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Destroy the Godmodder: Acolyte! [JUST MOVED IN]

Should I change the amount of time you guys have to post?

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I go and loot the shotgun / trident (which ever is not the main loot) from Persecles and then I cut off his head for a trophy and as a way to keep the Argynth race from attacking.
2/5 something,


[PA] 20/20 HP Charge Overload 5/15: I grab Persecles and use him as a club to beat one of the Argynth Spear Carrier.
16/20 Upgrades
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3/5 on builders wand
1/10 on golden gun
I throw a bunch of pokymon balls at the rest of the spear carriers to keep them for latter uce


What am I doing?

Hey, I'm just checking up on this game so that I maintain some form of contact and the game doesn't die, and because you guys should know how my progress is. It's one week after the boss fight with Persecles has concluded, and I don't have the first piece of artwork done. I've been weighed down a lot by my workload, especially earlier last week- thankfully, it cleared up swiftly, and I have a vacation to work on the art without this burden. This next story post probably won't be very art-heavy and will include 3 or 4 pictures in it (estimated). Hopefully I can solve my procrastination and sleep issues to get these art projects finished in a timely manner.

Art's going to be a bit short this story post- I couldn't work on it during the update because my workload was quite high. I'm hoping to get the update done by next Sunday (which is when my vacation ends), and the next gameplay post should be the day right after.

Stay tuned for a the story post in the near-future!


A blue fireball flies through the air, creating a sonic boom.

It stops above the battlefield, looking for someone that it knows.

After a while, it plummets directly down, crashing into the battlefield. No one is harmed.

What is left is a letter on futuristic paper.


We have noticed that there is a fight going on in this area, and it is interfering with our activities.
We have traced the source of this to you.

I highly recommend you stop this fight, or I will be forced to.
We are a force to be reckoned with.

Tarhalindur Industries
Tarhalindur, CEO

You may reply to this message using the box below. There will be no need to worry about delivery.

And below that, there's a box.


It's been a week, what am I doing?

Well, it's been two weeks since the last gameplay post hit. While I do have two pieces of art included for the update, they took me too much time to work on despite their simplicity. This has mainly been my procrastination problem dragging me down, which I will need to address long-term if I want to make any progress- here or otherwise. I've decided to increase the number of pictures in this update to 5- they shouldn't take as long as the first two, however. School is starting back up for me, so I'm hoping to get these pieces done before the homework load gets overwhelming- in this case, swiftly.

I'm pretty disappointed I probably won't make the February 28th deadline, which I really would have liked to hit, especially since I could officially say that I completed Act 1 in 2 and a half years if I did. Of course, I can't now, but hopefully this act will be less cluttered and progress more fluidly (because who would want to be involved in a game that takes 15 years to complete?). Again, once the story post hits, the gameplay post will follow soon after. I'm hoping to get everything done (including the gameplay post!) by a week after the 28th. During that time I'll address everyone (re)joining and cull some inactive players.

Story post will take a bit longer than expected. Sorry, folks.


It's been three weeks now.

Well, three weeks. I'm worried that I might be too late on this progress. I'm trying to work on these pieces of art all I can, but I suffered a bit of a personal fiasco that's taken over my life. I can't really blame this on anything else other than myself for my slow progress. I don't want this to get too ambitious, so I'm going to make these two arts the last two of the update. I'm not going to expand any further- I've already done that too much. I didn't miss the homework craze, regrettably, and it's starting to pile on quickly.

I'm hoping to complete everything soon- within next week or before then, I promise. The next pieces are to be simple, and my last complicated one is close to completion. Hopefully this will be enough to get this game back on its feet.

Let me know if you're still here and willing to play!


While I wait in the shadows for the game to progress
My willingness to play I do not regress.
While on vacation I may be going,
The game and it's story I'll be knowing.

The company watches, in the shadows, in the blight
Hiding out of sight, like a lark.
And when the time comes, they'll bring in the light
And drive back the dark, and then they'll be going.
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