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PC Dervishes

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by neoselket, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    Imagine you're mining, and you see some iron ore. You go to mine it, but instead of the block breaking, the whole ore vein breaks and is replaced by stone, and several (2-4) small creatures spawn. They start attacking you, and each drops 0-2 iron ore.
    Dervishes are small ore-colored creatures that spawn when dervish ore is mined. Dervish ore generates at iron layer and below even after initial world generation, and each dervish drops 0-2 ore of the block they're disguised as. They can also spawn naturally at the same level their respective ore spawns at. They are kinda like mimics for ore. Based off of the dervishes from neoquest. They look like this, but colored like each ore:[​IMG]
    Also, they are about 2x2 blocks.

    Copper dervish
    20 health
    7 damage
    1 defense
    drops 0-2 copper ore

    Iron dervish
    35 health
    10 damage
    3 defense
    drops 0-2 iron ore

    Silver dervish
    45 health
    15 damage
    7 defense
    drops 0-2 silver ore

    Gold dervish
    60 health
    25 damage
    10 defense
    drops (no prizes for guessing it) 0-2 gold ore

    Demonite dervish
    75 health
    30 damage
    13 defense
    drops 0-2 demonite ore
    faster than normal dervishes

    Tin dervish
    25 health
    13 damage
    3 defense
    drops 0-2 tin ore

    Lead dervish
    40 health
    15 damage
    5 defense
    drops 0-2 lead ore

    Tungsten dervish
    55 health
    18 damage
    10 defense
    drops 0-2 tungsten ore

    Platinum dervish
    65 health
    27 damage
    12 defense
    drops 0-2 platinum ore

    Crimtane dervish
    80 health
    32 damage
    15 defense
    drops 0-2 crimtane ore
    can regenerate health

    Obsidian dervish
    90 health
    35 damage
    18 defense
    drops(gasp) 0-3 obsidian

    devilish Molten dervish

    100 health
    40 damage
    20 defense
    drops 0-3 molten ore
    50% chance to set player on fire for 10 seconds

    Magmite dervish(from one of my other suggestions)
    111 health
    60 damage
    25 defense
    drops 0-5 magmite ore
    sets player on fire for 10 seconds

    Cobalt dervish
    130 health
    70 damage
    30 defense
    faster than normal dervishes
    drops 1-5 cobalt ore

    Mythril dervish
    150 health
    80 damage
    38 defense
    drops 1-5 mythril ore

    melatite Adamantite dervish

    200 health
    90 damage
    42 defense
    drops 1-6 (you guessed it) adamantite ore

    Palladium dervish
    140 health
    75 damage
    35 defense
    drops 1-5 palladium ore
    can regenerate health

    Orichalcum dervish
    160 health
    85 damage
    40 defense
    drops 1-6 orichalcum ore
    shoots flower petals, as well as charging the player
    Titanium dervish
    210 health
    95 damage
    45 defense
    has a 50% chance to dodge attacks
    drops 1-6 titanium ore

    chrysolite Chlorophyte dervish

    300 health
    120 damage
    60 defense
    shoots leaves, as well as charging the player
    drops(suprise!) 2-7 chlorophyte ore

    Templite dervish(from one of my other suggestions)
    400 health
    140 damage
    70 defense
    no special ability
    drops 0-7 templite ore

    Fury dervish(from one of my other suggestions)
    500 health
    250 damage
    80 defense
    drops 3-7 fury ore, 50% projectile resistance

    Finally, you could get dervishes in worlds that don't normally generate with that type of ore, providing an alternative to crate fishing.

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    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
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  2. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important Terrarian

    I suppose it might add some excitement to the mining.
  3. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    It works, but for hardmode ore, its going to be hardmode ores, it going to take a lot more time to mine. Maybe they drop more ore?
  4. Enjl

    Enjl Cultist

    This sounds pretty nice and has the potential to make mining a lot more interesting, while also creating some nice "WTF" moments.

    I have a single nitpick with this: The balancing between ores and their alternatives.
    The alternatives have higher defense, HP and attack stats how you put it, giving players who have these alternate ores in their worlds a hard time for no reason.
    I suggest, rather than buffing them up completely, raising their attack stat while lowering their tankiness. They'd be as strong as their counterparts, but in a different way.

    I agree with @DarkWolf658 on the later Dervishes dropping slightly more ore, or spawning in slightly larger packs, to compensate for the prank they're playing on you and to make the hardmode mining days not too frustrating.
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  5. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    thanks for your feedback! i'll work on balancing it.:)
  6. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    Btw you might want to fix the wall of text there. Aka make spoilers.
  7. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    it doesn't seem like a wall of text to me, as i put skipped lines there, and i don't think i want to put each dervish in a spoiler, that seems clunky qnd more trouble than it's worth in my opinion.