    - Sometimes he will swing his hammer and let loose three to four circular barrages of small Paladin's Hammer-esque projectiles.
    - When his health gets low, he will put up a permanent shield that halves his incoming damage; he will no longer put up the invulnerability shield, but will also move a bit faster and prioritize doing contact damage to players. Four shield-shaped 'bits' will rotate around him during this time which will also deal contact damage, increasing his effective contact damage range. They have a chance to stop or, even more rarely, reflect ranged attacks.

    Any hammer-based attacks inflict the player with a debuff called “Locked”, which randomly locks two hotbar slots every time it’s applied (3 in Expert; two random, plus always locking the slot that’s selected at the time of application. Depending on how annoying this is, Normal mode may also force the active slot to Lock + one random, instead of both being random).

    Thankfully, it doesn’t stack, but naturally items in locked slots cannot be used, nor can anything be moved to or from those slots during the debuff duration. The random element means this could be inconsequential, or completely debilitating depending on weapon reliance, and the debuff itself would have a fairly short duration and thus be reapplied frequently for a shuffling effect.

    In Expert, the Locked debuff would disable one accessory slot at random in addition to the locked slots on the hotbar. Have fun when your wings stop working.

    Defeating him causes the dialogue
    "The Sky Itself Has Shifted..."
    and unlocks three new events: The Deep Blood Moon, the Abyssal Eclipse, and the Stars Aligned. Apart from being unique events of their own (which I haven't really given much thought to yet), they are also the only time to summon three... ...'new' bosses.

    Awakened Aberration
    "The Blood of the Moons Runs Deep..."
    Difficulty: Between Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon
    A basic tanky boss-fight; lots of health, deals loads of damage. Spends most time walking along the ground and jumping to navigate terrains, lunging at the players.
    - Can 'phase shift' into a ghostly form (think Floaty Gross) to charge at a player that's protected by terrain, or if he gets stuck behind terrain.
    - Can also slam the ground similarly to Excelsior, though the shockwave is taller, leaves lingering 'bone spikes' that deal contact damage (and crumble after a few seconds), and only travels in one direction.
    - Deals contact damage to basic enemies and any enemy he kills will heal him; considering this takes place during an advanced Blood Moon and he stays on the ground a lot, this would probably be the defining mechanic of his fight.
    - One or two enemies unique to the Deep Blood Moon event will also grant Awakened Aberration additional buffs, so be sure to get rid of them.

    Awakened Abomination
    "The Abyss is Eclipsing the Light..."
    Difficulty: Between Frost Moon and Celestial Towers
    Almost like some sort of All Boss, Abomination is a very large being with a pair of eyes on his shoulders and a pair of arms that can be used to attack a-la Skeletron, as well as the big central mouth.
    - His body below the ribcage is segmented like an Eater of Worlds and goes behind the terrain, constantly undulating and arcing into the background layers to give an impression of massiveness and depth. Sometimes those coils will come into the active layers, causing mild contact damage. They appear to take damage when attacked, but will constantly cycle and never really be destroyed until Awakened Abomination is defeated.
    - The arms can attack similar to Skeletron's (though they will not 'stretch' nearly as much or detach too far from Abomination's body), but if they hit the ground they will cause a small AoE explosion, like a stronger grenade. The arms can also spit out slightly tankier World Feeders, and can be destroyed independently, albeit optionally.
    - The eyes will 'watch' just one player (switching at random or based on aggro) and will occasionally shoot cursed flames in their direction. As they get low on health, they will shoot more frequently, but otherwise have no other phase. When they are destroyed, they just leave empty sockets that don't do anything from there on.
    - The central mouth will almost constantly be spewing cursed flames upwards, which rain down in waves. It cannot be attacked until the eyes on either side of it are destroyed.
    - Once the body becomes vulnerable (signified by a third eye opening up just under the chest/mouth), it will vomit up two hardmode-scaled Eaters of Worlds (which otherwise act like the original boss, just a lot stronger), grow some more spikes, and will start to attack more like stage-2 Brain of Cthulhu. The central eye will also fire cursed fireballs, which explode like Diabolist projectiles in Hardmode Dungeon.

    Awakened Anomaly
    "The Stars from Beyond are Aligned..."
    Difficulty: Frost Moon
    An approximately Ice Queen sized and fast-moving energy being with a pair of huge wings made of glowing, stylized eyes. The wings have no damage hitbox, but do a small amount of passive damage on contact (think the "burning" from heated blocks like Hellstone). The eyes will always be 'looking' at one player or another, and will shift attention at random.
    - The eyes, all 12 of them, will fire lasers at whoever they are looking at simultaneously. The frequency of the shots starts low, but grows as Anomaly takes more damage. At very low health, expect low-health WoF or Stage 2 Retinazer levels of beam spam, but given they are aimed at just one person, it's possible to stream them; just try not to be the person NOT targeted but still within the area of their converging streams.
    - Anomaly can summon meteor showers, dealing bursts of AoE damage globally, though fortunately they don't do terrain damage.
    - Wherever a meteor hits the ground within spawn range of a player, a slow-moving, homing Chaos Meteor Head will spawn and attack. Chaos Meteor Heads act like normal Meteor Heads, and also shoot lasers at the players, though they are relatively easy to dispatch and are mostly just an nuisance. The downside is if players are covering a wide area due to the event and not focusing the boss, they can spawn in ridiculously large numbers.
    - Occasionally raises its arms and uses an attack similar to Excelsior's falling hammers, except they are giant glowing pink/white True-Excalibur-esque swords. When the swords hit the ground, they still cause an explosion, but they also then turn into mobs that attack like buffed Enchanted Swords.
    - Maybe more. Not sure.

    While Anomaly is active, all players on the world will be afflicted with a Debuff called "Unknown Force", which prevents all teleportation effects, be it via mirrors, RoD, or wired Teleporters.

    They can only be summoned once per 'cycle' and when all three are defeated, the notification "The Fabric Is Mended..." will pop up, and un-enraged Excelsior will respawn, with his first line of dialogue being "You have weakened them enough for me to re-seal their spirits. Thank you."

    Timeline (updated for 1.3)
    This got so long it's just easier to maintain it off-site. LITERALLY lags out when I try to update it here, haha.
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    Oh, hey, sorry about not getting back on this quickly! I know I said "good morning" but since I'm in Hawaii I was actually going to bed. I just figured most people would be waking up because timezones!

    Anyhow, go on ahead!
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  15. Dire Sigma

    Dire Sigma Skeletron Prime

    Oh man, thats badass!
  16. TankNut

    TankNut Terrarian

    You have no idea how glad I am that the game's resolution doesn't allow for a level of detail like in your crimson drawings.

    I love them, but at the same time they scare the crap out of me. :(
  17. Drawzumsauce

    Drawzumsauce Terrarian

    I am amazed, yet somehow terrified by your work ^^.
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  18. Jimmarn

    Jimmarn Artist Re-Logic

  19. Cozybozy

    Cozybozy Spazmatism

    You really are a Artist! I want to draw like that.
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  20. drain.

    drain. Terrarian

    Dai, all I can say is you're awesome.

    That is all, thank you.
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