Design The Dungeon

I just code a game that's called L4D, and make it just an extremely short and easy knockoff of actual Left 4 Dead, and use it to trick the floor into thinking I just need to finish the knockoff to pass.

Floor 1459 contains a gryphon wearing the skull of another gryphon, who is holding a shotgun, and will shoot at anything that enters the room.
I throw a very volatile explosive into the room, since the gryphon shoots anything entering the room, an explosion and screeching is sure to follow.

Floor 1460 contains an invisible glitch at the exit that no-clips anything that touches it into the backrooms.
I've always thought that there is a simple solution to problems to situations like this. It's called an AH-64 Apache. Would have helped with Jurassic Park, and will definitely help here.

Floor 1462 contains a hanger for that AH-64 Apache.
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Well it's just the hanger.

Floor 1463 contains only what is needed to get to the next floor.
Floor 1464 is the same.
Floor 1465 has everything sharpened to the point you'll get deep cuts from just touching anything.
Once I reach floor 1465, I use magic to swap it with floor 1463, putting that problem behind me, before I just calmly walk to the next floor without issue.

Floor 1466 contains an arrow painted in the aromantic flag colours, and a question asking if people pronounce aro as arrow.
I simply say "Yeah some do" and keep on waking

Floor 1467 contains a disgusting hybrid of the empress of light and the dreadnautilous
I am a much more dangerous creature, so I walk by without problems as the abomination hides in the corner

floor 1468 contains Mario, who is ready to steal your liver.
I have a high tech anti liver robbery system so I walk by as my system shoots mario with hundreds of lasers

floor 1469 contains an evil and more powerful version of you who wants to kill you
I proceed to give him 28 stab wounds as I walk by.

Floor 1471 Contains Darth Mario, now cybernetic after all of the laser burns, with renewed vigor to steal your liver.
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I use lightning to destroy his robot system

Floor 1472 contains Darth Luigi, the most powerful sith of all time who wants revenge for his brothers death
I roll a nat 20 to lie to him that his brother is still alive. Since I have a 20 in my charisma and expertise in the deception skill, I also get to add a 13 to the 20.

Floor 1,473 holds an anti magic zone combined with an old man who tells super boring stories to put you to sleep.
I put on the all-night mask and continue on my way

Floor 1474 contains an adorable puppy who wants you to stay on this floor
I'm allergic to dogs so I wave politely, give it a treat,and find a home for it elsewhere.

Floor 1475 contains a band of groovy skeletons playing their various bone instruments and challenging you to a dance battle. If you lose, you jam with them for eternity.

Their lead dancer is a skelentonized Michael Jackson
I create a hologram of a child to distract Micheal Jackson and quickly run away

Floor 1476 contains... me! Politely waving and offering fruit snacks (welch's of course)
I politely take one, compliment you on your choice of snack, make some small talk, and make my way to floor 1477. :D

Speaking of floor 1477, there's a kindly old lady who will talk your ear off for hours at a time, seemingly endlessly. She speaks every dialect, understands all forms of language, and is way too sweet to just ignore.
Well, I'd just start talking, but you see, I sometimes have a habit for going on long rants after a while, so eventually the poor old lady would have to suffer through me talking about the relations between economics, the book Nineteen Eighty-Four, the chemical industry, and more. Eventually, she'd find a nice, polite way to try leaving the conversation, I follow, so instead she just makes me a cup of tea and more or less shoves me through the door.

Floor 1478 contains the Berlin Conference of 1884.
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